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Head Massage Brush

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Head Massage Brush or Hair Scalp Massager to Relieve Stress 

What it is: Head Massage Brush Perfect to Use in the Shower

What it fixes: This scalp massaging shampoo brush offers a massaging sensation that can relieve stress. 

What Else You Need to Know: This silicone head massager comes with an ergonomic handle that lets you grip the brush comfortably. 

What’s in the Box: 1 pc Head Massage Brush 

How to Use Head Massage Brush?

Ah, the joy of going for a haircut and the relaxing scalp massage at the shampoo bowl.

It feels amazing. It releases all the tied up tension and stress in your scalp.

That’s the power of head massage.

Keep reading.


Head Massage Brush

Because you’re busy, it’s not always possible to go to a hair salon to get a scalp massage.

Or is it?

We know that nothing can replace the human touch.

But this head massage brush can help.

It encourages stimulation.

Stimulations Deliver Nutrients to the Hair Follicles

Here’s the truth.

When you stimulate the circulation in the scalp, it can adequately deliver nutrients to the hair follicles. The stimulation also helps in cleaning your scalp deeply.

Check this out: You store tension in your scalp.

But you can release it with the power of head massage.

Not only that, but it also improves scalp health while helping you relax.

So, you don’t need a head massage? But do you have thick hair?

It’s challenging to wash thick hair. After washing your hair, you will still have hair products in some parts of your hair, closer to the scalp.

And this hair massage brush to the rescue. It helps clean your scalp.

Yes, it’s not only useful in giving you a great scalp massage, but it’s also helpful in removing shampoo and conditioner from your hair and scalp.

As you massage your scalp with this brush, it removes all remnants of your hair products completely.

Having a Head Massage Every Time You Shower

Head Massage Brush

This is the beauty of this head massage brush.

That is, if you love to get your head scratched, this brush is for you.

It works well with a dry scalp. As you scrub your scalp with this brush every day, you’ll notice less dandruff.

Your scalp won’t itch as much as it used to.

It’s Anti-Dandruff Too

And if you use anti-dandruff shampoo, it effectively relieves any itchiness in your scalp.

The buildup causes dandruff. It loosens scalp buildup, including the layers of old skin cells that are food to Malassezia furfur, which causes dandruff.

It brushes away any hairstyling products that clogged follicles and irritate.

As it breaks up the buildup, it washes away debris when you shampoo.

The result?

Less food for Malassezia.

In other words, this brush can thoroughly clean your scalp, which helps relieve your dandruff and itchy scalp.

Stimulate Hair Growth

When you massage your scalp with this brush, it stimulates blood flow to that area, resulting in increased blood circulation and promoting skin and hair growth.

It also strengthens the hair shaft as your new hair grows.

As you continue to stimulate your scalp using this head massage brush, you’re promoting skin healing.

To get proper stimulation, though, you need to use this brush at least three times a week.

But don’t press this brush too much or use it too often.

Please don’t use it on broken skin.

But these are not the only benefits or uses of this head massage brush.

Keep reading to know more.

Head Massage Brush

Curly Hair?

This head massage brush can tackle any hair, even your curly hair. When you use it, it doesn’t tangle.

It makes your hair look fuller as soon as it dries.

Long Hair?

Yes, you can brush your long hair with this head massage brush. It cleans and massages your scalp correctly.

As mentioned, it doesn’t tangle your hair.

Now, for if you’re a pet lover.

Yes, you can massage your cats or dogs with this brush. It doesn’t only clean them, but it also rubs them.

Your pets will enjoy it.

However, we recommend that you use a separate head massage brush for your pet.

You’ll Feel Great!

That we can guarantee.

The bristles of this brush are sturdy. They can provide sufficient pressure to give your scalp a great exfoliation and massage.

They are not too stiff, causing hair shafts to break. No.

What’s more is that if you have an allergic reaction to your shampoo, you can use this brush to scrub away the dry skin. It can work correctly.

This will ensure that your scalp will get a thorough cleaning. And you’ll feel great!

Little Yet Sturdy

Head Massage Brush

That’s the beauty of this brush. It looks so little, but it can do a lot of things.

When you make it a part of your wash routine, your scalp will thank you for it.

It’s sturdy so that it will last long.

Plus, it’s so cheap you don’t have to pay $30 to get this type of brush. Mind you; most head massage brushes online can go from $30 to $100.

Will It Stop Your Hair from Falling Out?

Hair falls out is a massive problem among men and women in their 40s.

But yes, it can help hair from falling out because it stimulates the scalp that increases blood flow in that area. As a result, it encourages proper hair growth.

You’ll notice that your hair gets thicker.

Better Scalp

When you use it at least three times a week, your scalp will be better.

And if you have scalp psoriasis, it will help clear your scalp.

Although it will not eliminate psoriasis, it can help you better manage it using this scalp.

Amazing, right?

It won’t only make you feel good after a shower but it also helps your scalp condition.

Since it’s not a stiff brush, you won’t suffer from skin damaged.

Do You Use Essential Oils to Your Hair?

Applying essential oil to your hair can also be beneficial.


Essential oils can also stimulate hair growth.

Just add your old blends into your scalp so you can apply it evenly to your hair and scalp.

Massage your scalp in a downward motion. But you can also use circulator motion. It still won’t damage your hair.

Are you convinced yet? Add this head massage brush to your cart so we can ship it immediately. Use FT50ALL to get 50% off (minimum purchase $50). 

If you have further questions, just leave us a message at [email protected] or use Messenger to chat with our team.

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