6 Quick Tips on How to Wear a Cycling Cap

Is there a wrong or right way to wear a cycling cap?

6 Quick Tips on How to Wear a Cycling Cap
6 Quick Tips on How to Wear a Cycling Cap

Cycling cap can be worn alone or under a helmet. It offers function and style. For its function, it keeps the rain, sweat, and sun out of your eyes. And if you’re cycling on a chilly day, wear it to keep you warm.

Wearing a cycling cap under helmet will help you get a complete look of a cyclist. It’s especially true if you’re wearing other cycling gear while participating in a cycling-related activity.

Are there are rules on how to properly wear this cap? There are no rules, fortunately. However, you must only wear it when appropriate.

How to Wear Cycling Cap without a Helmet?

That is when you’re not riding. Nowadays, you can’t ride without a helmet. Thanks to the UCI guidelines that make wearing helmet compulsory.

1. Brim Down

It’s a common way to wear a cycling cap. This is the original way to wear it. With this method, the brim is over your eyes. You will feel that the cap doesn’t sit straight on your head in this position.

2. Brim Up

With this method of wearing a cycling cap, you will look more of a hipster. This kind of look is also possible when you wear it under a helmet or you’re riding. You can wear your cap forward and brim up when you stop for a coffee.

backward cap
6 Quick Tips on How to Wear a Cycling Cap

3. Backward Cap with Brim Down

You can find many cyclists wearing it this way with no helmet. But it’s a no-no to ride without a helmet. This kind of look will tell other people that you’re cool but not too cool.

If you wish to wear it this way, make sure that the cap isn’t too high up on your forehead. The trick here is to pick the right size so it will fit perfectly in your head.

4. Backward Cap with Brim Up

Wearing your cap backward with its peak tipped up is a kind of look that tells everyone that you want to look cool but serious. But make sure that the cap is at the proper spot on your forehead. It must also be straight.

How to Wear a Cycling Cap Under Helmet?

You must not wear a cap alone if you’re riding. You can only do so if you’re in the city. For your safety, always wear a helmet.

5. Wearing the AFB Cycling Cap Forward with Brim Down

It’s the most functional style. It keeps the rain or mud out of your eyes. And if you’re riding in the evening, it keeps bugs off your eyes. Furthermore, it protects your eyes from the blinding headlights of cars.

6. Brim Up

Flipping the brim up is also another way to look cool while wearing a cycling cap. This is a vital method of waring that makes it easier for you to see the road ahead. It also keeps your head warm.

Should You Wear It Sideways?

As mentioned earlier, there are no rules on how to wear a cycling cap. But you must avoid wearing it sideways. It won’t make you look cool.

AFB cycling caps can be worn by anyone. You can also wear it any time for any reason.

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