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Protective Knee Pads for Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Dancers

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Protective Knee Pads for Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Dancers to Prevent Bruising and Burns

These protective knee pads include shock absorption protection features. It can resist impact force effectively and it is made of breathable materials.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Come with ultra-cushion foam
  • Help you kneel comfortably on any surface, like brick, cement, etc.
  • Have ergonomic design
  • With pressure straps so that the knee pads will stay in place and protect your knees while you bend. They fit almost every size. The flexible straps will hold them in place without cutting or pinching.
  • With breathable, comfortable and high-quality nylon
  • Include stretch knit to increase elasticity

Provide Your Knees with the Support They Need

AOLIKES ultra-comfortable knee pads have the most cushiony feel. They are the softest knee pads for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, etc. Dancers can wear them, too.

Keep in mind that the knee is a sensitive area. If it faces frequent collision, it makes your knees feel painful. With AOLIKES protective knee pads, your knees are protected. They can also reduce the damage when there is a collision in the knee area.

Wear them while playing any sports. They can give you confidence knowing that your knees are completely protected. They are super-strong and they come with reinforced construction. They are also water-resistant. Because of their superior quality, these knee pads are guaranteed to last for years.

These breathable protective knee pads are available in different colors: green, black, orange, pink and blue.

You can also choose from small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Please note, though, that this product is not sold in pairs. Rather, you must buy it per piece.

Size chart:

Small: top width 15.5 cm, down width 13.5 cm, length 26 cm

It is recommended for leg circumference 30 to 35 cm. Suitable for weight 45 to 60 kg.

Medium: top width 16cm, down width, 14cm, length 26cm

It is ideal for leg circumference 35 to 42 cm. Suitable for weight 60 to 75 kg.

Large: top width 17.5cm, down width 15.5 cm and length 27cm

Made for leg circumference 42 to 52 cm and weight from 75 to 90 kg.

XL: Top width 18.5cm, down width 16.5cm length 27cm

Recommended for leg circumference 52 to 57cm and weighing 90 to 105 kg.

XXL: top width 19.5 cm, down width 17.5cm and length 28cm

It is ideal for leg circumference 57 to 63 cm and a weight of 105 to 120 kg.

XXXL: top width 20.5cm, down width 18.5cm and length 28cm

Designed for leg circumference 63 to 68 cm and suitable for weight 120 to 135 kg.

The leg circumference measurement method must be 10cm at the top of the knee bone.


AOLIKES 1PCS 2019 Knee Support Professional Protective Sports Knee Pad Breathable Bandage Knee Brace Basketball Tennis Cycling



  • Brand: AOLIKES
  • Material: Nylon,Spandex,Latex
  • Color: Green/Black/Orange/Pink/Blue
  • Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL

S–  Top width 15.5cm, down width 13.5cm, length 26cm

Recommended leg  circumference 30-35 cm,Suit for weight 45-60KG

M– Top width 16cm, down width 14cm, length 26cm 

Recommended leg  circumference 35-42 cm,Suit for weight 60-75KG

L– Top width 17.5cm, down width 15.5cm, length 27cm 

Recommended leg  circumference 42-52 cm,Suit for weight 75-90KG

XL– Top width 18.5cm, down width 16.5cm, length 27cm 

Recommended leg  circumference 52-57 cm,Suit for weight 90-105KG

XXL– Top width 19.5cm, down width 17.5cm, length 28cm 

Recommended leg  circumference 57-63 cm,Suit for weight 105-120KG

XXXL– Top width 20.5cm, down width 18.5cm, length 28cm 

Recommended leg  circumference 63-68 cm,Suit for weight 120-135KG

Leg circumference measurement method: 10 cm at the top of the knee bone


Package included:

  • 1PCS Knee Pad (1pcs,not 1pair)  

Will It Not Roll-Up or Down While Moving?

No. Our customers have not encountered this kind of problem. Thanks to how the pad has been constructed. It has straps that keep the pad in place, even while performing strenuous exercise. It features an anti-slip strap so the pad will not easily fall off.

Does the Pad Have Holes in the Back?

It does not have any holes in the back. But it is ultra-comfortable because of its breathable materials. It comes with an ergonomic design that fits your knee perfectly. It is comfortable while you wear them.

Where Can I Use It?

You can use it while playing any indoor and outdoor sports, like basketball, volleyball, cycling, wrestling, mountaineering, dancing, etc.

How Light is the Pad?

It is ultra-light. Although it provides great protection on your knee, you will not feel that you are wearing a protective knee pad at all. It does not interfere with your movement. That’s why it is highly recommended by our customers who are also athletes.

Is It Worth the Price?

It is an inexpensive knee pad compared to other knee pads. This protective knee pad is ideal if you constantly hit the floor when playing. It is especially true for volleyball and basketball. We suggest getting two pieces to have extra on hand. As mentioned earlier, the price for this pad is for one piece. It is not a pair.

The pad looks durable and comfortable. It also looks great while offering good protection. Hence, it is worth the price.

Can It Fully Support Knee

Yes, it can. It has adjustable straps so it stays in place while you are playing. It offers full support to your knees, thereby, reducing the chances of your knee collapsing while exercising or playing sports.

It also covers the back of your knee to further give support to the knee muscles and ligaments. It connects thigh muscles to your calf muscles, thereby, preventing the knee from hyperextending. It typically happens during any strenuous activity.

These protective knee pads are guaranteed to reduce any injuries. While you dive for a volleyball, you may experience a knee injury.

But the knee pad will keep you from injuring your patella, muscles, and ligaments. Even if you do not play volleyball or basketball, wearing protective knee pads while playing will decrease knee injuries.

Furthermore, this high-quality protective knee pad will help you perform at full capacity. When you play volleyball, for instance, diving to your knees is quite standard. However, the floor can damage your knees, especially if you hit them with your entire body weight at full speed and you are not wearing any knee pads. With protective knee pads, you will play with confidence and you do not have to worry about knee damage.



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