Does Good Posture Make You Taller?

does posture brace increase height


Who doesn’t want to be taller? Does good posture make you taller?

Tall people appear to be more confident. They also look stronger.

But at the end of your puberty, the growth plates fused so you stopped growing.

Sadly, you didn’t reach 6 feet or at least 5’6″.

What if I’ll tell you that you can still increase your height?

It’s possible by wearing a posture brace.

Do posture correctors make you taller? If they do, how many inches can you gain when you improve your posture? Does posture affect height?

I’ll tell you all of these in this article.

So, keep reading.

Does posture affect height? Does Posture Corrector Increase Height? How? 

Here’s the truth. 

Bad posture can cause spinal compression. When you practice good posture, it elongates your spine.

Will straightening the spine increase height?

Depending on how compressed your spine is, you can add up to two inches in height. 

Will good posture increase height? Does good posture make you taller?

Having a strong back allows you to stand two inches taller. When you walk with your hunched back, you will not look taller.

If you continue doing it, you will suffer from a permanent loss of height. 

Does bad posture affect height? Does good posture make you taller?

The sad thing about some people is that when they wish to grow taller, they think about some exercises or increasing their growth hormone levels. 

Although these factors can help, they failed to understand the relevance of posture in increasing their height

Can good posture make you taller?

Your spine contributes to your overall height. Good posture increase height. When you slouch or have a bad posture, you are harming your height potential. 

As you wear a posture corrector every day, you can correct your bad posture while you straighten out your spine. 

The result? Adding up to two inches to your height. 

posture brace to increase height

In the first few days of wearing a posture corrector, you will feel uncomfortable. However, as your body adjusts to it, you will feel comfortable wearing it for more than an hour each day. 

To assess your posture:

Look in the mirror.

Turn to the side.

From there, you can draw an imaginary line from your earlobe down to your hip, ankle, and knee. 

If that imaginary line is wobbly, then it indicates that you have a poor posture and you must straighten up.

Does Posture Corrector Work in Improving Your Poor Posture? 

Yes, it does work in improving your poor posture. As it improves your posture, your back pain and back stiffness will be alleviated. 

Back posture can be caused by a lot of factors, including bad habits and an injury. How you sit and your lifestyle can greatly affect your posture. 

When you have an incorrect posture, your spine is misaligned, thereby, creating muscular imbalances. Imbalances can lead to weaknesses in various areas. 

Unfortunately, any imbalances can negatively affect health and well-being. Thankfully, you don’t need to suffer anymore as you can correct your posture by retraining your muscles with the use of a posture corrector. 

When your posture is corrected, you will notice that you appear thinner and taller. As mentioned, it can help increase height up to two inches. 

But posture corrector only works if you use it every day for at least 25 minutes. The longer you wear it, the faster you get the results. 

To help you wear it every day for half an hour, you must wear a corrector that is comfortable. With a comfortable posture corrector brace, you can alleviate round shoulders and prevent hunching. 

posture aid brace for women

When you sit with your shoulders forward, the muscle tissues tighten across your chest. You will feel strained when you hold your shoulders back straight because of your chronic bad position. 

As you start wearing a posture corrector brace, your muscles will be pulled back to the natural, correct position. But you must wear it for at least 25 minutes. It alleviates those tightened muscles and helps you get back on track. 

You must continuously wear them. In that way, the tissues in front of your chest will adapt to the correct position. Your back muscles will become too long as they are lengthened. 

When your muscles are adapted that way, the shortened muscle tissues will find it difficult to get back in the incorrect position. As a result, you will get into a better natural posture. 

You have incorrect posture because of tissue adaptation. Your body adapts to the position that you stay in the longest. As you wear the posture corrector, you are stretching the shortened chest muscles. It promotes back muscle contraction as well. 

If you wear a posture corrector to increase height, it will pull your shoulders back, rotate your arms while it lifts your chest up. Now, if you wear this posture corrector for longer than 25 minutes, then your tissues will adapt to how the chest muscles are most of the time. 

Because a poor sitting position can lead to bad posture, you need to wear a back posture corrector while you are in that position. 

