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Ear Camera Cleaner

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Ear Camera Cleaner

If there’s too much earwax building up in your ear canals, it’s time for an ear cleaning. This ear camera cleaner can gently clean your ears and prevent cerumen impaction.

Ear Camera Cleaner Made with Smooth Silicone Material 

The silicone material lets you hold it with your hands easily. With it, you can conveniently insert the cleaner into your ear and twist it in the direction to grab an extra wax buildup.

Compared to the cotton swab, the silicon head is safer and more efficient in cleaning your ear. It is soft enough that you can use it in different sizes of ear holes. Because it’s soft, it won’t cause any pain in removing your ear wax. Plus, it won’t scratch your ears.

3 MP Camera

Ear Camera Cleaner

This ear camera cleaner has a 3 MP camera with bright LED lights and is dust-proof. No matter how dark your ear canal is, this tool can enter the ear canal to give you a clearer image of your inner ear.

With a high-precision camera, you can get a clearer picture of the ear and find out if there’s an ear infection inside.

It can also cover between 10 mm and 50 mm with a better view and clear image. As it goes deeply into the ear canal, you lower the risk of blind cleaning.

Use It for 30 Days 

Ear Camera Cleaner

It has a built-in 250mAh large-capacity battery. You can pick once a week for 10 minutes and use it for 30 days before recharging it. It includes a type C USB charge so it’s compatible with any USB chargers. Thus, there’s no need to worry about where to charge it.

Compatible with Android and iOS 

To make it a smarter ear cleaner, you can download the visual app to make the ear cleaner a lot safer. With the app,

  • You can take photos and videos
  • See the inside of your ear clearly
  • No more blind cleaning

Can Be Used for Other Parts of the body

Ear Camera Cleaner

Although this is designed for ear cleaning, you can use this to check your teeth, nose, throat, and scalp roots.

The package includes 2 ear-picking accessories.

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