6 Cycling Items to Remember When Riding a Bike This Fall

Riding a bike this fall is one of the most anticipated moments of various cyclists.

Riding a Bike this Fall? The Must-Have Cycling Items You Should Know 
Riding a Bike this Fall? The Must-Have Cycling Items You Should Know

Fall is the best season to explore the roads and other places while riding a bike. You can admire the foliage and see the most stunning colors. However, before you go out and ride your bike, make sure that you take the proper coronavirus precautions.

What Cycling Items You Must Have When Riding a Bike this Fall?

1. Cycling Gilet 

It’s a vital cycling garment, also known as a vest. It protects your core from the wind chill.

A cycling gilet can keep your body warmer. One handy feature that you must look for when shopping for a cycling gilet is a breast pocket. This is where you insert your front door key.

You may think that it’s not a big deal. Keeping your torso warm can boost your comfort while riding a bike this fall. This garment prevents the chill from evaporating your sweat. The windproof sheet can trap any air against your body to keep you warm.

2. Helmet 

No matter what season is, you must always wear a helmet. You must get a helmet that fits your head properly. Keep in mind that wearing a poorly fitted helmet will only compromise your protection.

It must also match your riding style. For instance, if you’re riding on a dirt trail, opt for a road helmet. Or choose a mountain bike helmet if you’re on a regular road.

For a casual ride, a recreational bike helmet is enough. But if you want lightweight and aerodynamic, opt for road bike helmets.

You may also consider a helmet that gives you additional features, like built-in mounts. However, the more features a helmet has, the pricier it gets.

Do You Need a Cycling Cap? 

afb cycling cap
afb cycling cap

Yes. Riding a bike with a cycling cap under your helmet serves various purposes. For instance, it can collect sweat, thereby, preventing it from getting in your eyes. Even though you’re biking in cold weather, you’ll still sweat while cycling.

3. Bike Light 

If you don’t have bike lights on your bicycle, yet, then make sure to install one. There are various brands you can choose from.

But the most popular is from Garmin. Choose a bike light that offers visual and audible alerts of vehicles that are coming up from behind. It also makes you visible to cars for a mile or so.

Regardless of the bike light brand you pick, make sure to choose the one that has longer battery life. And opt for a brand that can be great for any type of fall rides.

4. Mitts 

You won’t be wearing them throughout your ride, though. However, cycling mitts are great in keeping you comfortable during turbulent temperatures.

Choose a pair that is touchscreen compatible. In that way, if you need to stop and use your phone, you don’t have to remove it first.

Furthermore, opt for a pair of mitts with reflective elements as they can give you low-light visibility.

5. Bike Computer 

You will need it if you’re going to an unfamiliar place or path. A bike computer will give you proper navigation. However, opt to get a unit with high-resolution maps. Plus, choose a model with Bluetooth connectivity.

You must also pick a model that can run for at least 20 hours. In that way, you still know your way home after a few hours of riding your bike.

6. Bar Bag

It’s especially useful if you’re carrying extra gear. You can store your extra gear and clothes, as well as snacks in this bag. In that way, you will have what you need on every ride.

Wrapping Up 

What other cycling items do you think we have missed? Please comment below. Or you may visit our online shop to buy cycling caps and other fitness items designed this fall.

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