When you wear it all the time, you are always tucking in your tailbone. Doing so will promote ab muscles strengthening. It also trains your upper back to finally banish bad posture. 

Then again, you can only achieve these benefits if you fix your posture using a quality, comfortable posture corrector brace. 

posture aid brace for women
posture aid brace for women


Opt for a Sensible Footwear When Wearing Posture Corrector to Increase Height

Apart from wearing a posture corrector each day, you also need to wear comfortable footwear. With supported flats, you can stand taller as you center your weight properly. If you have a job that requires you to stand for long hours, place a rubber mat on the floor. It gives you better support. 

Do Not Slouch When You are in an Office Chair 

avoid slouching when sitting: posture corrector increases height

You are likely to slouch if your job requires staring at your computer all day long. 

Avoid it by adjusting the monitor that allows you to view it from a proper sitting position, i.e. your spine looks lengthened and you look taller when seated. 

When you wear a posture corrector, you are reminded always to be in a proper posture even while you are sitting down. 

But even if you wear posture corrector all day, you still need to relax your body. Keep in mind that being in a rigid posture all day can result in back pain. 

For that reason, you must take breaks throughout the day. Do not forget to roll your shoulders, too.  

Can Wearing Posture Corrector Increase Height and Cause Pain? 

If you are used to having a bad posture, then your spine is still adjusting while you maintain a proper posture. 

One of the reasons you feel pain while you correct your posture is that you forced to strengthen your postural muscles. 

Most people with bad posture would obtain a chiropractic adjustment. During the adjustment, the spine is aligned. 

Then, they try to sit up straight for as long as possible. But after half an hour, they are back to slouching. The reason for this is that they do not have a strong foundation to maintain proper posture. 

It is also the same when you try to perform some exercises that you have not done before. After those exercises, you are in pain. 

In that case, maintaining proper posture must not only be done once. Rather, it must be done over and over. You must maintain the correct posture to the point that normal posture will be easy. 

Feeling the pain when you try to correct your posture could be a sign of muscle weakness. 

Strengthening Your Muscles for Proper Posture 

Core stability muscles are muscles in the abdomen, back, and pelvis. They hold you together. You need to maintain good posture muscles so you can maintain a proper posture. 

Postural muscles can only work if the body is in proper alignment. If not, it can lead to weakness through injury. It makes your core muscles less efficient. 

Now, the question is how can you strengthen your core muscles to easily achieve proper posture without feeling any pain while maintaining it? 

Various strengthening exercises can improve your core. 

These would include yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. They are known to improve the core muscles of patients with MS. 

Yoga Positions for Improving Posture 

One of the yoga positions that can improve posture is the mountain pose. You should also try the Tree Pose. This position forces you to be in a proper posture to achieve balance. 

If you do not want to perform those, you could just do pelvic tilt sitting. 

The starting position for this is sitting on a firm surface. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed while your eyes are looking straight ahead. 

Drop your trunk down while you allow your pelvis to tip down and back like you are slumping. 

After that, go back to sitting up straight. Tilt your pelvis form and bring the breastbone up. Repeat these steps up to five times. 

This type of exercise is vital in allowing fluidity of movement in your trunk. It is vital as it is often lost when you change posture. It also encourages deeper breathing. 

Another exercise to perform is bridging. With this exercise, you need to lye with your knees bent up. 

Your feet must be flat on the floor. Then, tighten your buttocks before you raise them off the floor. 

As you raise them, you are forming a bridge position. Hold in that position for a few seconds before letting them down slowly. Repeat these steps five times. 

Why Bother Maintaining a Good Posture 

Poor posture can put stress on your joints, ligaments, and muscles. That’s why when you exhibit poor posture throughout the day, you will feel pain in your neck and shoulder. 

As you improve your posture, you are reducing some of your symptoms. 

By wearing a posture corrector to increase height, you can easily maintain a proper posture when you sit in a chair or stand. When you maintain a proper posture, your core muscles in the abdomen will work more efficiently. They are aligned correctly so they can support you properly. You can move your limbs freely. 

With good posture, you can alleviate muscle weakness, fatigue, and pain. A good posture when you are sitting means that your chin is tucked in. 

