Cyclists Can Take Advantage of Cycling Directions in Apple Maps

But you need to upgrade to iOS 14 to benefit from Cycling Directions in Apple Maps.

Cyclists Can Take Advantage of Cycling Directions in Apple Maps
Cyclists Can Take Advantage of Cycling Directions in Apple Maps

If you’re using Apple Maps for your cycling routine, then you can take the app’s bike-friendly features on iOS. They can make your bicycling journey a lot faster and easier.

At the WWDC 2020, Apple announced the improvements it made on its Apple Maps, specially designed for those with bikes. It included enhanced details to the UK, Canada, and Ireland. Furthermore, cyclists can take advantage of dedicated cycle routes. Plus, it features a guide to places of interest, as well as a bike lane, roadway, bike paths, bikeway, pavement, etc.

According to Apple, millions of people are using Apple Maps each day to help them find new places to eat or to help them plan for their next vacation.

Apple Maps team is working with trusted brands to provide amazing dudes for great places, especially for bicyclists.

The app on iOS 14 will let you compile a guide from the information provided and save them for future use. Each time new places are added, Maps will update the guide. In that case, you will have the latest recommendations in your hand.

The new directions present bike lanes, cycle paths, and elevation. Furthermore, you will know if the route is a quiet road or a busy path. If there’s a steep passage coming up, you will be notified.

In other words, you will know if the route you are taking is safe for cyclists or not. You will be notified if you have to carry your bike up some stairs if you want to take the faster route.

During its launch, the new feature will cover LA, the SF Bay Area, NY, and various cities in mainland China, including Beijing and Shanghai.

Update to iOS 14

To set the directions in Apple Maps, you need the iOS 14. Once your device is updated, you can go to Apple Maps. Then, choose Search for a place. Choose your destination by entering it. Tap Directions, bicycle logo and Go.

When you have set it up, Maps will give you verbal directions that are customized for cycling. You can also get the directions on your iPhone screen and you can use it if you have handlebar mounts in your bike.

The great thing about this new feature is that you will know the time and distance it would take you to get to your destination. As mentioned earlier, you will be notified if there are inclines and hills on the route. You will also know if the path involves shared roads and cycle lanes.

There are some sections on the Maps marked Avoid. You can toggle those sections on and off if you wish to avoid busy roads but can tackle large hills.

If you need Siri to give you directions, you must specify that you are cycling. That is, you have to say “Siri, what’s the cycling direction in going to A restaurant.

Google Maps has this kind of feature as well. Which one is better? It’s up to you to decide. Each app has its own pros and cons.

Whether you choose Apple Maps or Google Maps, make sure that you wear a helmet when you go biking. And to prevent sweat from getting into your eyes, opt to wear a cycling cap under your helmet.

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