Does Headache Relief Music Work?

headache relief music

The benefits of music are aplenty. People have praised music therapy to treat anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. Does headache relief music work? Can you just listen to some song beats for pain relief when you’re having migraines?

The Power of Headache Relief Music

There’s power in music in healing how you feel. You can dance to a certain beat or you can listen to a relaxing sound.

Did you know that you can also listen to your favorite song to help reduce painful migraine attacks?

Studies showed that music reduces stress. Adults who participated in one study experienced a reduction in the days they experienced headaches. They felt that they had better control over their pain.

But more studies are needed to find out why a certain playlist can help headache sufferers.

Binaural Beats for Your Migraine 

Research suggests that listening to binaural beats or different music tones helps in releasing tension and stress.

They relax your mind as the beat puts you in a more comfortable mind. In a way, it could lessen the pain during a migraine attack.

But most doctors still consider this therapy experimental.

Even so, you can try listening to your favorite music to find out if music therapy is, indeed, beneficial to you.

How Do Binaural Beats Work in Relieving Your Headache? 

Binaural beats utilize two tones at various frequencies in one ear. The brain creates an extra tone after identifying the beat. The third tone is known as a binaural beat.

To hear it, a sound must be coming into both ears. Removing one of the sounds will not allow you to hear the binaural beat.

Binaural beats synchronize with brain waves resulting in brain wave activity alteration.

Every frequency can offer health outcomes depending on the levels of brain activity.

For instance, it can put you to sleep or make you drowsy.

Although it is not fully understood how music truly alters brain activity, music does cause changes in your brain.

And binaural beats may induce the same state as meditation.

When finding out binaural beat frequency to help with your migraine, researchers recommend listening to the theta brain wave frequency as it is associated with relaxation.

Although music therapy will offer migraine relief, you must avoid loud noises. They only increase the pain. Furthermore, the pain persists even after you turn them down.

In addition to that, loud noises can also worse migraine attacks. They can also trigger attacks.

Thus, if, after listening to binaural beats your migraine got worse, then you should stop listening to music.

After all, every person is different.

If music does not work in relieving your migraine, there are other things you can do:

Use Cold Packs 

headache relief music -- cold therapy

Cold therapy has been proven to soothe the nerves, thereby, relieving your headache.

It offers anti-inflammatory effects to constrict your blood vessels so you feel less pain.

Try this migraine relief cap. It has received quite a few positive reviews online. This relief cap offers gentle compression therapy.

What’s great about this cap is that it also blocks out light. Thus, it is helpful if your migraine is also triggered by lights.

Shop for a migraine relief cap here

Get Some Air

By air, we mean fresh air. In some cases, just getting out of that cubicle in your office can help with your migraine.

Cold weather can easily trigger migraines.

Thus, if you feel that the pain is triggered by the weather, it can be helpful to get outside or adjust the temperature in your house.

It is also useful to keep track of your migraine by having a migraine journal.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep 

sleep aid weighted eye mask

Insufficient sleep is another cause of migraines. If you think that your attacks are related to the lack of sleep at night, you should catch at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

If getting quality sleep is your problem, you may consider a sleep aid. It is a weighted eye mask, which offers similar benefits as a weighted blanket.

This sleep aid blocks out light, which can make it hard for your to fall asleep at night.

With this weighted eye mask, you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This is the reason many insomniacs are buying it.

This is a non-pharmacological fix so you don’t have to worry about side effects.

Drink Caffeine 

It is not completely understood how caffeine can relieve headaches. However, people find that when they drink caffeinated drinks, their migraine symptoms completely stop.

However, some people get severe migraines just by drinking coffee. Thus, this solution is not ideal for everyone.

Remember that headache is also a symptom of caffeine withdrawal.

Use Lavender Oil 

It is a form of aromatherapy. That is, you inhale the oil to reduce the severity of a migraine. It may also eliminate the symptoms.

But it may not be effective for everyone.

Another natural way to alleviate the symptoms is to take a ginger oral supplement. Or you can just consume it raw.

However, if you can’t find raw ginger, you might consider storing gum or candy ginger in your medicine cabinet.

Try Chiropractic Care 

Migraine headaches can be related to nerve signals. That’s why chiropractic care can be helpful. This therapy involves a series of spinal adjustments to affect the way nerves send signals through your brain.

Manipulating the spine might affect the flow of blood through the central nervous system, resulting in migraine prevention and treatment.

Spinal adjustments are great because they minimize the risk of side effects, unlike prescription medicines.

Thus, it might be an effective treatment for your migraine headaches.

You may visit the nearest chiropractor and try spinal adjustments. With a treatment plan, you may soon be living migraine-free for the rest of your life.

Migraine Relief 

Migraine attacks can be excruciating. They can disrupt your daily activities. When they attack, you would want to lie down hoping they’d be gone when you wake up.

If not, you should try this migraine relief cap. Using it for less than 10 minutes may offer significant relief. Shop here and get free shipping worldwide.

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