Will Workout Bands Snap? 

If they will, what’s the reason?

Will Workout Bands Snap? 
Will Workout Bands Snap?

Workout bands are made of elastic material. They can last longer, depending on how you use them and keep them. Will workout bands snap?

At some point, workout bands can break down. They are not as durable as weights.

Workout bands or resistance bands are useful and they’re an inexpensive alternative to weights. With these bands, there’s no need for you to go to a fancy gym or wear fancy exercise clothing. They are also ideal for seniors.

As mentioned, these bands are made of stretchy materials. They’re also resistant. But the combination of these two would mean that they are going to break down at some point.

But it doesn’t mean that they will snap after just a few use. It means that they can snap after a few years of using them. But their lifespan will depend on the materials used.

How Long Will Resistance Bands Last? 

Will Workout Bands Snap? 
Will Workout Bands Snap?

The average lifespan is two years. Then again, it depends on the intensity of use and frequency. It’s common to all bands.

However, resistance bands are like dumbbells. As you use them frequently, your strength grows. It means that you need to upgrade your resistance level.

Even if your workout band doesn’t wear out, you’ll still replace it as your strength grows. What matters most here is it will last for two years. As long as it doesn’t snap after 6 months of usage, then it’s still a good investment.

Reasons Workout Bands Snap 

Will Workout Bands Snap? 
Will Workout Bands Snap?

There are many reasons for workout bands to snap quickly. One of them is sawing. It happens when you tread them through a door anchor. If you pull them side to side like a pulley system, it creates friction and heat. It could melt the band.

Wrapping them around hard objects will also cause the bands to snap faster. You can find on YouTube a lot of videos that instruct you to anchor the bands around a tree outside. But doing so will only damage the bands easily. Keep in mind that these bands are made from soft material.

When there’s a great force between the hard object and soft object, it can damage the soft object. Instead of wrapping them around hard objects, use a special band anchor instead.

You should also avoid over-stretching the bands to get more tension. As you stretch them, they create more resistance. But bands have elasticity limits. However, as you stretch them beyond their elasticity limit, the pressure becomes too great causing tears that weaken the latex. As a result, the bands will snap.

Store Your Bands Properly 

Resistance bands are made from natural latex, which comes from a living plant. If you leave your bands in direct sunlight, they become brittle and crumbly. Stretching a dry band will make it snap.

There are many indications that you need to be aware that the workout bands are worn out. For instance, if you notice that the band’s head thins, then it’s a sign that you need to throw it away. If it snaps, you must invest in another.

Workout bands become brittle as they are stretched over and over. But if the bands suddenly snap after just a few uses, then it means that you’re not investing in high-quality bands.

The workout bands that you can find in our shop are made of durable materials. They won’t last forever, though, but they can last for two years, as long as you take care of them.

Resistance Band Color Changes 

The color of the band will change over time. But the change in color will only happen after a year or so. Although the color change will not affect the band’s function, it’s still an indication that you need to prepare to invest in a new band soon.

As you use the band for two years, it’s time for you to upgrade to a new band.

How to Take Care of Your Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands can last longer depending on usage and care. The best way to clean them is to just use a damp cloth. Clean both sides on a regular basis. You should also wear clothes that won’t leave lint on your bands. In this way, you won’t be cleaning the bands regularly.

Avoid Overstretching the Bands 

Resistance bands are elastic but they have limitations, as mentioned earlier. For that reason, don’t overstretch them. It happens when you want to keep the resistance as high as possible. Pulling the band much farther than how it’s designed to be will only cause the band to lose its elasticity.

Overstretching can cause small tears in the band. As you continue using it, it will eventually snap. If your band has become loose, make sure to replace it. If you need more resistance, consider purchasing a new band that meets your resistance needs. By using the appropriate bands, your bands will experience fewer tears.

Use Different Bands 

The good thing is that workout bands are inexpensive. You can purchase a set of five without having to hurt your budget. By using different bands, you are lengthening the life of each band.

The resistance bands that we sell here at AFB come in a set. It means that you have various bands to choose from. If one band can last 6 months and you purchased one set of two bands, then you will have bands that last a year.

You’re putting less strain on every band. As a result, it increases the band’s durability. It also helps you save money and time.

Avoid Getting Wet 

As mentioned earlier, bands must be cleaned using a damp cloth. Don’t expose them to water as it can only degrade its material.

Bands are made of rubber so it can resist water. That said, it’s okay to expose it to little water from time to time.

What Factors to Consider when Purchasing Workout Bands

Thicker Might be Better 

Will Workout Bands Snap? 
Will Workout Bands Snap?

When purchasing a band, make sure that it’s thicker so it lasts longer. Don’t worry though as the workout bands that we sell here are high-quality so you can expect them to be thicker. They can give you a fuller feel when squeezing them.

Purchase a Set of Bands 

Workout bands are color-coded. The colors are based on the tension level, like medium, heavy, and extremely heavy. You should consider having at least three color-bands. Keep in mind that each muscle group requires a different level of resistance. All Fitness and Beauty offers a set of resistance bands for different resistance levels. 

You should also consider some accessories, like handles and ankle cuffs. The use of bands allows you to attach them in different ways. If you have a stair rail in your house, you can use it to wrap the band around for your seated rows. It may not need some extras. However, if you want a door attachment consider buying some accessories.

What’s the Best Workout Band for Beginners? 

Will Workout Bands Snap? 
Will Workout Bands Snap?

As you’re starting out, consider using a loop band. It’s easy to use and you can take it with you in the gym. You can use it for various exercises, regardless of your personal style.

On the other hand, if your goal is to gain muscles, consider getting foam handles. They’re ideal for your upper body. By the way, gaining muscles doesn’t necessarily mean that you will want to look masculine. It only means that you wish to get rid of your flabby arms. In other words, you want to be lean and sexy.

What’s great about bands with foam handles is that you can use them as a rowing machine. You can also easily complete deadlifts using them.

The flat workout bands, on the other hand, are great resistance bands overall. You can tie them anywhere to kick start your workout. You can transport them easily. Furthermore, you can add them to your workout, no matter what it is.

When it comes to choosing the right workout bands, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. If you wish to know how to get started with a workout band, there are plenty of YouTube videos that you can watch.

Our favorite is from GymRa. We love how Christine is straight to the point. That is, no extra talk. The video below is ideal for beginners. It’s easy to follow. Plus, you’ll sweat profusely especially the part where you have to step on the band and bring the handles up to the shoulders to squat.

Wrapping Up 

Workout bands or resistance bands are increasingly popular today. They are easy to use and integrate them into your various workouts. Although working out with these bands may seem easy, they will allow you to burn a lot of calories.

If you exercise with a band for at least 30 minutes, you can burn more than 100 calories. But it still depends on the intensity of the workout. You should also try to work out before breakfast. Why? Here’s the reason.

But will workout bands snap? It depends. As mentioned, workout bands can break down over time even if you purchase the most expensive type. That said, if you wish the band to last for more than two years, make sure to follow those tips above on how to take care of them.

If you’re on the lookout for the best workout bands, please head over to our shop to browse our collection.

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