Will Yoga Improve My Posture?

Sure, it will. But what yoga poses should you try?

Will Yoga Improve My Posture?
Will Yoga Improve My Posture?

Your bad posture might be the result of your height. Girls grow rapidly at puberty. As a result, you end up several inches taller than boys. Because of that, you tend to stoop in the shoulders or you grow up with the rounded upper back. But can you undo your bad posture with yoga?

Yoga certainly helps you improve your posture. But it will take a lot of time for you to achieve it. It’s especially true if your bad posture started when you were still a teenage girl.

Bad posture can cause serious back pain. It also leads to several other health issues, like a cardiovascular problem, digestion issues, and many others.

Slouching also causes negative effects on your personality. People will see you to lack self-confidence. You also look heavier.

Practicing yoga is a great way to improve your posture. It’s especially true if you’re sitting at your desk all day as you do online shopping.

But what yoga poses you must try to improve your posture?

Heart Openers

They are yoga pose categories that can invert the shoulders and hunch back because of sitting too much. These poses are also ideal in healing old wounds while they can help you open up emotionally.

The great thing about yoga is that you can practice it anywhere. There are no special pieces of equipment that you must use. But you might want to invest in a high-quality yoga mat to help you with those poses.

Heart Bench

It’s one of the yoga poses that can help improve your posture. But that’s not the only benefit you can get from it. This yoga pose relieves any chest tightness. It also counteracts humpback.

In this position, it presses your vertebrae of the upper spine to the center of your body. As you lie on this pose, it forces your chest to expand. Your breathing also deepens while your spine extends.

Besides improving your posture, the heart bench also supports stress reduction and relaxation.

This pose needs yoga blocks. Set them up to form a T.

Lay back on those blocks to open your chest. Make sure to adjust the blocks or play around to find that comfortable position.

While in this position, make sure that you relax your body as you pull your shoulders away. Stay in this position for up to five minutes.

Cobra Pose

It’s one of the easiest poses that doesn’t need any special equipment. This pose strengthens your back and improves your posture.

  • Lie on your stomach.
  • Your hands must be under your shoulders.
  • Press down and lift your upper body.
  • Hold in this position for five breaths.

Mountain Pose

In this pose, you’re not just standing. Rather, you need to stay in the proper posture while standing up. Make sure that your feet are hip-width apart. Ground your feet on the mat. Your hips must be in a neutral position.

Then, slowly move your shoulder blades down and look up to the sky.

With this pose, you’re also improving your balance and focus.

Cat-Cow Stretch

It’s a kind of stretch that can assist you in discovering your natural spine curves. Here, it stretches your neck and back torso.

It strengthens and stimulates your abdominal organs. It also opens the chest while encourages proper breathing. That is slow and deep. The movement also stimulates the proper functioning of your adrenal glands and kidneys.

This yoga pose is ideal for beginners. In that case, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. You can modify it to make this pose more comfortable. For instance, if your wrist is hurting, you may place your forearms on the floor instead.

You may also use firm blankets so you can lift your torso more upright. If you’re pregnant, then this cat-cow variation is useful.

If your knee caps hurt, use a firm blanket or a mat and place it under your knees.

Most yogis practice cat-cow to help them warm their bodies. This yoga pose is also great in preparing your body for many activities. It releases the back of your neck. But avoid forcing your chin to the chest.

Make sure that your shoulder blades are broad. You should draw them away from your ears to protect your deck during this pose.

This pose isn’t only great at improving your posture but it can also improve your digestion and any problems related to your sinuses.

Don’t Slouch

Yoga will help you become mindful of your posture. It means that you know whether or not you’re slouching. When you slouch, you’re adding stress on your spine putting a strain on your muscles, bones, and joints.

Bad posture smashes your organs and makes it difficult for your lungs and intestines to function properly. As a result, it becomes difficult to digest food. You’ll also find it harder to breathe.

Always Stand Up Tall

Another way to prevent or improve posture is to always stand up tall. When you do that, you will feel better and look better. You will also look slimmer. To help you straighten up, you just have to pretend that you are standing against a wall.

When working at your desk, you must avoid slouching. Instead, sit back in your chair. Place a small towel behind your middle back. It’ll help in protecting your spine’s natural curve. Your knees must be at a right angle while keeping them at the same height or higher than your hips. Your feet must be flat on the floor.

Use a Posture Corrector

If it’s still difficult for you to improve your posture through yoga, then you can use a posture corrector. But you need to wear it for a few hours every day to make a significant change to your posture.

The posture corrector encourages muscle activation. It’s a soft brace that reminds your posture muscles to maintain an optimal posture.

When looking for a posture corrector, make sure that you purchase a device that provides proper support to your spine. It must also be easy to adjust. In that way, there’s no need for you to ask someone to help you out in putting or taking it off so you can adjust the tension.

You may also consider having a posture corrector that you can wear under or over your clothes.

Why Improving Your Posture is Vital?

Many causes of back pain are related to bad posture. That’s why if you are experiencing low back pain, you might want to start improving your posture.

When you do yoga that involves strengthening your lower back, you’re engaging your abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles. As they’re engaged, your body will depend on them rather than relying a lot on your lower back.

However, when it comes to your lower back pain, you can expect that the pain will go away after just one yoga session. Keep in mind that you need to work on it your whole life.

But as you continue to do yoga, your core and upper back muscles are strengthened. You’ll notice gradual pain reduction in the lower back.

Apart from improving lower back pain, improving your posture through yoga will also result in fewer headaches. Poor posture contributes to tension headaches because of the tension in the back of your neck.

By simply improving your posture, you’re reducing the tension while improving your headache. That’s a yoga pose that involves stretching your neck muscles is a great way to reduce tension headache while improving your posture.

Improving your posture will also improve your energy levels. Keep in mind that when your joints and bones are in proper alignment, your muscles will be utilized properly. In that way, you feel more energized and less fatigue. Your muscles will not have to work harder.

Our posture also affects your exercise. Having proper posture will help prevent injury, especially as you do squatting.

Self-Confidence and Posture

Apart from boosting your energy levels, good posture can also improve your self-esteem. Good posture simply gives you better confidence in your thoughts.

Before a presentation, always keep your shoulders relaxed. Your spine must be properly aligned while your ears rest over your shoulders.

After every yoga session, you should hydrate yourself. Drink more water and avoid sports drinks. Hydration increases blood volume to be distributed to your body easily. It also transfers nutrition to facilitate healing cells while flushing out metabolic waste.

You should also get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will affect your body’s ability to repair itself.

You don’t need to drink energy drinks after a yoga session unless you’re a pro athlete. Yoga doesn’t deplete your system. Drinking sports drinks will only add calories. Water is more than enough to keep yourself hydrated after a yoga session.

Wrapping Up

Improving your posture through yoga is possible. There are specific poses you can try and we have discussed them above. But don’t expect immediate results though as posture is something that you must work throughout your life.


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