Is Riding a Bike Good Exercise? 

How riding a bike is good exercise? What should you wear when you ride a bike?

Is Riding a Bike Good Exercise? 
Is Riding a Bike Good Exercise?

Riding a bike is good exercise. It’s an excellent cardio workout. In an hour, you can burn up to 400 calories, depending on the intensity.

Apart from a cardio workout, biking is also great for strengthening your lower body, especially the hips, legs, and glutes.

Although riding a bike is a good cardio workout, it doesn’t improve your flexibility. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful aerobic exercise that improves your strength.

And it’s also ideal if you’re looking for a low-impact workout as it doesn’t stress your joints.

Is Riding a Bike Good Exercise for the Back? 

It’s a workout that won’t harm your hips, knees, ankles, and back. You can bike on the road, mountain trail, or bike path.

If you wish to lose weight with this type of exercise, opt for a tougher workout by mountain biking or off-road biking. You can bike on trails.

Mountain biking is a tougher exercise than just biking because you need to cycle through hills and surfaces. That’s why it’s a good total body workout.

If your intensity in riding a bike is high, it ups your heart rate. It is the same as running. For high-intensity cycling, you will burn a lot of calories. But it’s still gentle on your body.

What are the Areas that this Exercise Targets? 

One of the areas it targets is your core. When you ride a bike every day or at least four times a week for an hour, your core will get stronger.

If you wish to tone your arms, though, then this exercise isn’t the right workout. Biking doesn’t target your arms.

But this is a great exercise if you wish to tone your legs, especially your quads and hamstrings. Your glutei and hips are also targeted with this exercise.

However, it’s not an ideal workout if you’re targeting your back. Mountain biking, however, will help you out. It engages the back as you go up and down the hills.

Riding a Bike Exercise Benefits Your Mental Well-Being 

A YMCA study showed that individuals who are living an active lifestyle had a 32% higher wellbeing score than individuals who aren’t engaging in physical activities.

We already know that exercise can boost mood as it helps in releasing adrenaline and endorphins. But when you’re riding a bike outdoors, you’re not only exercising but you’re also exploring new views, which can somehow help you become happy.

As you ride solo, you have more time to process what you’re thinking, your worries and concerns. But if you ride with a group, you’re widening your network.

That’s why it’s a great exercise if you’re feeling down. Some people who suffered from depression are advised to get out. And riding a bike can help.

Building muscle is another benefit of riding a bike regularly. It doesn’t just burn fats but it also helps you build muscles.

But the muscles focus on your clues, quads, calves, and hamstrings. The more muscles you have the more calories your body can burn.

Riding a Bike and Weight Loss 

As mentioned, riding a bike can help burn 400 calories. But it depends on the intensity of your workout and how long you’ve been riding. The longer the hours, the more calories you will burn.

However, if you wish to lose weight with this exercise, you still need to lower your calorie intake. Many people think that just because they’re riding a bike every day, they can just eat anything.

Always remember that losing weight requires a calorie deficit.

You should also get enough sleep every night. And if you have a problem getting sufficient sleep because of your partner in bed’s loud snoring sound, make sure to buy him an anti-snoring nose clip.

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If you cycle for an hour for 4 days a week, 1 hour each session and you’re on a calorie deficit, you should lose weight.

Not Losing Weight Even If You’re Riding a Bike All the Time

Just riding a bike every day won’t automatically help you lose weight.

Riding a bike can boost your cardio health, improve your mental health, and boost your fitness. But you may still not lose a pound.

But don’t get discouraged. Keep in mind that the weight won’t tell you everything.

Riding a bike every day can help you get firmer legs or glutei. In other words, you have gained muscles.

Adding lean muscle tissue will make the numbers on the scale to budge or it won’t move. But if you try measuring your waist circumference, you will find a reduction in the measurement.

You’ll also notice that your clothes fit better for you now.

In that case, you may be losing weight but you’re gaining extra muscles.

Furthermore, your weight changes throughout the day.

Change Your Diet 

Riding a bike every day for an hour may still not help you lose weight if you’re still eating junk.

If you want to lose weight by cycling, opt to ride for an hour, as it burns around 500 calories.

Then, you must focus on eating whole foods. Choose lean protein and healthy fats.

You should also avoid snacking. When you snack each day, your cravings will increase. Your body will expect food regularly.

Furthermore, your blood sugar spikes, thereby, increasing your likelihood to suffer from insulin sensitivity.

Opt for three meals a day. No snacking in between. Focus on eating substantial meals.

Remember that when it comes to losing weight, 75% is what you eat and only 25% is exercise. In that case, you need to monitor your diet and add structure to your workout to achieve results.

What do You need to Make Riding a Bike an Exercise?

Riding a bike requires you to have, well, a bike. You must obtain the right bike size for your weight and height.

You don’t even have to purchase a brand-new bike. A second-hand bike will do. However, if you wish to be serious in this activity, you may wish to purchase a premium bike.

Whether or not you’re riding a second-hand bike or a brand new one, make sure that wear a helmet for your safety. And under your helmet, consider wearing a cycling hat to wick away sweat.

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