Can Good Posture Help You Lose Weight?

can good posture help you lose weight

What if your doctor would tell you that there’s an easy way to trim down your size around your middle without dieting or spending a cent, would you sign up? Of course, you would.

It’s actually possible to lose weight without strict dieting. All you have to do is follow your grandparent’s advice a long time ago and that is to stand up straight.

But can good posture help you lose weight? You may ask.

That’s what we’re going to find out in this post. So, let’s dive in.

can good posture help you lose weight

How Can Good Posture Help You Lose Weight? 

When you practice good posture, you’ll feel more energetic and relaxed. In that case, you’ll be more motivated to work out and eat the right food, instead of consuming junk foods.

But that’s not all.

Good posture improves your body’s overall function.

When you hunch over, it creates compression. It stretches some parts of your ligaments too much while others don’t get enough stretching.

As a result, it causes your body to be out of balance.

But when you improve your posture, compression is relieved. Your internal organs will start functioning properly again. Your respiration also deepens.

Furthermore, good posture encourages proper lubrication on your joints. It also promotes proper blood flow.

prevent joint pain with good posture

Prevent Joint Pain with Good Posture

Doctors agree that having a good posture will help you keep joint pain at bay as it lowers muscle imbalances.

It’s one reason doctors want their patients suffering from a certain medical condition to improve their posture.

For instance, if you’re a stroke victim, you’ll have a severe imbalance in your muscles. As a result, you have poor posture.

However, if you can better your posture, it opens your lungs so you can breathe better, thereby, you’ll less likely to experience fatigue.

Once you achieve proper posture, your postural muscles will start to work properly allowing your body to be more efficient.

Your body can’t burn as many calories as it can if your muscles aren’t working properly because of poor posture.

That’s why when you have optimal posture, it can mean optimal calorie burn.

good posture improves fatigue

Improves Fatigue

When you’re tired, your body may produce fewer leptins, they are chemicals that will signal your brain that you feel full. Because of that, you’ll feel hungry all the time causing you to eat more.

You won’t feel satiated no matter what you eat.

One of the causes of fatigue is poor posture.

When you have poor posture, your body uses your structure inefficiently. As a result, it puts more demands on it.

With poor posture, your muscles get tired quickly as they have to work harder. And because of that, they use a lot of energy causing fatigue.

Prolonged poor posture can cause tension on your spine, increases the risk of deformities that can lead to pain and fatigue.

When you start focusing on your posture, you’ll experience a difference in how your feel. You’ll have more energy.

Now that you know the effect of bad posture on your health, it’s time for you to know the many ways to improve your posture.

good posture with posture corrector

Achieve Good Posture with Posture Corrector 

It’s the quickest way to improve your posture. You’ll just wear it every day for at least 25 minutes to train your back muscles.

You can use a posture corrector at any time of the day. It is safe to wear it during exercise.

During the first few days of wearing a posture corrector, it’ll be painful. But the pain is tolerable. You don’t have to wear a posture corrector for the rest of your life.

You’ll see an enormous difference in your posture after a month of wearing it.

The longer you wear it, the shorter the period it will take for your back muscles to go back to their proper position.

exercises to improve posture

Exercises to Improve Good Posture 

In addition to wearing a posture corrector, you can also improve your posture through regular exercise.

But what type of exercise you must carry out to achieve ideal posture?

Attending a yoga class can improve your posture. Any exercise that focuses on the proper alignment of your spine is beneficial.

Tai Chi is good for your posture. The good thing is that you don’t have to attend a group class. You can just watch YouTube Tai Chi exercises and do the posts at home.

Try to do yoga, tai chi, and other exercises for at least 20 minutes a day to help you stand taller.

Adjust Your Spine Alignment by Enrolling in a Chiropractic Session

A session with a chiropractor can be expensive, though. Furthermore, achieving proper alignment won’t take just one session. It depends on how your spine is misaligned.

For severe cases, it can take more than 10 sessions to achieve the proper posture that you want.

Some people misconstrued back adjustment as loud cracking noise that can be painful. But it’s actually not. The discomfort you may feel is only minimal.

A chiropractor doesn’t just work on your bones but he can also work on your muscles.

Keep in mind that when your muscles are weak and underused, they can pull your spine into an unhealthy, bad posture.

During a chiropractic session, the specialist will help release your muscle tension and correct any imbalance in your soft tissue.

strength training exercises for proper posture

Do Strength Training Exercises 

Strength training doesn’t just increase your resting metabolism and improve your sleep quality but it also helps in improving your posture.


It can strengthen your back muscles and correct muscles. They are all vital in helping you stand up straight.

It also protects your body from lower back pain.

However, you need to do strength training properly. If you do it incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good.

So many people go to the gym without proper training. As a result, they develop bad habits that can cause injury over time.

The good thing is that you can do strength training at the comfort of your home. There are several decent videos on YouTube that teach you the ways to properly lift weights.

And if you don’t want to lift weights, you can use resistance bands. They are light and you can do strength training with resistance bands anywhere you are. Yes, even if you’re in your office, hotel, or in a park.


Good posture can offer a lot of health benefits.

Can good posture help you lose weight? Absolutely. But good posture doesn’t directly affect your weight. Read the entire post again to know what I’m talking about.

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