What Electric Shaver is Best for Sensitive Skin?

What electric shaver is best for sensitive skin? Does it give you a close shave or a pain-free experience?

what electric shaver is best for sensitive skin

What Electric Shaver is Best for Sensitive Skin? 

Shaving can keep your face nice and smooth. When you were still young, you might enjoy watching your father or grandfather shave. But when you reached adulthood and you have plenty of hair to shave, it becomes a tedious chore.

Not many adult men look forward to shaving. The reason for this is its irritating effect on the skin. It’s especially true if you have sensitive skin.

Now, if you’re shopping for the best electric shaver for sensitive skin, here are the qualities of a shaver that can be ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Electric Shaver with Sharp Blades

Of course, you need a shaver with high-quality, sharp blades. This is one important thing that you need to consider.

Dull blades will only pull the hair. They cause the closeness of the shave to suffer. It can lead to more pressure. This will also increase the risk of razor burn.

Opt for a shaver with an aggressive 30-degree bevel. This will help in cutting the hair efficiently without yanking them.

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Razor burn occurs when the blades scraped off a thin layer of skin cells. Thus, you need to pick an electric shaver that’s gentle. Some electric shavers are aggressive. As a result, they can leave a painful rash.

Opt for a shaver with a motor that can run around 10,000 to 14,000 cycles per minute. It can shave faster and smoother. Plus, it can save with fewer passes. It also needs little pressure, thereby, leading to a comfortable shave.

Thus, a good starting point is to opt for a punchy motor.

Don’t Get Hot 

You should choose an electric shaver that doesn’t get hot quickly during operation. If the shaving head gets hot because of the friction between the foils and blades, it can surely cause discomfort.

It’s also important to lubricate your electrical shaver to reduce the heat generated while using. This will also minimize the wear of the foils and blades.

You can find an electric shaver that remains cool during use, even during extended shaving sessions.

Can Shave Longer Hairs 

When you have sensitive skin, you may need to wait for a few days between shaving sessions. The reason for this is that you need your skin to recover before you subject your skin again.

In that case, you need a shaver that can deal with longer hairs. Some shavers can’t handle flay-lying hairs that grow in different directions.

Includes Wet and Dry Features 

Wet shaving is beneficial for your sensitive skin. Even though it takes longer to prepare, it can make a huge difference to the shaving experience.

However, if the electric shaver has a wet/dry operation, you don’t need lengthy prep work. You just need to apply quality shaving cream.

Shaving Tips Especially for Men with Sensitive Skin

Make Sure Skin is Dry 

That’s if you are having a dry shave session. Most men with sensitive skin chose to shave dry because of its convenience. It’s also more effective. But make sure that it’s as dry as possible.

Avoid Applying Too Much Pressure 

When shaving with an electric shaver, make sure that you do it with caution and patience. It’s especially true if you’re tackling the neck area.

Don’t put excessive pressure. Simply let the razor do its job. All you have to do is guide it using slight pressure.

Shaving Against the Grain 

Doing so will help you get a smooth, comfortable shave. Electric shavers become effective at cutting and capturing hairs when they go against the grain.

If you have hair growing in different directions, you may need to adjust your stroke.

Let Your Skin Heal for a Few Days 

Don’t shave every day or every other day. If your skin feels tender from your previous session, it’s best that you wait for a few days before you shave again.

You may wish to shave less often. But you need to experiment with the frequency.

Use a Pre-Shave Lotion 

Applying a pre-shave lotion can give you a noticeable improvement in comfort and closeness. Although it may not always give you the best result, it’s worth giving it a try.

In addition to a pre-shave, make sure to use a hydrating balm after shaving. But don’t use a product with alcohol.


What electric shaver is best for your sensitive skin? First, its blades must be sharp. It must be gentle and won’t get hot.

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