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Athleisure Outfit as a Multi-Functional Wardrobe 

Athleisure Outfit as a Multi-Functional Wardrobe 
Athleisure Outfit as a Multi-Functional Wardrobe

The athleisure outfit is categorized as a multi-functional wardrobe. From cycling shorts to trainers to floaty mini dresses, the athleisure is moving to a whole new level. And All Fitness and Beauty got you covered.

What makes this wardrobe popular is that it is comfortable to wear.

With its global popularity, the market is said to increase by 9 percent in 2019. The trend is influenced by activewear brands that sell a lifestyle while fashion retailers maximize style credential to create affordable fitness clothing to sell with casual and formal wear. 

Influencers and fashion trends influenced the success of the athleisure market. And the movement will continue because of people’s desire to have a multifunctional wardrobe.

More and more consumers are obtaining products more consciously. They reduce their spending on cash fashion. The increasing consumer desire for comfort also drove the sales of activewear and trainers.

Brands are using their expertise in making sure their products will offer freedom of movement and sweat control while providing support and shape to the body.

And these characteristics of athleisure make them more popular and consumers want them to be their everyday wear, and not just at the gym. 

The Trend is Slower in Asia 

The athleisure trend is increasing in the West but it is slower in the East. For that reason, brands are maximizing social media to sell their products. They are selling them by telling the consumers this outfit is a combination of sports and street wardrobe. 

Nike, one of the international brands, offers inspiration on how athleisure can be incorporated with sportswear and everyday wardrobe. 

However, athleisure products of those international brands have hefty price tags. Here at All Fitness and Beauty, you can find sports leggings at $9.95. Our adjustable fitness bra also starts at $9.95.

athleisure blue
athleisure blue

Athleisure Outfit is Here to Stay 

It is a complete lifestyle. Furthermore, it is a combination of aesthetics from sports and fashion. With it, fashion uplifts the credibility of sports while sports gives fashion a great functionality. 

The athleisure items that we offer here emphasize comfort and feel. We only offer products with better fabric and functionality. With these things, you can improve your athletic performance without having to wear an expensive wardrobe. 

The comfort lifestyle that athleisure wear cannot be seen by athletic wear. It has attracted people from all walks of life, and not just those who fancy fitness. 

Because of this trend, you can wear athleisure during social events and parties. You can wear it while walking on the street or having a casual dinner with your loved one. 

Celebrities are also loving the athleisure brand. This type of clothing allows them to be more natural while they are in public. Some celebrities even consider it as more designer clothing than their actual designer clothes. They don’t just wear it during a yoga session but they wear it as part of their everyday outfit. 

The key influencers that brought athleisure to the mainstream would be Rihanna and Beyonce. But other celebrities also transformed this trend into a lifestyle.

To start shopping for an athleisure outfit that you can wear at the gym or hanging out with your friends in a restaurant, please visit our online shop. We offer a huge collection of athleisure items that starts at $9.95

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