What You Don’t Know About Your Bad Posture May Hurt You

The best posture brace in Canada can help fix your bad posture. But what causes bad posture exactly? Is it about slouching too much?

best posture brace Canada

Postural imbalance can affect your overall health. It causes soreness, muscle pain, and poor digestion. Your bad posture may even cause your fatigue.

What Really Causes Bad Posture? Can the Best Posture Brace in Canada Help? 


Slouching is a bad habit. If it becomes a daily habit, then you will have a problem with your health.

It’s not a natural body position. Thus, it can cause pain in the neck, back, and shoulder. Because it causes pain, your body is forced to use less efficient patterns of muscle contraction.


If you sustained an injury from an accident, for instance, your muscles can spasm to protect vulnerable areas of your body.

Muscle spasms can keep the injuries stable. They can also protect them from causing further injury. However, spasms can also limit your movements, thereby, causing pain.

Although muscle spasm is okay for a short period, prolong muscle spasms could weaken your muscles over time. The imbalance could lead to aberrations in your body posture.

But this can be fixed through physical therapy to bring back muscles for their optimal functioning.

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Weak Muscles 

You will have bad posture if you have weak muscle groups. When the weak muscles aren’t treated or alleviated, you will develop pain.

Muscle weakness can easily develop when you hold a certain position for so long every day. If you do tasks in a way that causes muscle tension, it causes muscle tension or weakness.

This can be alleviated by living an active lifestyle. That is, you need to exercise regularly and make sure to eat the right food that can strengthen muscles.

When it comes to exercise, you need to do strengthening exercises.


Sitting at your computer all day can cause your body to misalign. You may develop text neck if you text unceasingly.

It’s a condition in which your neck holds in a forward bending position for too long. It can lead to pain and bad posture.

But you can avoid that by wearing the best posture brace. It helps you stay in a proper position while you’re in front of your computer.

Wrong Shoes

best posture brace Canada -- wrong shoes

Yes, not all shoes are right for you. Some shoes do affect your posture.

If you’re fond of wearing heels, they can throw your body weight forward resulting in body misalignment.

If you wear the wrong shoes for so long in a day, it can cause ankle, knee, hip, and low back pain, in addition to causing bad posture.


Stress is an important contributing factor to bad posture. It causes you to sit in the wrong position because you’re too weak to sit up straight.

It also makes your breath shallow. Furthermore, it contracts your muscles that can compromise further your body posture.

Carrying Heavy Bag 

best posture brace Canada -- heavy bag

A heavy bag can put a lot of strain on your back. It’s especially true if you have the habit of carrying your heavy bag on the same shoulder.

The unequal weight from the bag causes one shoulder to be lower than the other. As a result, it strains your back muscles.

What are the Symptoms of Bad Posture? 

It’s easy to know whether or not you have bad posture by looking at the mirror. If you see that you have rounded shoulders, then it’s a sure sign of bad posture.

You have bad posture when you see that your head leans forward or backward.

If you don’t fix your bad posture today, the muscles that support your natural body position will waste away because of the lack of use.

Weak muscles tighten. The muscle shortening can compact the spine, thereby, worsening your posture.

How to Maintain Proper Posture? 

It’s difficult to maintain proper posture. This is where wearing the best posture brace can help you maintain a good posture all the time.

You may also avoid sitting in soft chairs. The use of sit smart technology may also help.

Choose to use ergonomic chairs in your office. They are especially useful if you need to sit for a long period.

When sleeping, you need to use the right mattress. It must be a mattress that keeps your spine straight while you sleep on your side.

If you need to lift heavy weights, make sure that you keep your back straight. And ensure that you use thigh muscles.

Wearing the Best Posture Brace

best posture brace Canada -- posture brace

A posture brace can hold your back in a fixed upright position. As a result, you won’t slouch even while you’re in front of your computer all day (but it’s not recommended to be sitting throughout the day).

This posture corrector pulls your back muscles so they are in their natural position. It conditions them to stay that way.

If you don’t like wearing a posture brace, you can opt for a smart trainer. You’re still going to wear it but it won’t pull your back muscles. Rather, you’ll be the one to stay in a proper position because it vibrates every time you slouch.

By holding your body in a certain position for long enough, it will finally conform to that position. Thus, if you maintain proper body alignment for a long time, your body will adapt to it. The change makes it difficult to your bad posture.

Seeing Results 

After years of slouching, you can’t expect to see results in one day. It’s unrealistic.

Even the best posture brace won’t correct your posture overnight. But it will instantly pull your muscles so your body is aligned while doing tasks.

When you remove the brace, though, you may still go back to your bad posture.

That’s why you need to wear it every day for at least 25 minutes to train your muscles to be in the right position. Give it at least a month to see results.

Once your body and muscles have adjusted to the correct body posture, your muscles will get strong so you can maintain proper posture.


The best posture brace in Canada is beneficial for your posture. It fixes it no matter what the cause of your bad posture is.

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