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Commonly Prescribed Meds Increase Dementia Risk: Lower It With Fitness

dementia risk increased with prescription drugs
Commonly Prescribed Meds Increase Dementia Risk: Lower It With Fitness

Increased risk of dementia is linked to the use of anticholinergic drugs, according to scientists. A study suggested that the relationship is strongest for certain anticholinergic drugs, such as antiepileptic, bladder antimuscarinics and antidepressants.

In the study, researchers stated that there were a 50% increased odds of dementia-related to the use of total anticholinergic exposure of over 1,095 daily doses in a 10-year period.

The overall dose is similar to taking strong anticholinergic medication for three years.

The study strengthens pieces of evidence that showed how strong anticholinergic drugs could affect your risk of dementia.

Since the study included the types of drugs with the strongest associations, physicians will know when to prescribe these drugs.

However, the study is not confirmatory. It is still an observational study that requires follow-ups. In other words, there is still no conclusion whether or not these drugs could cause dementia.

Do Not Stop Taking These Medications

Even though there is a growing series of tests that linked these medications to dementia risk, you must not stop taking these drugs without first talking to your prescribing physician. If you do so without consulting your doctor, your condition could get worse.

It has been known that anticholinergic drugs are linked to memory issues. The new study revealed that there is indeed a strong association.

Increasing Physical Fitness with Yoga May Help

To reduce your risk of suffering from dementia, you might consider doing yoga for three months. In a study, researchers noted that it could reduce mild cognitive impairment in adults.

It is true that there is no cure yet for dementia. However, recent studies showed that yoga and meditation could play a role in preventing this condition.

And if you are already suffering from it, yoga and meditation could improve your symptoms and stop them from progressing.

In that study, it suggested that memory loss could be reversed through therapeutic programs, which included yoga and meditation.

This study also found that yoga and meditation could help dementia patients and their caregivers to feel and socialize better.

Why Yoga and Meditation?

It has nothing to do with wearing yoga pants. But it has something to do with how they engage various parts of your brain. They can also assist in forming new connections and recover from injuries.

In those studies, however, yoga and meditation were combined with exercise, mediations, music therapy and brushing teeth. But yoga and meditation alone might be helpful in preventing dementia in various ways.

Chronic stress could alter brain structures that are vital for memory and cognition. It is also associated with inflammation in the body and brain linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Yoga can lower stress hormones. It teaches you how to cope more effectively. It is also worth noting that the younger you practice yoga and meditation, the better.

Other Ways to Reverse Dementia or Memory Loss

Opt for Low-Glycemic Diet

It can help in balancing blood sugar. To achieve it, make sure to avoid refined carbs, caffeine, dairy, and processed foods. You must also take out omega-6 rich oils, like seed and vegetable oils.

Instead of eating those stuff, make sure to consume healthy fats, like walnuts, cashews, and almonds. You should also add pastured eggs, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Consume Healthy Fats

Lower Dementia Risks with Fitness
Lower Dementia Risks with Fitness

They are great at making your brain happy and healthy. These healthy fats would include omega-3 fats, coconut oil, whole eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds.

Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise slows down the progression of cognitive decline. It also lowers the risks of dementia and other brain diseases.

Put on your workout clothes and athleisure leggings and start walking 30 minutes a day. You can also incorporate it with high-intensity interval training to maximize its benefits.

Take Some Supplements

These supplements would include omega-3, B12, B6, and folate, as well as vitamin D3. Take some probiotics, too, to enhance your gut function.

Treat Any Thyroid Problems

If you have a problem with your thyroid and sex hormones, you would want to treat them because they, too, can affect your brain functioning.


If there are high levels of mercury and other heavy metals in your body, make sure to detox. You may opt for a medically supervised detox program.

Practice Deep Breathing

Each time you are in a stressful situation, do not forget to relax. As mentioned earlier, chronic stress is linked to dementia as it can take a toll on your body.

By following some relaxation methods, you can reverse dementia. Deep breathing is another way to feel relaxed, besides yoga and meditation.

Many patients also feel relaxed when they get into a proper posture. If you have a problem maintaining correct posture, you may wear a back brace or a posture corrector.

Sleep Eight Hours Per Night

Studies after studies showed that poor sleep can be a huge factor in developing dementia. That said, make sure to get high-quality sleep every night, preferably 8 hours.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking increases the risk of cancer and lung diseases, as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Avoid secondhand smoke, too, as it can increase your dementia risk.

Maintain Ideal Weight

Make sure that your body mass index is healthy. It is especially true if you are already in your middle years.

Having a healthy BMI is tied to dementia prevention. To maintain a healthy weight, you need to exercise regularly.

HIIT is one exercise that you should consider as it is effective in losing weight. Strength training exercises are also ideal. By increasing your physical fitness, you can achieve a healthy weight quickly.

There are other ways to increase your physical fitness, which can help in lowering your dementia risk.

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