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Professional Laser Epilator

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Professional Laser Epilator Comes with 600,000 Flashes

What It Is: It’s a powerful professional laser hair removal that you can use at home for your bikini line, legs, arms, and armpits. You can also use it in your face.

What It Fixes: It uses Intense Pulsed Light that can tackle hair roots. The light source is non-intrusive. But it can still disable hair follicles while preventing it from further growth.

Who is it for: This laser hair removal is ideal for you if you hate endless shaving, plucking, waxing, and skin irritability.

Suppose you want to experience hairless without the need to shave and going to a salon or a dermatologist’s office to undergo a permanent hair procedure, which is quite expensive. In that case, this laser hair removal is for you.

This is an easy way to reduce unwanted hair growth right at the comfort of your home.

What’s in the Box: 1 Pc Professional Laser Epilator

What Else You Need to Know About this Laser Hair Removal:

Energy Levels

This laser hair removal has five energy levels. These different levels will adapt to varying types of skin sensitivities.

When you use it, you can choose the level of sensitivity based on your needs.

It’s important to remember that the higher the level, the more productive the hair removal.

However, during your initial use, you must first try level 1.

Flash Modes

There are two flash modes. What mode you will use will depend on the area where there’s unwanted hair growth.

For instance, the manual flash mode is ideal for small areas, like bikini line and toes.

The automatic flash mode is for larger areas, like your legs, back, and arms.

Professional Laser Epilator

What to Expect?

Within the first few uses, the hair follicles start to shrink. It means that hair growth also slows down.

Hair growth will be down to 96% after using this hair remover for 12 weeks.

After 12 weeks of treatment, you’ll experience 90% hair growth reduction. But you’ll still find some hair growth. It’s normal.

Continue using it for a few months, and you’ll see permanent hair reduction at home. Or the hair growth will be finer; it’ll no longer be visible.

How to Use It This Laser hair removal?

Before using it, make sure that you shaved the area where you use the epilator.

Plug-in the device

Wear the glasses that came with the package

Hold the button to start or shut it down.

Click the button to adjust the level of power. You will see a flash after clicking the button properly.

Try level 1 first. If you don’t feel any discomfort, you can proceed to level 2.

After finishing all the areas where you don’t want hair to grow, you need to do it again. It would help if you repeated three times per treatment.


Professional Laser Epilator

Can You Safely Use This Home Laser Hair Removal for Private Parts?

Yes, you can safely use it in the bikini area. But since it’s a sensitive part, make sure that you use the light level.

Do You Need to Put a Cooling Gel to Avoid Burning Your Skin?

There’s no need to apply a cooling gel.

You may experience minimum redness, but that’s it.

However, you must apply lotion after every treatment.

What Happens After Reaching 600,000 Flashes?

Once you used up all 600,000 flashes, you can’t use the product anymore. It’s non-rechargeable.

However, 600,000 flashes can give you up to 5 years, depending on usage.

You can use it on dark hair, dark skin, and light skin.

Can You Use It if You Have Dark Skin?

It depends on how dark your skin is. If you have tan or dark brown skin, it will work.

If you have darker skin, it may take longer before you see improvement.

A Steal for the Price

This laser hair remover is a steal for the price. You can undergo hair reduction with professional results without the need to go to a salon, for which you’ll pay a lot of money.

With this professional laser hair removal, you won’t have to experience that painful hassle.

There’s no steep learning curve in using it, and the overall process is painless.

It’s effortless to use.

This is a painless hair removal device that can work for thick, dark hair.

Mustache Removal

You can also use this professional hair removal treatment for the mustache. If your husband wants to use it, he can.

This is safer and painless than using hot wax. You may feel the heat of the laser, but it’s manageable. There’s no sting.

Plus, it’s safe to use. But you need to wear the protective glass that comes with it. And to get the desired results, make sure that you shave the area first before using this product.

Professional Laser Epilator

Hair Growing Fast

It’s the complaint of many women. Their hair is growing fast, that they have to shave every day.

If you’re one of them, then this hair remover is ideal for you.

However, it would help if you allowed at least two weeks before you’ll see any difference.

Is It Safe If you Have a Fake Tan?

You must remove your fake tan first before you can use this product. Embrace your inner-pale look.

Don’t Wax

You can shave. But don’t wax.


The laser must need to identify the hair root. In that case, you must avoid waxing. Don’t do anything that can disturb the hair follicle.

You also don’t want to use it on long hair that is sitting above the skin. The reason for this is that it can cause burns.

Don’t Use Moisturizer on the Area

You may apply the cooling gel, but it’s not necessary. If it’s time for your treatment, it’s better to go au natural.

Your skin must be clean and product-free. Don’t apply moisturizer.

Professional Laser Epilator

Phenomenal Results Immediately?

This isn’t a magic tool.

Even the laser treatment that you get from a dermatology clinic or a salon won’t give you phenomenal results immediately.

In that case, you must have realistic expectations.

As long as you follow the treatment sessions, you can expect long-term hair reduction.

Is It 100% Hair Removal?

There’s no device yet that can give you 100% hair removal. Some hair will still grow back.

Your hormones and other factors can affect hair re-growth. These factors will vary from one person to another.

How to Get the Best Results?

Make sure that you follow the instructions. Treat the area religiously.

The timing will influence the result because of the hair growth patterns.



Professional Laser EpilatorProfessional Laser Epilator

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