Can Anxiety Cause Bad Posture?

The best posture brace corrector can fix your bad posture. But is it true that anxiety causes bad posture?

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Best Posture Brace Corrector and Mood 

Wearing the right posture brace corrector can help fix your bad posture. As your bad posture is fixed, your mood may improve.

It’s said that people with anxiety perform better if they sit up straight up compared to when they’re slouching. This is according to this study.

Even though the research involved testing participants a math test, researchers concluded that good posture can alleviate any form of anxiety.

When you feel threatened, it causes your muscles to tighten. Your shoulders are lifted to your ears and you hold your breath. When you slouch, you’re imitating this defensive position. That is, it tells your brain that you feel threatened.

But when you start sitting up straight, it signals your brain that you’re safe. Thus, it can start focusing on the task at hand. Furthermore, good posture can slow down your breathing and it helps in releasing GABA neurotransmitters to fight anxiety.

Feel Happier 

Once you correct your posture, you start to feel happier. Bad posture creates stress on your spine. It makes you feel heavy, which can lead to irritability and fatigue.

In a study, researchers found that patients with depression felt more alert after maintaining an upright posture while sitting down. They also felt less anxious.

This study also has similar conclusion. That is, the participants who slouched felt more depressed.

Confidence Boost 

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If you start to stay in an upright position while sitting and standing, you get a confidence boost. Keep in mind that if you wish to project confidence, you must change your stance. That is, your spine must be in proper alignment and your abdomen in. A slouchy posture, on the other hand, conveys a sense of apathy.

When you have good posture, you look more confident and you feel better about yourself. And if you feel good because of your good posture, you tend to maintain that position.

So start sitting upright to boost your self-esteem and ditch your negative mood.

Your Posture Says a Lot About Yourself 

If you slump forward, you are guarding yourself. To other people, it can mean that you’re not open to a new relationship or ideas. It’s a non-verbal communication that people will notice about you.

Now, if you start standing up, you can easily say that you can face the day no matter how difficult it might be.

Perfecting Your Posture with the Best Posture Brace Corrector

It’s not easy to maintain a proper posture, especially if you have been slouching for many years. It can take months to a year to correct it.

But it doesn’t mean that your years of bad posture can’t be corrected.

One of the ways to fix it is through the use of a posture brace corrector. As the term implies, it’s a brace that you wear to support your back so you can maintain a proper posture.

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It pulls your shoulder back so you can stand up or sit up straight.

Wearing it can be painful at first because it’s trying to pull your muscles to their natural position. You don’t have to wear it all day, though.

The recommended amount of time is 25 minutes. But the longer you wear it, the faster you get the results that you want.

When correcting your posture, you need to pay attention to how you are standing or sitting. Always engage your core.

If you are constantly sitting down because of your desk job, make sure that your computer is ergonomically adjusted. This is also true with your keyboard and chair.

Then, make sure to get up every 45 minutes. Walk around.

There are also exercises that you can do to reposition yourself. Press-ups are great and you can do them every hour. They can promote gentle stress in your spine.

Choose to exercise that improves your hips mobility and stability in your shoulder girded. It’s one reason planks are vital in maintaining a proper posture. You may also try overhead squats against a wall.

Meditation and mindfulness are also ideal. They are mood-boosting activities that can lower your anxiety level, thereby, helping you maintain a proper posture.

If you tend to slouch because of stress, you should start eating a healthy diet. Healthy foods can improve your body and will help you feel more energetic every day. Healthy eating is also the key to help you lose weight.

Keep in mind that weight loss can offload pressure from your spine, thereby, helping you improve your posture.


The best posture brace corrector helps improve your anxiety and posture. Try wearing it every day for at least 25 minutes to train your back muscles to stay in the right neutral position.

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