Are Punching Bags Good for Anger?

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There are several anger management techniques that you can use to release your anger. One of the most interesting techniques is hitting a punching bag. In this post, let’s try to answer this question, “Are punching bags good for anger?”

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Are Punching Bags Good for Anger?

Punching bags are an exercise tool to improve your overall health. When hitting a punching bag, you are testing your stamina.

That’s why it’s a good form of exercise as it can help in burning calories. But regarding answering management, this technique may help release your anger.

However, this post will tell that it doesn’t help.

“While you may think that lashing out or hitting a pillow or punching bag helps you release tension, the opposite is true. It teaches you to develop a behavior pattern: Get mad, punch. Get mad, get even. Get mad, harbor stress until it eats away at you like ants on crumbs.”

It also works the same way as swearing at someone you’re angry at. That is, it only makes you angrier.

Truly, retaliation isn’t the key to reducing anger levels. The reason for this is that blowing off steam doesn’t work.

However, punching bags are great for boxing. And boxing isn’t just beneficial for your physical health but also your mental health.

Thus, if you have punching bags at home, you can use them to gain mental strength, thereby, learning how to calm your mind.

Here are the things you can do with the punching bags to improve your overall health.

Be Present in the Moment 

When you’re hitting the punching bags, you can switch off from the outside world to ensure that you’re 100% focused. That is, you won’t think of anything but hitting the bag.

As you do it every day, you can learn to focus on one thing, thereby, averting your daily stresses.

Relieve Stress 

Hitting the punching bags is already a form of exercise. And just like any other physical activity, it can reduce stress. When hitting the bag, your brain boosts its production of feel-good thoughts neurotransmitters known as endorphins.

As you continue punching, you’re relieving any muscle tension in your body that accumulated while you’re under stress.

You’ll also notice that your focus is improved. It also increases your concentration and helps you forget why you’re stressed. You just feel happy hitting the bags.

Builds Self-confidence 

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Hitting the punching bags can build physical strength. It can make you feel more powerful mentally. As a result, it gives you that fighting spirit that lets you deal with any type of challenging situation.

As you try to overcome your stress, you can instill a sense of achievement. It leads to better confidence. And when you try boxing, you can learn to understand your opponents. You can master your defense.

What Punching Bags to Use? 

There are different punching bags available. And you can find some of them here.

Inflatable Punching Bag 

It’s best for your kids. This type of bag comes with reinforced seams. It has a unique lock air valve to ensure that the air inside will remain there for longer.

Desktop Punching Bag

This is ideal for adults and not for kids. It has a clamp that you can fix on your desk so you can enjoy punching at any time you want. This, too, is easy to inflate using a needle that comes with the package. You can install it in your office or home. It can take a beating. Thanks to the durable PU leather.

Heavy Duty Punching Bag 

It’s also designed for adults who are training for boxing or just a form of exercise. The chains let you mount the bag or unmount it. You can fill the bag with plastic bags, old clothes, cotton, or anything you can think of. If you have boxing gloves, you can use them for your boxing practice.


On the other hand, if you don’t like using punching bags, you can just spar with an actual opponent. This opponent can be your trainer or a friend. But when you’re sparring you shouldn’t do it to hurt your partner.

This is great training if you want to be better at boxing. When you spar, you experience the thrill of exchanging punches. That’s why it’s an ideal boxing workout. Just make sure that you use the right protective gear. If you’re accidentally hit by your partner, you won’t be in serious pain after the session.

Jump Rope 

This, too, is a great form of exercise that can improve your boxing ability. It trains you mentally while it increases your muscle efficiency. It teaches body conditioning and relaxation.


If your purpose in buying punchings bags is to release your anger, you might find them helpful. However, since it’s not proven to be useful, you might want to try other methods of relaxation and releasing your anger. And one of them is yoga.

Yoga is a great form of exercise. It teaches your mind how to relax no matter how infuriated you are. It’s also a great form of activity that can help in correcting your posture.


Are punching bags good for anger? Sadly, experts don’t recommend hitting punching bags to release anger because it only teaches you to develop a new behavioral pattern. However, you can use punching bags as a form of exercise. And exercise is great as it releases feel-good neurotransmitters, which are vital in reducing your ranger while boosting your mood.

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