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Sandbag Punching Bag

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This sandbag punching bag is made from highly durable canvas. It has strong reinforced stitching and heavy duty-metal chains and attachments.

Attach the punching bags with the chains so you can hang them to wherever you like. Because of the heavy-duty chains, it can withstand anything you add to it.

It has a large round lid opening so you can easily fill it with sandbag or cotton, however you choose.

It’s important to note that this bag isn’t shipped with a sandbag or filler. You will have to use dirt or sand to fill it. You can add silica dust or normal sand. It’s your choice. You can also opt to use styrofoam. 

Although you can add coarse sand, you should not fill it with water.

Why Buy this Sandbag Punching Bag? 

Durable. It’s made from highly durable canvas. It comes with heavy-duty metal chains and reinforced stitching.

Chain attachment. Attach the bag with the chains. The chains are heavy-duty. So they are strong enough to hold it. You can also work out with this bag by taking off the chains and you practice grappling techniques.

Multipurpose. This sandbag punching bag is suitable for various workouts. You can use it for boxing, punching, kicks, and grappling techniques.

Benefits of Using this Heavy Bag

filled sandbag punching bag

Improves Boxing technique

It’s the most apparent benefit of hitting this heavy bag. It can improve your boing technique. Punching power is vital in boxing. But that’s not all you need. Besides improving your punches, you also need to improve your body movement.

Boost Strength and Power 

A punching bag workout is great for strength training and boosting power. It focuses on building your muscles. All your muscles in the upper boy are engaged during a training session. That’s why it’s an effective body workout.

Build Endurance

This sandbag punching bag will challenge you to give your all will. It pushes you beyond boundaries. In return, it can boost your endurance as you train. The more you push your limits the more you can endure anything.

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