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1 Pair of Boxing Knuckle Pads or Guards


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boxing knuckle pads

Are you tired of having painful knuckles after your boxing workout? If you are, then it sounds like you need a pair of boxing knuckle pads. When it comes to combat sports, like boxing, you need all the protection you can get to stop painful knuckles.

If you are a serious fighter who wishes to up your game by increasing your boxing session, then you must protect your hands. You may wrap your hands with a bandage. But nothing can beat having another layer of knuckle pads.

With boxing knuckle guards, you can stop your knuckles from breaking down during a session.

Boxing Knuckle Pads: Why You Need Them? 

The most common type of fracture that occurs in boxers is found in the metacarpal bones. That’s why it is called a boxer’s fracture. And you’ll sustain this fracture without hand wraps when boxing.

These bones connect the fingers to your wrist. When you hurt your knuckles, you feel pain and experience tenderness in the area.

The fracture will also make it difficult for you to move your hand or fingers. Without proper protection, your hand will swell. You will also notice bruising and deformity.

It will put you out of action for a while if you hurt your knuckles. It means that you will have less time fighting and more time to watch Netflix shows.

Even if you have not suffered from a boxer’s fracture, you are still prone to fracturing your knuckles. Without wearing a boxing knuckle pad, you will significantly injure your knuckle doing heavy bag and pad work.

If you don’t protect your knuckles now and you get hurt, it will be difficult for you to throw a few punches without your knuckles going stiff.

Remember that you need your knuckles. They must be healthy because they are your offense and defense.

Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to fracture. Without proper protection, you are likely to suffer from nerve damage.

It will be bad for you. Hence, the need to wear boxing knuckle pads to avoid knuckle pain.

The Need to Wear Boxing Knuckle Pads

If you have not tried throwing punches yet, then you will not know how painful it is to do so. For many professional boxers, the action can hurt you.

You may think that you only need a pair of gloves and hand wraps and you are good to go. But this is not true.

You can still get a serious injury on your hand without the right knuckle pads. As you come out of your sparring session, you will wince in pain.

Hence, the need to protect your knuckles.

Indeed, you are wearing gloves. But they are not enough. They only prevent carpal fractures, which are common amongst boxers.

Gloves are just the first layer of protection. you need another layer using hand wraps. They will help you throw punches with less fear of getting hurt.

And your protection doesn’t stop there. You need to wear boxing knuckle pads to get more protection, With these pads, you will be protecting your freedom of movement.

With knuckle pads, you can hit the bag too hard without wincing in the end. You will not be risking fracturing your knuckles again.

Third Layer of Protection — Boxing Knuckle Pads

These pads are your third layer of protection. They can stop you from complaining about your sore knuckles again.

In other words, you can go harder with your workout.

Maximum Protection 

boxing knuckle pads -- maximum protection

These boxing knuckle pads have inner padding. They combine with hand wraps and gloves to give you maximum protection while throwing punches or during combat.

The guards also absorb shocks from too much punching. They also reduce injury while you can strike more.

You may not be sparring with another person. You may just be punching a bag at home.

Either way, you need these knuckle pads or guards as a part of your armory. You must not forget to wear them before you even hit the boxing gym or start the sparring session.

Whether you are boxing, doing Muay Thai, or MMA, you can surely benefit from wearing boxing knuckle guards. They provide an extra layer of protection not just to your knuckles but also to your fingers and hands.

Premium Knuckle Pads or Guards 

You should always go for premium knuckle guards. These pads fit comfortably in your hand. They complement your other kit.

That is, they fit perfectly with your hand wraps and gloves.

How to Use Boxing Knuckle Pads? 

There are no special instructions when wearing or using these pads. Just slip them on. They will wrap your hands over the top.

That’s it. You’re ready to train and fight harder without the risk of injuring your knuckles or suffering from nerve damage.

By wearing these pads, you’re not only protecting your knuckles and hands but you’re also improving the life of your boxing gloves

Is It Safe to Use the Pads Even After You Suffer from a Knuckle Pain?

These knuckle pads are safe to use even after you have injured your knuckles. They offer offer superior protection.  However, you may still feel a sting after you have started wearing the pads.

However, once you wear them, you will notice that your hands are more comfortable under the gloves. They become more mobile, unlike when you didn’t have protection for your knuckles.

Even though you may still feel a sting while throwing punches, the pain will reduce eventually. You’ll also avoid getting additional acute injuries that can surely hamper your ability to throw some hard punches.

Shop for these premium pads now to provide maximum protection to your knuckles. They are designed to fit comfortably in your hand and they stay stable.

Look after your hands all the time when you do combat sports. Never go to a boxing session or sparring without first protecting your knuckles.

Boxing knuckle pads will triple down your protection. Use them as your prime weapon to prevent any injury in your hand. Use them along with your hand wraps and gloves.

With these boxing knuckle pads, you don’t have to worry about having swelling hands anymore after a boxing session or hitting punching bags.

What is in the Package? 

1 pair of boxing knuckle pads. Free size with a length of 10 cm and width of 5 cm.

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