Are Period Panties Healthy?

Period panties have been around for nearly a decade. Many women are looking for a way to cut down the cost of using tampons and pads. That’s why many of them are switching to reusable menstrual products, like period underwear. Now the question is, are period panties healthy?

are period panties healthy

This is what we’re going to explain today in this post.

But first, let’s discuss what period underparts are.

What are Period Panties? 

They function like normal, regular underwear. But it differs from a normal panty because it can absorb menstrual flow.

In that case, there’s no need to wear tampons and pads.

The design varies from one panty to another. However, most period panties have a moisture-wicking top layer. It also has a leak-resistant part.

You may also find brands that come with another layer that can neutralize odors. Sadly, not all period panties have this feature.

Because you can wash and reuse them, unlike tampons and pads, they are considered more eco-friendly.

Now, if they are environment-friendly, are they safe to be used during your menstruation?

Are Period Panties Healthy and Safe? 

The answer is, “Yes.” Period panties have anti-microbial technology that is constructed into the product.

This is completely different from using a plastic pad.

It means that period panties can wick periods away while keeping you germ-free.

What the Gynecologists are Saying? 

Generally, gynecologists are saying that it’s about personal preference. But they are generally safe, like tampons.

However, if you’re in doubt, you can ask your obstetrician-gynecologist about period panties. But I’m 100% sure that they’ll recommend it.

Are Period Panties Better than Pads?

period panties eliminate the need of tampons

Your flow is different from someone’s flow. Regardless of the difference, are period panties better than pads? Can you finally let go of using pads and tampons?

It depends on your flow, though. Many period-panty users are now wearing them solo. Others, however, are using tampons during heavy flow.

But period patients have benefits over tampons and pads.

For one, they are easier on the environment. Then, you don’t have to worry about when your flow is coming. In that case, if you expect your flow to come this week, then you can start using your period panty.

This will surely eradicate the need to carry tampons, pads, or pantyliners in your bag.

And, as mentioned earlier, period panties are reusable and washable. Thus, they can have a positive impact on the environment.

They also revolutionize menstruation around the world. It’s especially true for women who can’t afford to buy disposable pads and tampons.

Although it has yet to be decided, period panties may prevent vaginal irritation.

Are They Even Reliable? 

That’s a good question. Period panties offer a mix of results.

But it really depends on your flow.

You may no longer need to use tampons and pads because period panties won’t cause any leaks.

But you may wish to use them as a backup because you’re afraid to use them as the first line of defense.

Another option is to use them during light flow. For instance, during the first three days when your flow is heavy, you may choose tampons or pads. Then, after the third day, you can opt to wear period panties.

Comfort Level 

Period panties can be more comfortable than tampons. When you try them, you may never want to go back to wearing pads again because period underpants are pleasantly enough for you.

However, some users state that they may not be comfortable wearing it during the heavy period because they feel soggy.

You may feel strange not wearing protection on your menstrual days. But they will also feel nice because you don’t get to feel the bulky and intrusive feel of tampons.

In other words, they will feel like your normal pair of panties. You won’t have to worry about tampons shifting around.

However, when you go to the bathroom and pull your panty back on, you may feel that you’re putting on wet suit bottoms. You may feel gross-out.

It may not be an enjoyable feeling.

Then again, you’ll get used to the feeling.

What you must focus on is that period panties won’t cause any rashes or infection. It’ll be a relief.

You may not enjoy the feeling of taking them on and off. But you’ll appreciate period panties when you need to drive for long hours or you have busy days.

With period panties, there’s no need for you go to back and forth to the bathroom just to change your pad. They can hold up well and won’t cause leaking. Plus, you can easily clean them in the washing machine.

Then again, they may not be perfect during a heavy flow. You can, however, use them as your backup to give you peace of mind.

Will You Stop Using Tampons or Pads?

It’s completely up to you. Some women prefer tampons and pads because they can throw them away and put on something fresh. It’s a great feeling.

However, if you wish to help the environment and want to lower your spending on feminine hygienic products, then period panties can give you that.

As my wife will say, periods aren’t fun. Although they let you create life, they’re not comfortable. It’s just a matter of getting used to them.

For period panties, however, they are great alternatives if you don’t want to use pads or tampons.

Where to Buy Period Panties? 

You may head over to our online shop or just click this link to purchase period panties. The period panties that we sell here can be worn during a light flow.

If you are tired of wearing tampons or pads, then period panties can be your best bet. They won’t cause skin irritation.

Period panties are comfortable to wear overnight. They are a game-changer for you if you don’t want to purchase period products every month.


Are period panties healthy and safe? Yes, they are. So, go ahead and try period panties now.

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