Riding a Bike May Help in Pandemic Recovery in the UK (And Other Parts of the World)

But riding a bike is more than just a pandemic trend.

Riding a Bike May Help in Pandemic Recovery in the UK
Riding a Bike May Help in Pandemic Recovery in the UK

People are now driving their cars. But this habit causes congestion in London. Trips that were made previously by trains or buses are now being made by car because of the coronavirus pandemic. The UK transport group promotes riding a bike as an alternative way to travel.

Indeed, some trips aren’t possible on foot or a bike. However, many trips can be completed by riding a bike.

The transport body emphasized in the email that 49% of trips in London are local. They can be traveled less than two kilometers. And some trips that are under five kilometers can be cycled within 20 minutes.

Riding a Bike to Reduce Congestion 

If people choose to cycle or walk, then congestion issues can be resolved. Doing so will also free up those trains and buses for individuals who require them the most. The roads will be free-flowing for emergency services, buses, taxis, and essential businesses.

Riding a Bike is Great for the Health 

Reducing motor traffic isn’t only good for the road but it’s also great for health. According to the NHS, personal fitness can be of great help in the coronavirus recovery.

When people choose to ride a bike instead of driving their car, it would help in improving air quality. It also increases casualties on the road from collisions.

The solution to recovering from the coronavirus pandemic is to opt for active travel by walking and cycling. Experts don’t expect an overnight shift from driving a car to riding a bike or walking. However, they see a slow shift over some time.

In Britain, roads are now different. Traffic jams are still present. However, you can now see more runners and cyclists on the road. People have long hoped for it. With the global pandemic, it has become a reality.

Because the coronavirus can easily spread in packed buses and trains, people shun these favorite modes of transportation. Instead, they choose to drive their cars. But some of them are now taking cycling.

Soon, bicycles will reclaim the roads. But not just in Britain. Other parts of the world may also shift to riding a bike, rather than driving their cars or riding buses or trains.

However, the government of every country must first act on the infrastructure to make it happen. Significant funding is needed to create an urban environment that promotes active travel.

Over the last few months, the cycling retail industry is seeing an increase in sales of entry-level bikes. This boom will continue until 2021. The industry continues to experience an increase in sales of bikes throughout lockdown.

The government must support the new habits of people. This is only possible by transforming the roads and cities that encourage active travel.

Coronavirus isn’t over yet. However, many workers are now encouraged to report to their respective offices. To prevent themselves from riding on a packed bus or train, they are riding their bike. The government must support those people who have decided to ride a bike as their healthier and cheaper form of transportation.

To ensure that this new habit is a long-term solution, the government must take steps to make these new habits into the new normal.

Riding a Bike Can Be Difficult

Cycling in some parts of the world is difficult. Most bikers would encounter narrow streets. And if they need to park, they couldn’t find any because some cars are parked on those bike lanes.

If every street in the world is a good fit for cycling, people are more likely to ride their bikes, instead of driving their cars or riding a bus or a train.

Before you start riding your bike, though, make sure that you have the right equipment. Also, consider wearing a cycling cap under helmet. Check our All Fitness and Beauty shop for fitness outfit for your cycling needs.

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