Your shoulders are relaxed. Your sitting position should have a cover in your low back. This position lets your pelvis sit directly under your shoulder’s points. You are also sitting with your knees, ankles, and hips at right angles. 

Make sure that your head is in the midline. It must be on top of and in line with your shoulders. Your weight should support both cheeks of your bottom. 

Unfortunately, not all of us can maintain this proper posture for a long period. For that reason, we recommend the use of furniture that can support your spinal curves. 

When you stand, the proper posture should be that your head is in the midline and line with your shoulders. 

Your chin should also be tucked in while your shoulders are relaxed. Make sure that your bottom is tucked in while your knees are slightly bent. 

No matter what position you are in, you need to change it regularly, like every 20 minutes. This is to minimize problems from being in one position for too long. 

Use the Right Posture Corrector to Increase Height

orthopedic posture corrector

Browse our posture corrector page and find the best product that you fancy. We have a variety of braces and corsets that aim to help you maintain a proper posture while sitting down or standing up. 

As you use the posture corrector to increase height every day for at least 25 minutes, you are portraying a more confident image. Remember, good posture boosts self-confidence. People will see you as a confident human being. Many successful individuals who we know stand tall and always maintain a good posture. 

Not only that, but it also makes breathing easier and deeper. Remember when you visit your doctor and he would ask you to sit up straight while he would listen to your lung sounds? That’s how proper posture can impact your breathing.

Not all of us can maintain proper posture because we are more comfortable in the slouching position. But proper posture can have many health benefits. 

Can I Wear Posture Corrector All Day to Quickly Improve Posture and Increase Height?

The recommended time to wear a posture corrector is at least 25 minutes per day. However, if you can wear it for a lot longer than that, then that would be great. If you could wear it all day, then that would be fine.

As you wear this device all day, you are strengthening your back muscles. Over time, you will feel the urge to use it more often. And this is a good thing.

However, you must remember that developing a healthy habit will vary from one person to another. Then again, the longer you wear it, the faster you will see the results.

Over time, this post corrector will align your body and strengthen your muscles. When your body is properly aligned and you have stronger muscles, you may no longer need to wear this corrector every day.

Regarding the use of this corrector to increase height, you will instantly see the result. That is, once you wear this posture corrector to increase height, you will become two inches taller because your spine is now properly aligned.

The increase in height will depend on how much the spine is compressed because of bad posture.

Poor Posture and Height

If you slouch or have a bad posture, you will look shorter than you truly are. Over time, your poor posture will affect your actual height.

Your back has natural curves. But if you slump or slouch regularly, the curves could alter to accommodate your new poor posture. It causes pain in your back and neck.

Thus, when you start wearing a posture corrector to increase height every day, you will stand and sit properly with those curves in proper order.

However, you must not expect that posture corrector will increase your height and make as tall as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, or Maria Sharapova. It is in their genes. If you are 5’3” today, you may become 5’5” tall once you correct your posture. But you cannot reach 6’. That is impossible.

The main goal of this posture corrector is to improve your posture. Once you have proper posture, you will experience a lot of benefits.

For example, proper posture improves mental health. People with good posture have better memory and mental function. You feel more alive and well.

It also reduces stress levels. Great posture reduces cortisol levels. You will feel more attentive and relaxed. You will have a less wandering mind and you experience a sense of calmness.

It is one of the reasons you need to sit up straight while meditating. If you are stressed or anxious, you must consider your posture. When you start to wear a posture corrector all day, you will notice an improvement in your mood.

Wearing posture corrector will not only increase your height but it also improves breathing. You can breathe properly, thereby, allowing more oxygen to enter your lungs. Having enough oxygen is great for your tissues and muscles. It also enables the brain to form neural pathways, which are vital in learning and growing.

If you wish to receive these benefits, you must wear the posture corrector every day for at least 25 minutes. The longer you wear it, though, the better. So, yes, you can wear a posture corrector all day.

Visit our online shop today to purchase one of our posture correctors. Do not forget to enter the discount code to further lower the price of the posture corrector to increase height. If you need further help on how to purchase a posture corrector to increase height, leave us a message through the Help button found at the bottom of this screen or simply email us.

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