Can Yoga Correct Years of Bad Posture?

yoga for posture correction 

Yoga has tremendous benefits. But can yoga be used for posture correction? Even after many years of bad posture, can it still fix it?

Let’s find out here. So, continue reading to know more.

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Yoga for Posture Correction: an Ideal Option to Fix Posture? 

More and more people are exhibiting bad posture because of how they work from home or office. It’s no wonder they suffer from neck pain after spending hours of their time staring at their phone.

Posture is the position in which you hold your body while you stand, sit or lie down. Your activities can affect your body alignment. They put stress on your joints and muscles. If your body is misaligned, it can result in pain.

So, let’s go back to the question, “Can yoga correct bad posture?”

Good News 

Yes. Yoga can help with your body alignment issues, thereby, relieving the stiffness and correcting the posture.

If you have back pain, improving your bad posture may alleviate the muscle tension through yoga. However, it may not fix the cause of the pain.

For that reason, you must talk to your doctor about your back pain. It’s especially true if you’re suffering from an acute injury.

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What Yoga Position Can Help in Fixing Bad Posture? 

Any kind of yoga can improve your posture. According to this study:

“This study showed that the applied yoga exercises increased spinal mobility and flexibility of the hamstring muscles regardless of age. [Conclusion] Yoga exercises should be recommended to the elderly to make their muscles more flexible and to increase the range of motion in the joints, which is particularly important for improving their life quality.”

Then again, yoga alone won’t help fix posture. However, it can significantly help.

It’s beneficial if you wish to improve your posture. It has many poses that aim to strengthen the core, which is vital to a healthy spinal alignment.

Yoga also improves your self-awareness, which is helpful so that you’ll be more mindful of your posture. You’ll notice immediately that you’re slumping in your chair.

What Yoga Poses to Use? 

As mentioned, all yoga poses can improve body alignment. But there are specific poses that can alleviate back pain.

Cat pose, for instance, is great for working on your chest and back. It improves flexibility in the upper back while stretching and lengthening your spine.

The bridge post, on the other hand, can improve strength in the muscles while supporting your spine.

Staff pose is also beneficial. As you sit on the flower with your legs straight out in front, it strengthens your chest and back muscles. It also strengthens your abdomen.

Another pose that can strengthen your muscles is the downward-facing dog. It opens your chest and shoulders and aligns your spine.

You can also try slow-moving yoga poses. They focus on your ligaments, fascia, and joints. Yin yoga is a type of slow-moving yoga that improves flexibility while it aids muscle recovery by holding poses for longer.

Can Yoga Fix Years of Bad Posture? 

yoga for posture correction  -- consensus

Before answering it, let’s first talk about what constitutes bad and good posture. Unfortunately, though, there’s no consensus to it. Some postures have less lumbar curve while others have erect upper back.

But there’s no way to tell what is a correct spine posture and what is the best posture.

Thus, it can be that your posture isn’t actually bad. And if you’re trying to correct it will just lead to more pain. If you draw your stomach muscles, brace your lower back, and stiffen your body may cause more pain and suffering.

That’s why it’s vital to consult with your doctor. If you’re having back pain or neck pain, your doctor can tell whether or not it’s the result of your bad posture.

You must incorporate regular movements into your routine each day. In that way, any pain you feel may be reduced or alleviated.

If you sit at your desk for a long period, you need to stand up after every 30 minutes. Make sure to move around.

While you’re moving around and taking a break from your desk job, opt to have some deep breathing exercises.

How Long Does It Take to Fix Bad Posture Through Yoga? 

Unfortunately, it’s not an overnight treatment. It may take a month, a few months, or years to fix it.

However, if you are consistent with it, you’re likely to experience positive results in the next 30 days.

Yoga will help you loosen up muscles while increasing your body awareness. Furthermore, it strengthens your core while it realigns your body’s joints.

Healthline offers suggestions on some yoga poses that you can do to help with your posture.

Can You Wear Posture Corrector to Fix Bad Posture? 

A posture corrector can immediately fix your bad posture as long as you wear it. It activates the muscles that have not been worked enough. It guides the muscles for where they need to be.

Then again, it’s not an overnight solution. It can take months to fix your bad posture. If you’re consistent in wearing it, then you’re likely to experience positive results.


Is yoga good for posture correction? Yes, it can help. However, it’s not the only solution in fixing your years of bad posture.

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