Mattresses for Good Posture: How to Pick the Right One?

Getting a good night’s sleep can improve your overall health. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can disrupt your ability to sleep well. But that’s not all. A wrong type of mattress can cause bad posture.

Mattresses for Good Posture

A mattress is a significant sleep factor. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked. That’s why a lot of people with bad posture continue to use a mattress without enough support and comfort.

Buying a new mattress can be a significant investment for you. However, you are taking the right step to help you sleep well, alleviate your back pain and bad posture.

How to Find Top-Performing Mattresses for Proper Posture?

Before talking about the ways to find good mattresses for back pain and posture, let’s first talk about the signs that your mattress is causing your back pain and bad posture.

Back Pain Upon Waking Up 

When you first wake up in the morning, do you feel stiffness? If you do, then it’s the result of sleeping for long periods.

Indeed, you can eliminate the stiff feeling by stretching or moving.

If you experience it every time you wake up, then your mattress is harming your back and posture.

It’s a clear sign that it isn’t supporting your body.

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Is It Too Firm?

You might think that sleeping on a firm mattress can alleviate your low back pain. Indeed, it’s true.

A firm mattress is fitting for people with back pain. However, if it’s too firm, it can cause back pain or worsen it.

Instead of opting for too firm mattresses, chose to sleep on a medium-firm mattress. A very firm mattress can push on the pressure points in your back causing misalignment.

A very firm mattress can cause spine misalignment because it pushes your shoulders and hips up without letting your spine be in a neutral resting position.

However, it’s also a bad idea to choose a too-soft mattress. A very soft mattress has no support and it doesn’t offer comfort.

If it sags, it could cause more serious problems.

Having a too soft bed will let your body sink causing bad posture while you sleep. As a result, it causes back problems.

If you have a sinking feeling when you sleep in your bed, then it’s time to shop for a new mattress. Or if you need to upgrade your bed, please check out this page.

What Mattresses to Choose? 

Mattresses for Good Posture - medium firm

A hybrid mattress is one of the best options for back pain and avoids bad posture. It includes innerspring support. It has a comfort system including wood, foam, latex, etc.

The layers of comfort are tougher compared to innerspring mattresses. They are the best mattresses if you wish to avoid low back pain.

They can relieve pressure points because of medium to high contouring. Furthermore, they allow proper ventilation to regulate temperature.

Innerspring mattresses used to be popular. But they are slowly losing the appeal. They are still good for your low back pain. Plus, they are affordable and can be customized.

However, the right type of mattress depends on your comfort level. It must feel right to you.

But if you wish to avoid back pain and improve your posture, it’s highly suggested that you stick to medium-firm mattresses.

Then again, you must consider your weight and your sleeping position.

Then, evaluate your current mattress. Is it too firm and do you want a less firm mattress? Or you want that mattress from your favorite hotel. Hotel mattresses are using a medium-firm.

And before you make the final decision, you should go and visit a local mattress shop. Then, try out some of its beds. Stay on it for at least 10 minutes to evaluate how comfortable it is to stay and sleep on it.

In addition to using the right mattress, you may also want to add extra pillows. Or adjust your sleeping potion.

However, if you are dealing with chronic back pain and bad posture, a medium-firm mattress can be a great option.

Does the Age of the Mattress Affect Its Quality?

Your mattress doesn’t last for long. Experts agree that you must not be sleeping on a 7-year-old mattress.

The reason for this is that at that age, the mattress can no longer provide enough back support.

But don’t go and buy a cheap mattress. It’s as harmful as sleeping on a very firm mattress.

Can a Good Mattress Fix Bad Posture? 

Mattresses for Good Posture - right support for spine natural curves

It doesn’t directly fix bad posture. However, with the right mattress, you can maintain a healthy back, which is necessary to have a good posture.

That’s why you must choose a mattress that can provide the right support for the natural curves of your spine.

Most of all, it has to be comfortable.

But don’t just depend on your mattress to help you fix your bad posture. Make sure that you wear a posture corrector that trains your body to be in the proper position all the time.

A posture corrector can be worn every day for at least 25 minutes to achieve the desired results.

Posture is about muscular strength. Thus, if you have a bad posture, the best fix isn’t just to find the best mattress but you need to train those muscles to support your body back.

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Keep in mind that a posture corrector is just a way to achieve good posture. Other activities and exercises can help in training your body back to its natural, proper position.

If you are looking for the right posture corrector, you can opt for a figure-eight design that has a wider span. It should have Velcro straps to properly adjust the tension in your back.

You can look for a posture corrector that you can conceal under a shirt. The posture correctors at All Fitness and Beauty have slim designs. They don’t rub the skin under your arms.

Furthermore, the posture correctors here don’t require a big budget. You can get one for less than $10. They are all wallet-friendly options to help your shoulders back in place.


The best mattresses for posture and low back pain have a medium-firm level. But it still depends on your comfort level.

If your goal is really to fix your bad posture and alleviate your back pain, then please head over to our posture corrector department.

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