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Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo Sticker

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Eyebrow stickers are like realistic temporary eyebrow tattoos. They mimic real eyebrow hair. Instead of going to a salon and spending hundreds of dollars, buy these eyebrow stickers for less than $10.

What are Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers?

They are made with premium colorants and adhesives. There are no risky ingredients here so you can use them without fear of getting your eyebrows burned or suffering from inflammation.

Eyebrow stickers are not only waterproof but they work as the temporary tattoos that you can get at your favorite beauty salon.


You don’t need an hour to apply these stickers to your eyebrows. It’s also easy to use as you simply need to press the sticker down for a minute and peel the backing off to reveal the temporary tattoo.

The eyebrows stickers can last for 7 days. They are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about them washing off when you shower or get caught in the rain.

You also don’t need to draw your eyebrows each day with these stickers. You can use them daily. They look like authentic eyebrows that can positively draw the attention of others.


Unlike cosmetic tattooing, eyebrow stickers are safe to use. They are waterproof and won’t harm your skin. Because they work like tattoos, they can stick on your skin firmly to give you a nice-looking appearance.


These stickers are waterproof and smudge-proof. Thus, they are guaranteed to last up to 7 days, with proper maintenance.

Full, Natural Brows

These waterproof eyebrow tattoo stickers look like they are your real eyebrows. Thus, they can instantly transform your appearance without going to a beauty salon. You’ll look charming and more beautiful instantly.

Who Should Try These Eyebrow Stickers?

They can be used by anyone who wishes to enhance the appearance of his/her eyebrows. Men and women can try them. That’s why the package includes eyebrow stickers for men.

But they are especially useful if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

As a side effect, you will lose some or all of your eyebrows. You can be a brow artist. However, if you have little hair on your face, the makeup won’t stick long. If it does, it can be easily wiped away each time you touch your face.

These eyebrow stickers are super effective. They are pretty much a replacement for your own brows. Plus, you can choose from various styles, if you wish to vary your style.

It will only take 10 seconds to apply the stickers to your eyebrow and may need a tiny bit of makeup to hide the shiny part of the temporary tattoo.

But they are not just for those undergoing chemotherapy. If you have sparse brows, these temporary eyebrow tattoos or eyebrow stickers can be a godsend.

As mentioned, they are easy to apply. You just have to remove the sheet. Then, align the brows over your natural brow.

Make sure that you do it carefully. To apply these stickers properly, you can cut the brows as close to the hairline as possible. It’ll make it easier for you to position the stickers easier.

They won’t budge. If you mess up the first application, it can take some effort to remove it.

It also takes a lot of washing and scrubbing to get the tattoos off. That’s why they can last a long time because they can’t be easily removed.

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