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Women’s World Cup 2019 Players Use Resistance Training Bands During Training

Women’s World Cup 2019 Players Use Resistance Training Bands During Training

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 started a few days ago. The defending champions, the US women’s national team, won its first game against Thailand with a score of 13-0.

The margin of victory was largest in the history of World Cup match. The previous one was held by Germany when it defeated Argentina in 2007. Alex Morgan was the first one to put the team ahead with the first goal of the game.

The players of Women’s World Cup 2019 must take part in rigorous training before they qualify for this tournament. If you have seen Alex Morgan and her other team members train, you would notice that they sometimes use resistance training bands during their training session.

Resistance training is vital, especially for athletes. It lowers the incidence or severity of the injury.  In every sports competition, injuries are expected.

But these can be prevented with a proper resistance training program. It makes muscle-tendon units to be more resilient to stresses.

After weeks of resistance training, women can have similar gains in muscle size and strength like men. The increased strength is as vital in injury prevention for women as it is for men.

Most of these athletes train hard and incorporate resistance training program in their regimen. Some of them use dumbbells, while others focus on resistance training bands. They are an awesome tool to bring your routine to the next level.

There are several benefits of resistance training bands. The good thing with these bands is that they are not expensive. In fact, you can obtain Colorful Elastic Resistance Bands 4 Pcs Set for only $9.95.

These bands are a cost-effective workout tool that can help you adapt to multi-fitness levels. Resistance training bands are available in light, medium and heavy.

You can adjust the resistance training by having more or less slack on the band. It is also possible to combine several resistance bands to boost the challenge.

How Resistance Training Bands Work?

These bands are similar to elastic rubber. You can use them as a replacement for free weights and other classic weight training equipment.

Their main purpose is to strain your muscles. Just like the normal weights, they can provide muscles with resistance. They train your muscles well making them a great alternative to normal weights.

1) Obtain a Full Body Workout

The use of resistance training bands every day will help you get a full body workout. With just one piece of equipment, it exercises your body from top to bottom. It trains your muscles in the body without having to switch equipment

This equipment lets you perform squats, overhead presses, leg lifts, lunges, and several others. You do not need to spend more just to obtain a set of resistance training bands that can train your entire body, from top to bottom.

resistance training bands
Women’s World Cup 2019 Players Use Resistance Training Bands During Training

2) Improve Overall Flexibility

The Women’s World Cup 2019 players are highly flexible. That’s because they perform full range resistance training regularly.

The training focuses on movement paths completing the correct raising and lower phase functions of the targeted area. Doing so enhances the effect on flexibility and mobility of the structure.

Muscles always work in pairs. One set is contracted while the opposite set is stretched. Resistance training will not make athletes be stiff and clumsy.

Instead, they have more power, quickness, and speed because of the progressive resistance training they perform.

3) Boost Resting Metabolism

Muscles are active. Every pound of muscles burns up to 40 calories per day for tissue maintenance. Three pounds of new muscle can increase your resting metabolic rate.

Because of this, your body becomes a calorie-burning machine. It plays an integral role in maintaining body fat in check.

Women’s World Cup 2019 Players Use Resistance Training Bands During Training

4) Increase Bone Mineral Density

It is true that resistance training puts stress on the body. However, it is a good stress if it is administered properly. When it comes to bone material, resistance training increases protein and mineral content.

Improvements in bone density are shown in just months of resistance training. With increased bone density, you will have stronger bones.

You become more resilient to injury. It is especially vital for women soccer players who are at risk of osteoporosis as they grow older.

The resistance training program can strengthen your muscles and bones, making it a popular workout among soccer players.

5) Ameliorate Footwork and Balance

Resistance training bands can improve balance and footwork. They can develop hip stability and strength. They also enable soccer players in enhancing their rotational and balance skills.

Apart from improving footwork and balance, resistance training bands can also develop muscle endurance and strength. Keep in mind that this game requires constant focus, concentration, and movement.

As soccer players strengthen their muscles and boost their endurance, they can perform at a high level throughout the Women’s World Cup 2019 match.

They can easily advance mentally and physically. The bands can challenge the players in working harder to boost their strength and endurance level.

6) Convenient

Resistance training bands are convenient to use. Performing resistance training workout with resistance training bands does not require a lot of space.

The bands are small so you can easily store them. In fact, if you have a whole set of resistance bands, you can just stash them on a small shelf.

Since they are not like a home gym machine, resistance training bands do not need a lot of space to store.

You can also easily carry them when traveling because you can just place them in a suitcase. Most soccer players have their resistance training bands in their duffle bag so they can use them at any time.

7) Rest Between Sets

When your muscles fatigue during a workout, it takes time for them to clear metabolic byproducts. That’s why it is vital that you take up to 120 seconds of rest before doing another set.

Resistance training brands are popular among players in the Women’s World Cup 2019. They are convenient to use and affordable.

The best thing about them is that you can perform resistance training exercise with these bands while watching Women’s World Cup 2019 match.

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