Can Sleep Aids Cause Frightening Heart Palpitations?

Can Sleep Aids Cause Frightening Heart Palpitations

Insomnia is a disorder affecting 35% of adults. Some of us may have experienced it at some point. But others can’t get to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night. That’s why they are using sleep aids that will let them sleep until morning.

But sleeping aids can have side effects. Can they cause heart palpitations?

Keep reading to know the answer.

Sleep Aids and Your Heart

OTC sleep aids may be safer than sleeping pills that you can only obtain through prescription. However, even OTC sleep aids can cause side effects.

If you have heart issues, talk to your physician first before taking any sleep aid. Palpitations or skipped heartbeats may arise when you take too much of it.

Heart palpitation is not the only symptom you may experience when taking a sleep aid pill. Extremely low blood pressure and fast heart rate may also manifest after taking this aid.

Alternatives to Sleep Aid Medications 

Before you try to look for sleep aid medications, you must pinpoint the cause of your insomnia.

Multiple factors are involved.

One main cause is hyperarousal. It is both physical and mental triggered by various circumstances.

Stress and Insomnia 

Stress can pose a challenge to the quality of sleep you can get every night. Exposure to chronic stress can contribute to hyperarousal.

If your insomnia is related to stress, try these tips:

  • Eat a Healthy Diet. Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Make sure not to eat after 6 pm as digestion may also disrupt your sleep.
  • Get active. Exercise is a good stress reliever. While doing physical activity, pumps up your blood and stimulates the production of feel-good hormones.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits. Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol can affect your health. Caffeine is also known to make you hyperactive. Thus, make sure to avoid it hours before bedtime.
  • Meditate. It helps you focus your attention on your breathing and quiet down the negative thoughts that may be causing your stress. It can provide a sense of calm, balance, and peace.
  • Laugh. Humor may not cure your ailments. But it can help you relax and feel better. Try to laugh even if it is a fake laugh. Watch Mr. Bean on YouTube. Laughter can definitely could down your stress response. Read some jokes on the Internet or watch a comedy.

Irregular Sleep Schedules 

Your body’s internal clock follows the pattern of day and night. But many people have sleep schedules that are not aligned with their circadian rhythm. If you have shift work, it will give rise to a disruption to your circadian rhythm, thereby, causing insomnia.

Since you can’t avoid working, you may need some help to put you to sleep. A weighted eye mask may be the right solution.

weighted eye mask

It blocks out all artificial lights, especially if you need to sleep in the morning after a gruesome night shift. You may also make your room soundproof.

In that way, no ambient noise will enter your bedroom, if the noise is causing you not to fall asleep or stay asleep.


Can Sleep Aids Cause Frightening Heart Palpitations -- lifestyle

Your lifestyle may also be the one causing your insomnia. When you have the habit of working late, you may find it difficult to sleep because your brain is stimulated until the evening.

When you nap, it may make it harder for you to sleep at night because it may throw off your sleep timing.

If you sleep in later to make up for your lost sleep, then it may cause insomnia as it confuses your body’s internal clock.

Can You Take Melatonin Supplement Every Night? 

The hormone melatonin plays a vital role in your sleep-wake cycle. Taking this supplement is generally safe for short-term use.

You are unlikely to become dependent on this supplement. If you wish to take this supplement, talk to your doctor first.

To avoid taking any sleep aid medication, make sure to avoid consuming caffeine late in the day. Even though caffeine has numerous benefits, it can enhance your focus, thereby, interrupting your sleep.

You should also try to sleep and wake up at consistent times. In that way, you are aligning your body with sunrise and sunset.

In addition to melatonin supplements, you may consider taking supplements that can induce relaxation. Or drink tea before bedtime. Chamomile and lavender are effective teas to put you into relaxation mode.

You should also optimize your bedroom environment. That is, you must minimize external noise, limit artificial lights from devices and make sure that your room is relaxing, clean, and quiet.

Clear your mind in the evening. You can do relaxation techniques before going to bed. Listening to relaxing music may help. Try listening to guided meditation, too, to help you fall asleep faster.

Natural Sleep Aid  

Sleep plays a vital role in your health. If you are afraid of taking medications that can aid you to sleep, you may try a weighted eye mask. It is a non-pharmacological sleep aid that won’t cause any heart palpitation. You can buy it here with FREE shipping.

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