10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cycling Caps

cycling caps

Cycling caps are an essential piece of cycling gear. They keep your head warm in cold weather and protect against wind and rain. What are the things you didn’t know about them? Keep reading to find out more.

1. Cycling Caps are Not Just For Cyclists Anymore.

Cycling caps aren’t just for cyclists anymore. They’ve become so popular that they’re now worn by people who ride bikes for fun as well as those who compete in races.

Even if you are not cycling and you are just running, you can wear these caps. But it depends on where you’re going.

Some will think that you’re crazy for wearing a cycling cap while eating pizza or grabbing dinner with your family.

But this is your cap.

You can wear it at any time, any place you please. Just make sure you have a cap for every occasion.

2. An Essential Piece of Kit 

Some people think that a cycling cap is just an accessory. Nowadays, though, it is now being used as part of an essential cycling kit.

It serves both function and form. It can help complete your spring classic look. You can wear it when it is warm outside. However, it is not always advisable.

There are many ways to wear it.

You can wear it in an invited flip. This will work especially when you wear the cap under the helmet. If you’re going to wear it this way, make sure that you do it properly. Take a course from expert cyclists who are still wearing these caps under their helmets during a race.

3. Provide Protection Against the Elements

As mentioned, it is not an accessory. It means that it is a vital piece of clothing in your cycling kit.

The point of wearing it even though you already have a helmet is to protect yourself against the laments. However, make sure that it fits snugly in your head.

The short brim protects against the sun’s rays. It won’t obscure your vision. Because it has a small size, you can easily flip it up. It is one reason many brands will place a logo on the underside of the brim. Just in case a cyclist flips it up, the logo will become noticeable.

4. They Can Keep the Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Sweating rolling into your eyes can affect your performance. It is not only painful but it is also dangerous.

When your sweat touches your eyes, you’ll lose vision.

When you’re on a 40 mph descent, you may crash.

A cycling cap under your helmet can be a huge help in this situation. The sweat will only collect and roll off the brim.

It won’t touch your eyes.

You can pair it with well-ventilated cycling sunglasses to further aid sweat evaporation while you are cycling.

But the grade of the cap is vital. Thus, make sure that the cap is made of high-quality materials to ensure that it will do its intended purpose.

5. They Must Sit Slightly Above the Ears

cycling caps -- wearing it

A cycling cap can be functional. But it can also improve your overall appearance.

How you wear it can make a huge difference to your performance. That’s why you need to get the right fit when deciding to have this cap.

The cap must not sit high up on your head. It should also not be down to your ears. Rather, it has to sit slightly above your ears.

You want a brim size that is not too big or too small. It must have a slight curve when you wear it.

You can wear it without a helmet but make sure that you are not riding your bike. That is if you are wearing it in a tea coffee shop or just stepping onto the podium.

6. Keep Insects Out of Your Hair

Yes, a cycling cap can do a great job in keeping bugs out of your hair. Imagine having insects in your hair while riding. It can affect your performance. It also increases the risk of the insect getting in your eyes, which can be dangerous.

By wearing this cap, you can keep your head clean and bug-free. Your ride will be a lot safer.

7. Manage Your Hair

One of the biggest frustrations when riding a bike is managing your hair. This cap is especially beneficial if you have long bangs or you don’t want your hair to get entangled.

It prevents your hair from falling into your eyes.

It also stops your hair from getting entangled. No more frustrations while riding a bike no matter what your hair looks like.

8. Make You Look Better 

A cycling cap will tell everyone that you’re a cyclist or at least an enthusiast. But you can’t only use this cap when riding your bike. You can wear it while getting a coffee.

It can improve your sex appeal.

9. Offers UV Protection

You have no match for the sun’s rays. But you also can’t bypass it, when riding a bike. That’s why when you ride a bike, make sure to have all the protection that your body needs from the heat.

And wearing a cycling cap can do the trick.

But just because it offers UV protection, it does not mean that you don’t have to wear sunscreen on your face. You must get every protection that you need so you can evade the effects of the harmful UV rays.

10. Can Be Worn Under Helmets

It is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet. That’s why cycling caps lost their popularity when this rule first came out.

But many cyclists now are reviving it by wearing cycling caps under helmets.

And yes, it is completely legal to wear it under your cement. What’s illegal is not to wear a helmet when wearing cycling caps.


So, there you go. These are the facts about cycling caps that you might not know of. If you have been searching for the right cycling cap, please head over to our online shop here and get a huge discount on our cycling caps.

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