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Yoga Strap That Provides Stability and Flexibility to Yoga Therapy and Workout

What is it: Yoga strap with 4mm welded D-ring buckles. It’s 2.5 mm thick with eco-friendly dyeing.

Because it’s extra thick with a special knit technique, it can hold up to 2,000 pounds. However, you can’t use it for other purposes as it’s designed for yoga and workout.

It means that you can’t use it as a tow strap.

It’s available in different colors so you can choose the one that lets you have a colorful yoga day.

What it fixes: Are you new to yoga? Do you have tight hamstrings? If you do, then yoga straps can help. With this yoga strap, you can achieve a wide range of motion when stretching. For instance, if you stretch your legs while in sitting poses, this yoga strap can help you achieve different positions.

You can use it along with yoga mats and blocks so you can change positions easily. It can help you gently touch the floor.

Other Things You Need to Know

  • A strap can help you achieve poses that weren’t accessible before.
  • You can achieve proper alignment when doing Chaturanga.
  • It’s extra-long, super soft, and thicker than other yoga straps in the market. With superior material, you can safely stretch it further and hold it longer.
  • Designed to connect, deepen, and love you in every part of your yoga practice.


Superior Material 

As mentioned, the strap is thicker than other straps in the market. Because of that, it’s more durable while maintaining softness and comfort.

Most of the straps in the market are harder, making it difficult for you to hold on.

The strap has special webbing techniques to give the strap a delicate texture. Because of its beauty, you’re more likely to use it.

You can use it every day to help you relax your stiff muscles. It’s not just for yoga but it’s also ideal for Pilates and physical therapy.


6 ft: 4.2 ounce


4 mm welded D-ring buckle

2.5 mm thick

Polyester cotton

Materials meet US California Proposition 65 standards

How Much Weight Can It Hold? 

As mentioned earlier, it can hold up to 2,000 pounds. But you must only use it for stretching and not for other purposes, like towing a car.

Do You Need To Hook It Up? 

Because it’s for stretching, there’s no need for you to hook it up.

Are the D-rings Rust-Free? 

They have anti-rust property as they are made of iron with a thick coating to ensure it looks shiny.

Is it Washable? 

Yes. It’s safe to wash it. You don’t have to worry about it getting brittle as it’s made of heavy-duty cloth, just like a cloth belt.

High Quality 

When you compare it side-by-side with another yoga strap, you can tell that this strap is nicer. You will notice that it’s thicker because it’s made of better quality materials.

Despite it being durable, it still feels softer.

Why you would want a softer strap? 

It’ll be easier for you to hold it. It’s especially true if you have fibromyalgia and other medical condition that makes it difficult for you to hold something.

If you have limited flexibility in some areas of your body, then this comfortable, soft yoga strap is for you.

Designed and created with the actual customer in mind.

For its quality and price, there’s no need for you to spend more just to get a quality yoga strap. You’ll like how it feels.

Why You Need Yoga Strap? 

You probably know the many health benefits of yoga. But do you know how yoga can help your practice?

Although you can do the dancer’s pose without the use of a strap, a yoga strap can help you do yoga poses that you thought were impossible.

If you’re still not sure why you need a yoga strap, here are some things that may convince you to try one.

1) Correct Alignment in Some Poses 

When doing yoga poses, you may have a habit of poor alignment. It usually happens in easy poses.

For instance, if you’re standing forward bend, you may round your back to ensure to get your torso closer to your legs. However, if you use a strap, you can focus on extending your spine, instead of focusing on touching your toes.

When you use a strap as you bend forward, you’ll notice a huge difference in your alignment. That is, you’ll no longer round out your back.

2) Extend Legs Straight Out Properly 

Another great thing about the yoga strap is that you can extend your legs further. If you’re doing an extended hand-to-toe pose, you can use the strap and make a loop out of it.

Place it around your foot to help you extend your arm’s length without the need to lift your leg.

As mentioned, the yoga strap encourages proper alignment when doing yoga poses. With a yoga strap, you can make sure that your legs will remain straight while your torso is lifted.

In the entire process, it boosts your flexibility.

3) Help in Opening Up Shoulders 

Open shoulders can be the key to help you achieve poses like a one-legged king pigeon. You can make a loop in your strap and place your foot in it during poses so you can point your elbows to the sky.

You can also use this yoga strap at the beginning of your yoga session to prepare yourself for a more demanding pose. Use the strap to help you do opening exercises.

4) Avoid Injuries 

In some cases, you may do some yoga poses that can hurt your body because of the wrong alignment.

On the other hand, if you’re fatigued or just not feeling to do yoga, you may use a yoga strap to help you extend your body without overdoing it.

This strap will also help you pull your muscle when your doctor recommends taking it easy.

Yoga strap has proven to be useful in various poses. In seated poses, you can use the strap around your feet to hold your poses. It’s especially beneficial if you have tight hips.

When you’re doing standing poses, you can loop the strap and place your foot around the loop to improve your flexibility. Doing so will help prevent losing your form.

You can do a lot of poses with the use of this strap, When you choose a strap, though, make sure that it fits your height. We recommend buying a strap that is long enough to help you play with different poses.

This yoga strap is 183-cm long. The size is universal so it can fit perfectly for taller people.

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