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Posture Aid Brace

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Posture Aid Brace

What it is: This posture aid brace for women will help you stop from slouching, so you can finally achieve proper posture by maintaining proper back form. It actually supports your upper-back, lumbar or lower back. 

What it fixes: This is the best posture corrector that fixes stooped posture so you will have good posture. Besides fixing your slouching problem, it’s also beneficial in helping you recover from an injury in your low-back or spinal. It also lifts your bra to keep the bust secure and comfortable.

What Else You Need to Know:

posture aid brace for women
posture aid brace for women
posture aid brace for women

This posture aid brace is made of lightweight neoprene, which makes this posture corrector water-resistant and maintains flexibility even if you expose it to a wide range of temperatures.

Thanks to its materials, this slouching solution can resist degradation from sunlight, ozone, dust, snow, and sand.

It’s also latex-free so it’s perfectly ideal for you if you are allergic to latex. Your back muscles and lumbar spine will thank you for it. 

It’s easy to wear. It means that you don’t have to ask someone to help you out. You can put it on and take it off all by yourself. But make sure to wear it for at least 25 minutes so your slouching will finally be over. With this back-support brace, it lets you sit and stand upright. 

What’s in the Box: 1 pc posture aid brace for women

Other Features of Posture Aid Brace to Fix Slouching and Achieve Proper Posture

Alleviates Back Pain

Activates the Muscles

Poor posture can cause back pain. By wearing this posture aid brace, your back pain will be reduced as it realigns your spine. Poor spine alignment is one of the reasons for back pain. In other words, it won’t only improve your posture or achieve correct posture but it also relieves any discomfort in your back.  This back pain relief is ideal to relieve your rounded shoulders. 

Another reason you must wear this posture aid brace is to activate your muscles. This is a soft brace to remind your posture muscles where their optimal place is. Soon, you will have proper posture all the time, without the brace. No more hunched back. 

With Straps

This stooped posture corrector has straps that you can easily adjust to retract your shoulders. The straps also let you achieve a customized fit over your shoulders. 


Since this posture brace is soft, there’s no pinching or chafing under your arms even if you wear it for long periods. It’s an ideal brace to straighten your back while alleviating your low back pain. For a better posture, this slouching fix is the sure answer. 

Under or Over Clothing

You can either wear it under or over your clothing. It’s your choice.

Whether you’re wearing it under or over your clothing, you must wear it for at least 20 to 25 minutes a day to see results quickly. The longer you wear it, the quicker you will have proper posture and no more slouching. This posture support is an effective way to fix a slouched posture. 

posture aid brace size chart


Can You Wear It to Fix Scoliosis?

It may prevent scoliosis. If you have been diagnosed to have scoliosis, talk to your doctor about the benefits of this posture aid brace on your condition.

How to Wear It?

If you don’t want other people to see that you’re wearing a posture aid brace, then you can wear it under your clothes. Many of our customers would choose to wear it under their clothes to hide it.

Then again, you can wear it over your clothes, if you prefer.

How Difficult It is to Put On?

It’s easy to wear. You can manage to put it on or take it off without any help. It’s like putting on a backpack. With the straps, you can adjust them according to your needs.

It also won’t restrict your movement.

Will It Fit Any Chest Size?

We provided a size chart that you can refer to. Essentially, it fits chest size from 71cm to 101cm. This is possible through the corrector’s adjustable strap system.

Should I Wear It Throughout the Day?

The longer you wear it, the better. The minimum is 20 minutes. However, if you can wear it throughout the day, then it would be great for your back. You will see a huge difference in your posture after a few days. You will have proper posture all the time without wearing this slouching solution. 

Can You Wash It?

Definitely. But you don’t have to wash it after every use. Once a month will do.

Will It Pinch My Shoulders?

It’s a common question. It will pinch your shoulders if you wear it incorrectly. Pinching happens if you wear it too tight. But this can be easily alleviated by loosening the straps.

Is It Also ideal for Men?

This posture aid brace is for men and women. It’s available in two colors: black and red.


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