Are Punching Bags Good Exercise?

Are Punching Bags Good Exercise

Punching bags or heavy bags are great pieces of training equipment. They have crept into fitness centers as they have proven to offer high-intensity workouts. But are punching bags good exercise?

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Are Punching Bags Good Exercise?

There’s a reason boxers are hitting heavy bags during their training session. These heavy bags can be a good workout if done properly.

However, you should not overtrain it. This is especially true if you’re trying to develop good boxing habits.

But heavy bags can be a piece of good training equipment and you can use them to lose weight.

Working out by hitting a punching bag is good for you. Then again, it’s necessary to mix your workout.

Benefits of Hitting a Punching Bag 

Punching a heavy bag is a good form of exercise. It can help you lose weight while having fun without having to knock a person out.

When throwing a punch, you’re using every muscle in your body. Even though your hands are most likely to get engaged, your foot needs to support your weight and the hand that hits the bag.

Furthermore, large muscle groups are coordinated. The bag’s impact activates each muscle on the shoulders and arms. Your core is moving while working out with punching a bag.

In that case, it can be considered a full workout.

Here are some reasons you may consider punching a heavy bag as part of your training session.

High-Intensity Training

For every boxing round, you get 3 intense minutes throwing punches and 1-minute rest. Each match can last 12 rounds. When you train with a heavy bag, it combines high-intensity movement.

This type of training enables you to burn fat and lose weight eventually.

Work Out Your Abs 

Hitting a bag is a form of cardiovascular exercise. And the best way to have rock-hard abs is to combine cardio workouts and strength training.

This is why boxing is one of the workouts available. It combines both cardio and movements of your abdominal muscles.

When you throw right and left punches, your abdomen is also working with every turn. In this case, your abs are working during every session.

Burn a Lot of Calories 

Boxing is a great form of workout because it can burn a significant amount of fats. The calories you burn are higher than the amount you burn when on an elliptical bike or a treadmill.

What’s great about this workout is that you’ll continue to burn fats even after you have finished training. The reason for this is that this workout is a type of high-intensity exercise.

Build Endurance

It’s not an easy fit to throw a punch on a heavy bag. The extra challenge you face with it will push your limits beyond your cardio comfort zone. It also helps in building your endurance while training.

The more you push your limits, the more you can endure the challenges. You’ll notice the difference in your heavy bag training over time.

Improve Strength and Power 

Are Punching Bags Good Exercise -- building muscles

As mentioned, punching a bag can help build many muscles. The muscles in the upper body are engaged while training with this heavy bag.

Thus, it’s a great full-body workout. With a punching bag, you can practice punching with the greatest force, thereby, improving your strength and power over time.

Relieve Stress 

When you stand before a punching bag, you can focus your attention and forget the tension of your everyday life. However, experts don’t recommend using it as a way to release anger.

But it can be a great way to help you relieve stress. As you concentrate on how to execute boxing movements, you’re disconnecting yourself from the outside world.

Thus, in a way, it’s a great form of meditation. Keep in mind that meditation is one way to relieve any stress in your life.

Develop Self-Defense Skills 

You may consider the heavy bags as your opponent. You can practice how to defend yourself when in boxing or in a crucial real-life situation.

The difference between having a real human being as an opponent is that the bag won’t hit you back. Thus, no matter how much you hit it, the bag will never hit you back, unless you’re doing it incorrectly.

Can Hitting a Punching Bag Help You Lose Your Belly Fat? 

As mentioned, hitting a heavy bag is a form of a full-body workout. However, whether or not it can help you lose belly fat, there’s no simple answer.

If you do it properly, it can help in sculpting your body, especially your midsection. Then again, to achieve it, you need to combine this workout with a healthy diet.

These two components are vital if you wish to tone and get into shape. Hitting a bag involves a full-body workout. It is powered by lean food to help you achieve your fitness goal.

You can pair this workout with a high plank, mountain climbers, bicycle crunch, and stretching.

Should You Choose a Heavy Bag or a Speed Bag? 

Both bags are useful in your quest to boost your fitness and endurance.

However, a heavy bag can work your strength and enables you to practice your combos, punches, and defense skills. It improves your muscles, boosts your resistance, and increases your punching power.

Speed bag, on the other hand, uses a lightweight ball that hangs on a platform. It’s also useful especially if you try to improve your eye-hand coordination and speed.

Punching both bags is an excellent way to burn calories while releasing stress. It can also help you shape your shoulders.

Where to Buy Punching Bags? 

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Are punching bags good exercise? Yes, they are good workout equipment. But you need to mix this routine with other exercises.

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