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Original Huawei Honor Band 5: Crush Your Fitness Goals

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Original Huawei Honor Band 5 Smart Watch with Oximeter, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitor, Etc. for Your Fitness

Main Features of this Wrist Band: 

  • AMOLED Display

This type of display integrates self-emitting diodes. It speeds up the response time or higher refresh rate. It is the number of times the display can update the image on the screen for every second. Each content that you see is a result of static images being played in a certain motion to simulate motion. So when you tap the screen, it won’t take a minute or so to display the image.

It is also more power-efficient. It doesn’t drain the battery quickly. In other words, it has better battery life than other expensive smartwatch brands. 

  • Water-Resistant

There’s no need to take this fitness tracker off when you’re washing your hands. You can wear Huawei Honor Band 5 while swimming. You can track how far you’ve swum, your heart rate, etc. using this wearable.

  • Activity Tracking

This wristband tracks the number of steps, how far you’ve walked (distance), and the number of calories burned, among others. Health experts recommend aiming for at least 10,000 steps per day. Thus, this tracker can help you monitor if you’ve reached that goal.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

This heart rate monitor feature is especially useful if you’ve supraventricular tachycardia as it alerts you if your heart rate is above 150 while at rest. It’s a life-saving feature if you suffer from a certain heart condition. However, this device shouldn’t be used as a medical device, just like any other smartwatches or wearables. 

Heart rate monitoring feature of Huawei Honor Band 5 will also tell you the effort level you must take to reach your goal. It tells you if you need to increase your intensity or pull back.

  • Sleep Monitoring

Some of us need only 5 hours of sleep to function well while others require at least 8 hours of sleep to be active the following day. It really depends on your system. With sleep monitoring, you’ll know the number of sleep hours you need to function well the next day.

It can record when you fall asleep at night, how long you’ve been in a certain sleep stage. For instance, Huawei Honor Band 5 will tell you how many minutes you’ve bee on Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This is the sleep stage where your dreams occur. It is at this stage where processing information occurs and long-term memories are being stored.

It’s not a medical sleep device. But this smartwatch is useful in recognizing patterns in your sleep habits. It gives you data that you can reflect on. It provides you with some insight into your sleep routine.

  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Huawei Honor Band 5 is also equipped with a SpO2 sensor. It measures the oxygen level of your blood. It tells you how well the oxygen is sent to other parts of your body. The data will help you adjust your workout to get a more balanced oxygen flow throughout your exercise session.

If you have a respiratory illness, you can use this smartwatch to prevent a respiratory attack. Exercising is still necessary even if you have asthma or any type of respiratory disease. But you need to vary your exercise because any workout can cause shortness of breath.

By wearing this device, it notifies you of possible respiratory attacks. When you see that your oxygen level is low, you must stop your workout and practice deep breathing. It increases your oxygen saturation level.

Difference Honor Band 5 Xiaomi Mi Band 4
Blood Oxygen Tracker YES NO
Screen 0.95 Amoled,40*120,282 ppi 0.95 Amoled
Heart Rate Tracker AI Tech,accuracy is above 97.8%,TruSleep 3.5 normal one
Sport mode 10 modes(Rowing machine ect.) 6 modes
Battery 100mah 135mah
Product Details


Featuring a full touch screen display made entirely of 2.5 D glass, the Honor Band 5 watch face is sturdy and resistant to scratches.

Easy To Change The Dial, Showing A Personal Life
The new dial market function, continue to expand more dials and support third-party production uploads, can be switched according to daily, sports, leisure and other scenes, the dial UI effect is clear and natural, showing unique charm Dial market function is supported by OTA upgrade, only supports Android system, does not support IOS system
Blood Oxygen Monitor

Get 24 hours accurate real-time heart rate monitoring with high heart rate alerts. We use infrared technology to detect your heart rate at night, so rest assured that it is safe to wear the band to sleep.


5ATM WaterproofUse HUAWEI TruSleep™ monitoring technology to analyze your sleep quality,Falling asleep monitoring is over 95% accurate.

The smart band can automatically recognize swim strokes, record swimming speed, distance, calories, and determine average SWOLF.
10 Modes of Sports

Will Huawei Honor Band 5 Work with iPhone?

Yes, it’s compatible with iOS 9 and above. You must download the Huawei Health on your iPhone to pair it with your Band 5.

1.) Install the Huawei Health app from the App Store

2.) Open the app

3.) Tap Devices and choose the + found in the top-right corner.

4.) Pick Smart Band > Honor Band 4/5

5.) Wait until the app finishes searching for your band automatically.

6.) Pick the band name from the list of devices

7.) Wait until the pairing finishes.

Huawei Honor Band 5 supports multi-languages. To choose the right language, you need to pick your country. However, if you wish for the device to display it in English, you may choose the US.

Can Huawei Honor Band 5 Measure Blood Pressure?

It doesn’t measure blood pressure, though. But it does measure your heart rate. Heart rate monitoring is vital to monitor your workout’s intensity.

It lets you compare your movement between sessions. It tells you about your training and its duration.

This wearable device is like your coach. It tells you if you need to amplify your workout or may have to slow it down. In other words, it enables you to find your speed spot.

With heart rate monitoring, you can avoid overtraining. When you know your optimum heart rate, you can easily control the maximum intensity that is perfect for your body.

Overtraining isn’t a good idea as it only lowers your motivation. It also leads to injuries. By monitoring your heart rate, you’ll be a lot safer while working out.

Can Huawei Band 5 Measure Body Temperature?

It doesn’t measure body temperature. It lacks the hardware that allows your wearable to do that. Huawei may have concerns about this type of functionality. That’s why it’s not offering this feature.

Keep in mind that body temperature and skin temperature are quite different. The former refers to your body’s physical state that operates at an optimal level. The latter, on the other hand, is the temperature of your skin that can vary depending on various factors. In that case, it goes up if you’re out in the sun and it goes down when you’re just sitting in a cool room.

The body temperature reading on the wrist could be different. The reader can likely be inaccurate. For instance, a temperature sensor on the wearable may not have enough insulation from the outside. With environmental factors, it could easily throw off the reading.

Indeed, Huawei could provide this functionally. However, it may still have the potential to give you an inaccurate result. That’s probably why Huawei doesn’t offer this feature on Band 5.

Then again, it could be a different story in the future. Huawei might find a way to give you accurate body temperature reading through a smartwatch. As of now, though, it’s not possible to do it through Huawei Honor Band 5.

Who Needs a Huawei Honor Band 5?

Anyone who wishes to track their fitness activities can wear this smartwatch. Unlike Apple Watch, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, it has nearly all the features that Apple Watch has without the huge price tag.

Even if you’re not fond of tracking your physical activities, you’ll still love this watch. It’ll motivate you to move more.

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