How to Remove Magnetic Lashes?

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes

How to remove magnetic lashes? It may sound self-explanatory. But a lot of users are wondering whether it is easy or not considering that the magnets are so strong. They can last all day, all night. The magnetic lashes will stay on no matter what. So you might wonder if these lashes will come off. The answer is yes.

In this post, let’s talk about how to remove magnetic lashes.

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How to Remove Magnetic Lashes?

It is easy to remove your magnetic lashes. All you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Pull the lashes from the outer corner
  • Lift them up
  • Pull across the strip

Just like that. Your magnetic lashes are removed.

But you’re not done yet. You need to make sure that the lashes are stored properly.

First, you need to clean off the magnets on the lashes. If there’s a build-up of makeup on the lashes, use oil-free water to clean them. After cleaning, put the magnetic lashes back in the box they came in.

If you are new to magnetic lashes, though, you might wonder if they are safe.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe? 

They are reusable products. Convenience is one of the reasons they have become popular. They are not like the old-fashioned extensions. That is, you don’t stick them onto your eyelids with glue. Instead, these lashes have tiny magnets. The magnets are attached above and below your upper lashes.

It means that they don’t require the application of glue, which may harm your natural lashes. As mentioned, you can remove them by just peeling the layers apart.

So, are they safe? Yes, they are. However, there are still some caveats you need to know.

Magnetic lashes don’t require glues. Thus, you don’t have to worry about allergies.

Then again, you can still get infections if you don’t use the lashes properly. Remember that these false lashes are made of human hair. They can also be made of synthetic materials. In that case, the materials used to make these lashes may cause an allergy.

Furthermore, when you remove the lashes, some of your natural lashes may break causing them to grow in a different direction.

It is also important to note that touching your eyes to push the lashes on may also lead to an eye infection. But you can avoid it by simply washing your hands properly before you even attempt to put on the magnetic lashes.

If you are not sure how to apply magnetic lashes perfectly, check this out.

Other Ways to Prevent Eye Infection When Using Magnetic Lashes 

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes -- avoid sharing

If you think that magnetic lashes are right for you, make sure that you heed these safety tips:

  • Avoid sharing them with other people. You may think that it is safe to share them with your sister or your friend. After all, they don’t have an eye infection. But don’t. It is like a towel. It may seem innocuous but a towel has full of bacteria.
  • Always clean the box for your lashes clean and closed. After putting your lashes on, make sure to clean the box. In that way, if it is time to put them back in the box, it is already clean.
  • Stop using the lashes when they start to be itchy. Itchiness is one of the symptoms of allergies. Immediately, remove them when they start to feel itchy. If you continue to use them even though the symptom is there, you may suffer from a serious eye infection.
  • Don’t use the lashes if you have an eye infection. Or if your eyes are irritated, don’t use them. You should also throw away the lashes you used before you got an eye infection.
  • Never put the lashes on while you are in a moving vehicle. It is tempting, especially if you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to put them on while you’re in your house. However, when you put them on while on a moving vehicle, you could injure yourself. The lashes may scratch your eyeball.
  • Remove the lashes when having an MRI. It is not a good idea to have them on while undergoing this examination. Keep in mind that they have magnets on so they may interfere with the machine.

Now that you know how to put them safely and how to avoid your eyes from irritation because of magnetic lashes, you might wonder how long they stay on.

How Long Magnetic Lashes Stay On? 

They won’t come off unless you pull them from the corner. Thus, they will stay on your lashes for a very long time. However, we don’t recommend allowing them to stay on while sleeping.

You should always remove your makeup and your eyelashes before sleeping to avoid eye irritation.

Then again, while they are on your lashes, don’t pull or tug at them. Doing so will only damage the lashes. You don’t have to worry about them when it is raining. Most lashes are weatherproof and waterproof. In that case, they will not move around when you get them on and in place.

The best thing about magnetic lashes is that they do not require glue, which may cause eye irritation. And compared to other false lashes, magnetic lashes are less expensive because you can re-use them.

Furthermore, they are more hygienic.

But they are not for everyone. Some magnetic lashes require a lot of time to stick together. Furthermore, they may not fit into the same as your natural lashes. In that case, you may have to trim them. But after trimming, they will look good.

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Where to Buy Magnetic Lashes? 

The easiest way to shop for magnetic lashes is to click here. We sell affordable yet long-lasting magnetic lashes.

In addition to lashes, our customers also purchase eyebrow tattoos. We do recommend that before you apply them, make sure that you have already applied your eye makeup, like your mascara and eyeliner.

And when you’re ready to store them, make sure to dip the lashes in rubbing alcohol to remove any makeup. Allow them to dry in the box for further use.


How to remove magnetic lashes? Simple, You just have to pull the lashes from the outer corner, lift them and pull across the strip. And if you are ready to buy magnetic lashes, please visit our shop here.

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