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Sleep Aid: Weighted Eye Mask

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This Weighted eye mask may be all that you need to banish your sleep-related problems once and for all. You may think that you have tried everything just to get a good night’s sleep. But what you may be missing is this weighted eye mask.

It is a miracle worker that blocks out light. It is filled with foam to provide deep pressure stimulation. The stimulation helps with headaches, sinus pain, and anxiety, in addition to sleep issues.

Effective and Helpful 

This weighted eye mask improves relaxation. It helps you fall asleep faster while you stay asleep longer. It can also result in more REM time and shorter REM latency. It helps promote healthy sleep patterns.

If you suffer from poor sleep, this non-pharmacological fix can be your best sleep aid. It fits comfortably so it stays put for the entire night while the melatonin production is at its peak.

How Does Weighted Eye Mask work? 

weighted eye mask

It blocks out light while it increases melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that is required to start the sleep process.

Blocking out light is necessary to get a good night’s sleep because exploding yourself to light in the evening hours will only reduce your melatonin levels. Thus, wearing this weighted mask can make a huge difference.

The weight in this mask is evenly distributed. You will feel like something is being wrapped snugly around your eyes.

The distributed pressure will improve your sleep quality. With improve sleep quality, you are improving your immunity and memory. It also helps in managing your weight.

What are the Features of Weighted Eye Mask? 

  • Lightweight. It is comfortable to wear because it is lightweight and adjustable.
  • With ergonomic design. It does not put too much pressure on your eyes.
  • Blocks out all annoying light. By blocking all annoying lights, you will fall asleep quickly. Thus, you get to enjoy a happy sleep. Because of the good quality of sleep you get, you will wake feeling full and rejuvenated.
  • Comes with a squat design. You can open your eyes while the eye mask is still on. The 3D countered cup won’t put pressure on eyeballs. It also won’t rub your lashes.
  • Adjustable. It comes with a rear hook and loop adjustment so you can adjust it to your head.
  • Easy to clean. You can safely wash it by hand with a mild detergent.
  • Wear it anywhere. It’s fashionable so you can wear it while on the road or a plane. It can help with your insomnia and migraine.

What Type of Fabric Does It use? 

This weighted eye mask uses cooling fabric to keep your core body temperature cool. It helps in optimizing your sleep. The fabric is hollow and lets heat be stored. Thus, it naturally adjusts to your body temperature while sleeping. It is non-absorbent it keeps you cool while you are wearing it.

Tied to Relaxation 

weighted eye mask blocks out light

This mask uses the same science. It is made with a patented design that distributes weight to key pressure points on areas tied to relaxation. Because of its fabric, it feels amazing on your face.

It will improve your sleep immediately. Even if you’re not a person for a sleep mask, once you try it out, you can help but rave about it as it can help with your migraines especially when you have a tough night.

Perfect for Any Sleeping Position 

Finding the right weighted eye mask can be a challenge if you’re not a back or a stomach sleeper. That’s why this mask is unique as it is designed for any sleeping position.

This extra-long sleep mask stays in place to block out the light completely. It can be the perfect product that you can’t live without.

Gentle Pressure Around the Eyes 

This weighted sleep mask is handcrafted using the best fiber. It is perfectly weighted to offer gentle pressure around the eyes.

You can add some scents to further calm and soothe you. It helps you fall asleep faster and improves your sleep quality during the night. It feels luxurious against your skin while it provides a soothing experience while it sends you off to dreamland naturally.

Is It Safe to Use? 

It applies the right amount of pressure to your lids. Therefore, it is safe to use. It signals your brain to relax without damaging your eyes.

It is comfortable to wear while it stays in place. It is not the same as a weighted eye pillow that can slide off during the night.

Will It Cause Wrinkles? 

It is made from natural fabric. Thus, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. It retains your skin’s natural moisture.

Can You Store It in the Freezer? 

Yes, you can safely store it in the fridge to give you a cooling effect. But don’t store it in the freezer for a longer period.

Make sure to store it first in a freezer-safe bag before you put it in the freezer.

When you need it, the coolness in the eye mask can be helpful with puffy eyes. The coolness can also help in constricting blood vessels while reducing swelling.

The effect combined with the pressure can relieve eye strain. This is not just a sleep aid but it is also a tool that can help you fight dry eyes.

A Game-Changer 

You can use it for sleep, meditation, or just chilling. It can be a game changer for you, especially if you don’t get quality sleep.

Your restless, late nights have now found a cure. It will change your life and quality of sleep. You get more sleep while wearing this weighted eye mask.

Feels Great Against Your Skin 

It has a smooth sleep surface. The weighted pressure can quickly promote relaxation. It feels great against your skin.

Budget-Friendly Option 

It is welcome pain relief without the painful price tag. This compression mask can alleviate eyestrain and pain from tension headaches and migraines.

It offers a gentle massage effect while the stitching design removes direct pressure from your eyes. The breakable cotton helps with anxiety and insomnia.


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