Amazing! More Britons are Riding a Bike Causing a Surge in Halfords Profit — Up by 22%

Bike products are now up 46%.

Amazing! More Britons are Riding a Bike Causing a Surge in Halfords Profit
Amazing! More Britons are Riding a Bike Causing a Surge in Halfords Profit

Riding a bike is more common than before. Even though some businesses are struggling because of the pandemic, the bike industry is booming. One great example is the increased profit of Halfords after an increase in bike sales.

The retailer stated that the demand for bicycles and cycling products continue to increase even though the cycling season just ended.

Cycling is now a favored mode of transportation among Britons. Before the pandemic, this habit is only viewed as a healthy or leisure activity.

Halfords expects that its profits will top £55m. Last month, it was predicted to get a profit of £35 to £40m. But the sales increased by 18%.

Riding a Bike to Avoid Public Transportation

Riding on public transportation will increase your chances of contracting COVID-19. But not all people who choose public transportation will get infected.

Nevertheless, people are now choosing to ride a bike to avoid the crowded and fully packed train or bus.

The Association of Cycle Traders said that bike sales remain cheerful because local authorities are using government funds to install temporary cycle lanes, making it easier to bike and walk.

The current sales are up compared to last year. But during springtime, the sales decreased because there’s a shortage of bikes and parts. Major bike brands struggled to meet the demand. Surely, they didn’t expect this boom.

Although Halfords experienced an increase in its sales, the company is less optimistic about the outlook for the remaining part of the year. To meet the demand, the company recruited hundreds of technicians to work in their stores.

Why Riding a Bike in this Pandemic is Better for You?

One of the reasons you must choose to ride a bike than to ride public transportation is that you can stick to social distancing. And, as you follow physical distancing, you can also get adequate exercise.

Having adequate exercise is more vital now because we need to boost our immune system. Exercise can help strengthen your immune function, thereby, effective in protecting yourself against the virus.

A bike is a good form of transportation, especially during this pandemic. Most gyms are still closed. People are still working from home, which makes it difficult for them to get enough exercise.

That said if you find it difficult to get adequate exercise, just bike when you go grocery shopping.

And while you’re outdoors, you can inhale more oxygen, which is a healthy thing to do. It’s good for your memory and overall body. Furthermore, you are getting more vitamin D as you bike outdoors.

Vitamin D is important to your immune system. Not only that but it also helps you get enough sleep at night while it improves your mood.

Furthermore, riding a bike each day can reduce blood pressure.

Riding a bike is also beneficial as it makes you happier. It helps you relax. As you bike outdoors, your mind tends to relax. And while cycling, your body releases more endorphins, which are hormones that trigger happiness.

In other words, cycling will make you happier. That said, try biking every day, instead of riding a cab, train, or bus. You’re not only avoiding coronavirus but you can also help the environment.

Riding a bike as an alternative mode of transportation is more popular now than before. This trend may reduce once the pandemic ends. However, if the government will build infrastructure that encourages safer cycling, then people will continue to choose to ride a bike than driving their cars or riding on a train or a bus.

However, riding a bike safely means that you need to wear a helmet. And to wick away moisture, opt to wear a cycling cap. To buy a breathable cycling cap, please visit our online shop 

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