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How to Lose Belly Fat Exercise: It Doesn’t Have to be Hard

How to Lose Belly Fat Exercise: It Doesn’t Have to be Hard
How to Lose Belly Fat Exercise: It Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Wondering how you can get rid of your holiday weight gain or belly fat? You may search for how to lose belly fat exercise on YouTube or Google. But all those videos will show you some sit-ups and other exercises that you already know. So, now you’re wondering what kind of exercise you should perform each day or a few times a week to get rid of your stubborn fat in your belly. 

You can start with a jump rope. 

How to Lose Belly Fat Exercise with Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a good exercise to burn calories. But you need to pair it with a calorie deficit diet. In that way, you can reduce your body fat stores, not necessarily in the stomach. 

You must go for the jumping rope if you want it. However, it is not a magic exercise. Thus, experts recommend combining cardio and strength training. 

Strength Training on How to Lose Belly Fat Exercise

It is a type of exercise that contracts your muscles against resistance. It can help in building your muscle mass and boosts your strength. When you perform strength training exercise to lose your belly fat, you will need to use a resistance band. 

4 pieces resistance bands
resistance band

Resistance bands are available in different colors. As the band gets darker, the tension increases. The greater the strength, the higher the resistance, the better it is. When you use this band, make sure that you are wearing the right workout outfit. 

One way to use the resistance band is to perform a chest press. In here, you need to wrap the band behind your back. Hold the ends with your hands. Push the band out as you straighten your elbows. 

You may also stand on the resistance band and hold both ends with your hands. Stand in a squat position. Hold the band while you extend your knees to a standing position. Then, lower your back down. Repeat. 

It does not matter what fitness level you are. A resistance band can be great for you. Adjust the intensity of your work out by giving the band less or more slack. Use multiple bands, if you wish, to increase the challenge. 

The great thing about strength training is that it can help in reducing your visceral fat. It is especially beneficial for patients with metabolic syndrome. Keep in mind that visceral fat is dangerous because it surrounds your organs in the belly. 

Perform 12 weeks of strength training and accompany it with aerobic exercise to make it more effective in reducing body and belly fats. Resistance training will also preserve fat-free mass. It increases the calories that your body burns while at rest. 

Do Burpees


Athletes, military forces and football teams are embracing burpees. They are always part of their workout routines. They are for everyone but not everyone likes them. 

Burpees can be categorized as a HIIT workout. They will scorch your fat while they increase your metabolism. What you will like about burpees is that they can easily burn mega calories. They can turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Thus, you will not only lose your belly fat but you will also lose some stored fats in your entire body. 

This type of exercise is considered a full-body strength training. Each rep will help you work your chest, quads, arms, and glutes. After every set of burpees, your legs will surely feel a bit like lead. 

Burpees are also great for conditioning exercise. It is the reason it is part of CrossFit. They are ideal in developing your endurance and conditioning. This exercise is also beneficial in increasing your heart rate.

Whether your goal here is to get in shape or just to train for a triathlon, burpees can be a great way to help get started. 

Mountain Climbers 


This type of workout works your core and other body muscles. Just like burpees, mountain climbers will increase your heart rate. Thus, they are great for your cardiovascular health. 

They are known for increasing your lower-body strength. The constant switching of your legs will get your heart rate up. This is a high-intensity workout, though. Thus, if you are not in great shape, you must keep it slow at first. As your health improves, you can speed it up. 

Learning How to Lose Belly Fat Exercise is Not Enough 

Exercise alone will not help you lose weight or reduce your fat stores. You need to be in a calorie-deficit diet. 

Intermittent fasting is a great way to reduce your calorie intake per day. However, to make it effective, make sure that you are not overeating. It will not work if you go above your recommended daily calorie intake. 

To help you with your intermittent fasting so you can finally lose belly fat, you must follow a high-protein diet. It is a great way to reduce your appetite. When your appetite is low, you do not eat all the time so you will burn more fat. 

By eating more quality protein, you can lower the risk of building belly fat. It can also preserve muscle mass while increasing your metabolism. When you up your protein intake, you are also increasing your feeling of fullness while decreasing your appetite. As a result, you are reducing your calorie intake. 

Protein-rich foods would include eggs, legumes, meat, and dairy products. 

Get More Sleep 

By getting enough sleep, you are boosting your body’s fat-burning ability. It prevents you from gaining weight. If you sleep for more than 6 hours per night, you are likely to lose weight. 

Better sleep quality will increase the likelihood of losing weight. Then again, you must not go beyond your recommended daily calorie intake and perform regular exercise. 

No More Refined Carbs 

Sugar can make you fat. It also causes your body to store more fat. As you decrease your refined carb intake, you are likely to lose extra fat. 

Refined carbs can be your enemy as they have a high glycemic index. They also cause a spike and crash in your blood sugar level. As a result, you are always hungry. 

Sum Up 

In conclusion, by learning how to lose belly fat exercise, you will realize that there are tons of exercises you can perform. Strength training with a resistance band is one. Then, you can do burpees, jump rope and mountain climbers, among others. But they are not enough. you need to reduce your calorie intake, get more sleep and avoid refined carbs. 

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