Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion? Are You Sabotaging Your Digestion? 

Is it the reason you’re suffering from heartburn?

Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion?
Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion?

It’s not just you. But many people are suffering from poor posture. Will posture affect digestion and cause heartburn and constipation?

Yes, posture can affect digestion, and health experts are worried. 

Poor Posture — A Health Issue 

Poor posture is a health issue in the US and around the world. Thanks to our lifestyle.

It can be the result of sitting all day at your desk, staring down at your smartphone, or lounging on your couch.

It affects people of all ages. The problem with it is that it doesn’t only affect your confidence and physical appearance but it also leads to back problems and neck pain, as well as digestion issues.

Back and neck pain are top posture-related problems that most of us are dealing with. But headaches, breathing problems, and poor balance may also arise.

It may also affect your mood, fatigue, and jaw alignment.

Poor Posture and Heartburn 

If you’re slouching after eating a meal, then it can trigger heartburn. It’s a condition that causes stomach acid to go up into your esophagus.

Slouching forces stomach acid in the wrong direction because it puts pressure on your stomach. When you slouch, it also slows down the transit of food in the intestines. It does play a small role in causing heartburn.

Why this is Happening? 

The location of the stomach plays a huge role in the link. Because of its location, you place continuous pressure right where your abdomen sits when you sit hunched over your computer or you slouch on your couch. 

As you slouch for long periods, it pushes the content of your stomach and be squashed out. It is one of the reasons you feel a burning sensation in your chest right after eating a heavy meal as you slouch on your couch.

You may also complain of reduced appetite. It can be the result of your heartburn or acid reflux.

The continuous pressure of sitting in a poor posture can affect the lower intestines. It will be difficult for the food to move through the intestine causing bloating and constipation.

However, don’t assume that your heartburn or acid reflux is the cause of your poor posture.

Even though poor posture will or can affect digestion, you still need to undergo a comprehensive examination. It means that you must visit your physician for proper evaluation.

If you experience digestive problems even after you have completed your medication for heartburn, you might want to change your posture.

Try the 20/20/20 rule. That is, you must stand every 20 minutes, look 20 feet ahead and walk for 20 seconds. 

Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion? Are You Sabotaging Your Digestion? 
Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion? Are You Sabotaging Your Digestion?

Sitting for long periods can cause your tissue to start conforming to your slouched position.

You may use your phone’s alarm to remind you to stand up every 20 minutes. Or you may just leave a note on your desk.

On the other hand, if you’re prone to bloating after eating, you should also look at what you wear. Constricting your stomach with a tight belt can also be a nightmare to your digestion.

No matter how fashionable the belt is, whether it’s Gucci or not, loosen it up a bit.

How to Improve Posture to Improve Digestion? 

Since poor posture can negatively affect digestion, it makes sense to fix your posture. But is it too late for you to improve it? 

The good thing is that you’re still likely to achieve proper posture. That is, you can get rid of your hunched stance.

Experts said that improving posture requires changing your current activities. Then, make sure to incorporate strength training exercises to build muscles.

As mentioned earlier, poor posture develops because of your modern-day habit, like slouching while on a couch or working the entire day in front of your computer.

It also develops when you carry heavy objects for hours.

Those activities can cause your shoulders to bring forward. They can weaken your muscles in the back of your shoulders. As the muscles are too weak, gravity pulls them forward.

You will also lean forward when your abdomen and core muscles in the back grew weak because of inactivity. As a result, you lean forward. These muscles are vital in keeping you upright.

Because of these reasons, it’s important to strengthen and stretch your muscles in your core, chest, and upper back.

Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion? Are You Sabotaging Your Digestion? 
Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion? Are You Sabotaging Your Digestion?

Resistance training is beneficial in this goal. It strengthens your core muscles, as well as the muscles in your back and shoulder.

They are all essential so you can stand with proper posture. It also prevents lower back pain.

However, you need to know the proper way to do resistance training. That is, you can still develop back pain after the training if you don’t practice proper posture.

You can do pull exercises, like rows and chin-ups. They can help in preventing you to hunch over a computer for long periods.

Planking is also beneficial. It strengthens your core muscles. With this exercise, you need to hold your body weight in a certain position that focuses on stability. It enhances your spine’s natural alignment while it supports the back. This, too, can contribute to having a better posture.

Another training you can do is the deadlift. It targets each major muscle group, especially the upper back, and hamstrings. That’s why many experts considered it a key part of achieving the correct posture.

As you strengthen your spine, you’re training your body to stay in a proper position, thereby, improving your posture.

The single-leg extension is also good for you as it trains your core muscles. It also helps in stabilizing your pelvis.

While you’re sitting on a couch, don’t cross your legs. It overstretches one side of your leg muscles. As a result, it changes your spine’s alignment over time.

You should also avoid sitting on soft chairs for a long time.

When you sleep, use a single support pillow that is firm. It prevents neck pain. You should also lie on your side while your knees are bent. Use a supportive mattress.

How Wearing a Posture Corrector Can Help?

Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion?
Warning! Will Posture Affect Digestion?

Wearing a posture corrector is proven to help in improving posture. This posture corrector will train your body in adapting to proper posture.

This is possible by also adding strengthening exercises to your fitness routine.

But not all posture correctors can help you achieve a proper posture. The posture correctors at All Fitness and Beauty have been carefully selected. They encourage muscle activation.

The posture correctors will remind your body and muscles of where the optimal place to be.

When looking for a posture corrector, you need to choose a corrector that’s comfortable to wear. It must be easy to wear so you won’t struggle to put it on.

If you do struggle, it’s highly likely that you won’t wear it every day. It becomes an irrelevant device in your house.

Hence, you must pick the most comfortable posture corrector. The ones we offer here at AFB are softer so they keep your muscles activated. They can also prevent atrophy.

You should also buy a style that supports the lower back, neck, and upper body. Choose a product that truly fits your needs.

The good thing is that AFB offers a variety of posture correctors that can help you find the model that targets the area that you need the most support.

Over clothing, posture corrector is great because you can wear it over your clothes. That is it will be visible to others. What’s great about it is that you can easily remove it if you need to without having to remove your clothes first.

Choose a corrector with adjusting straps so you can find the right adjustment to properly retract your shoulders.

You may also find a posture corrector that supports the shoulder and clavicle. This is an ideal corrector if you wish to wear this device while you work out. You can also wear it while doing your daily activities.

If you need to treat your lower back, you can find a posture corrector that specifically supports lumbar. This type of corrector can give your core the stability it needs. Choose a product that is also self-adjusting so you can easily adjust the level of compression.

Another posture corrector you can grab is only ideal for women. That is the posture bra. It’s especially beneficial when you wish to participate in physical activity and you don’t want to wear the typical posture corrector.

The posture bra is comfortable and you can wear it for a longer period. It gives you continuous body training to improve your muscles so you can properly have a proper posture.

When you do wear these posture correctors, make sure that you don’t carry a heavy backpack. For maximum benefits, you should wear the posture corrector every day.

The longer you wear it, the better. That’s why you must only pick a posture corrector that’s comfortable to wear. In that way, you can wear it in the office, while cooking, reading, driving, walking, and other activities that you do every day.

Wrapping Up 

There you have it. We have answered your question about “will posture affect digestion.” If you correct your posture now, your digestive issues are likely to improve.

To shop for comfortable, soft, and affordable posture correctors, please visit our Posture Corrector page at https://allfitnessandbeauty.com/product-category/health/posture/.

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