Which are the Best Punching Bags? 

Which are the Best Punching Bags

If you are shopping for punching bags, then this guide is for you to find out which are the best punching bags on the market. For your training, you will need a heavy bag. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced fighter.

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Which are the Best Punching Bags?

The best punching bags will depend on your experience level. You need to choose a heavy bag that offers exceptional versatility. In that way, you can use it for different types of sports. Because it’s versatile enough, it can help in unleashing your striking power.

These bags are suspended from a ceiling. They look like the ones you see on TV or in movies.

Punching bags are available in a variety of weight specifications. Unlike combat bags, they don’t have fixed weights.

The best bags are exceptionally durable. In that way, they can survive the heaviest punches and kicks.

Furthermore, the most ideal bags are the ones that can absorb the strike force. They should be stylish and easy to install. Most of all, they are affordable. You don’t want to spend a fortune just to have heavy bags at home.

Not all bags are made equal. They come in various designs, styles, types, and weight capacities. Punching bags also vary in price.

Here are some of the things to consider when finding a heavy bag for home use.

Types of Punching Bags 

You can find punching bags based on shape. There are also traditional heavy bags with a uniform cylindrical shape. They are the most versatile because they can be used for kickboxing, martial arts, and Muay Thai, among others.

There are freestanding heavy bags that you can just place on the floor. You can use them if you can’t find a place to hang them. They are great for martial arts practice because they can simulate a real opponent.

Or you can choose suspended heavy bags. They are the most common type and you can hang them from a ceiling. These bags swing naturally. Compared to a freestanding heavy bag, they are more reliable. However, they are prone to falling if you strike a powerful punch or kick.

Filled or Unfilled 

It’s another thing to consider when buying a heavy bag. You may opt for either unfilled or pre-filled. The most popular is the unfilled bag because the shipping cost is cheaper. It’s also compact.

Pre-filled, on the other hand, has core materials stuffed in the bag. In that case, you don’t have to fill the bag. Unfortunately, because it’s pre-filled, it can affect the delivery cost. Thus, expect it to be more expensive than an unfilled bag.

At All Fitness and Beauty, we only sell unfilled bags. But they are durable enough so you can fill any material you wish to add.


The size of the bag also varies. Your choice depends on how you use it. If you’re using it for boxing, you need a heavy bag that is half your weight.

Which are the Best Punching Bags -- size of the bag

Thus, if you’re 160-pound, you’ll need an 80-pound heavy bag.

But as your fist and legs become stronger, you may need to go for a heavier bag.

Filling Material

This is another consideration you need to take into account when purchasing a punching bag. The material to fill the heavy bag must be durable and can absorb the striking force.

If the bag is not pre-filled, you must avoid filling it with hard materials.

For high-intensity training, sand is the best material to be used. You may also choose grains, old clothes, or cotton. For other filling materials, please refer to this guide.

Is Buying a Punching Bag Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it if you are going to use it regularly. Boxing and kickboxing are great cardio workouts. They require stamina, balance, and muscle strength.

The benefits of a punching bag are endless. Your muscular endurance will benefit greatly from this bag. It’s a demanding workout and no body part is spared.

When it comes to finding the best exercise, you must enjoy it. Boxing is one of the workouts that touch on physical and mental aspects.

Boxing is more than just giving a powerful punch. All boxers require great coordination and stability to throw punches. They also don’t just throw punches with power but they also need the correct technique to punch properly.

With a punching bag, you can focus on getting the right technique and enhance your footwork. You can also focus on how to control the bag.

What is the Best Punching Bag for Beginners? 

There’s no best brand when it comes to a punching bag. you need to find a bag that can help achieve your fitness.

But for beginners, make sure to choose a bag that’s easy to assemble. In that way, you won’t need to buy special equipment or tools just to set it up.

You should also choose a punching bag that’s responsive for cardio. And it must be lightweight considering that you’re just starting out.

If you’re looking for a speed bag, choose a bag with durable leather. Opt for a larger model. But you can work your way around as you develop your hand-eye coordination.

On the other hand, if you want a free-standing bag, you must opt for a stable base that you can fill with sand or water. Then, choose a bag that has a large surface for punching or kicking.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to finding the best punching bags. You can experiment with different sizes of bags to find the one that best fits your fitness needs.

The good thing is that punching bags won’t cost a fortune. It’s especially true if you order an unfilled heavy bag.


Which are the best punching bags? The best punching bags are the ones that meet your fitness levels. Make sure to read this post to find more benefits of using a punching bag.

Or if you’re ready to shop for punching bags, please head over to our online shop here. Email us to get your discount code.

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