Are Sleep Aids Safe During Pregnancy? Or Are They Blacklisted?

Pregnancy can pose a lot of challenges. Many pregnant women are having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. You can’t just blame it on hormones, though.

Heartburn and endless trips to the bathroom can surely make it difficult to fall asleep or get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. It is no wonder why so many pregnant women are looking for sleep aids that are safe during pregnancy. 

What Sleep Aids are Safe During Pregnancy?

Staying asleep or trouble falling asleep is common in pregnancy. It is rare to find a pregnant woman who sleeps well. When it comes to sleep aids, some are safe during pregnancy. Here are some examples:


It contains antihistamines. They are known to treat sleep issues because they cause drowsiness. Thus, they can be effective in treating your insomnia or difficulty falling asleep while pregnant.

Most antihistamines are safe to be used during pregnancy. Most studies did not find a link between birth defects and antihistamines during pregnancy.

In that case, it is safe to take it if Benadryl makes you sleepy.


It is a supplement that can be safe and effective during pregnancy. However, you should speak to your healthcare provider before taking this melatonin supplement.

Keep in mind that this supplement comes in different amounts. Your medical doctor can advise you whether it is a good idea to take it and what amount you can safely take.

If you can’t see your doctor and you wish to take this supplement, you may consider taking low-dose melatonin.

Unisom Sleep Tabs 

They are antihistamines and you can take them safely during pregnancy. Although they are safe to use, they may cause dry mouth and malaise.

Furthermore, they can be habit-forming. In that case, you may need to take a higher dose if you want to get the same effects as the first time you used them.

But before you use the Unisom sleep aid, make sure to study its ingredients. Check the ingredient list first when purchasing.

Weighted Eye Mask 

This one is definitely safe during pregnancy. You don’t have to take it. Instead, you just have to wear it over your eyes to block out all lights.

Blocking out light can assist you in getting the shut-eye that you desperately need while pregnant.

When you have several artificial lights in your bedroom, they can interrupt your natural sleep cues. These lights suppress melatonin production, which is vital to induce sleep.

Without enough melatonin, you will suffer from sleep issues. And this is where an eye mask can be beneficial.

It blocks out artificial light to improve your overall quality of sleep.

The soothing feeling in your eyes can also help in lulling you to sleep. The weight in this mask offers a gentle pressure to your eyes that can be calming.

You can also pair it with a weighted blanket to easily help you fall asleep.

If you’re interested in a weighted mask, please visit our online shop here to get FREE shipping.

weighted eye mask


This is also safe during pregnancy because you only have to inhale essential oil for restorative health porpoises.

When you inhale the scent of essential oil, the molecules travel in your nose to the amygdala, which controls your emotions.

It is probably safe during pregnancy. But you still have to consult with your doctor. Make sure to discuss with your ob-gyn the benefits and dangers of essential oils during pregnancy.

Are Sleep Aids Safe During Pregnancy -- aromatherapy


Who does not like getting a bedtime massage when you’re pregnant? It is another effective way to wind down and clear your mind.

There’s no need to hire a masseuse to give you a bedtime massage so you can fall asleep. Simply ask your partner to massage your shoulders, feet, hands, and other air to give you relief.

You may also use essential oils for the added benefit of aromatherapy. But if you can’t find an essential oil, you can just use lotion.


It is generally safe during pregnancy. However, you need to go to a certified acupuncturist. In that, you can be sure that the needles to be used are sterilized.

Acupuncture is an old form of Chinese medicine that can treat various symptoms, including insomnia and nausea.

Just make sure to talk to your doctor. He/she may recommend an experienced, certified acupuncturist trained in prenatal care.

Some points must be avoided during pregnancy.

Magnesium Supplements 

Magnesium is safe for pregnant women. Pregnant women must take 350 mg of magnesium a day to support the baby’s nervous system while decreasing the risk of preterm labor.

This mineral supplement can also ease muscle pain and may help you get more shut-eye.

As long as you are not overdosing on magnesium supplements, you don’t have to worry about taking them to help you dose off. However, too much magnesium can cause diarrhea.

What Sleep Aids You Must Not Use for Pregnancy? 

The sleep aids mentioned above are generally safe during pregnancy. But you still need to talk to your doctor for more advice.

Although those sleep aids are safe, you should avoid the following:

Benzodiazepine. It is a drug that can treat anxiety disorders. Often, it is prescribed for insomnia. But don’t use it because it can cross the placenta and cause harm to your baby.

Ambien. It is a common sleep aid medication but there’s a limited study about its effects in pregnancy. The FDA even warned that taking this medicine in the third trimester can be risky.

Barbiturates. They are sometimes used for patients with trouble sleeping. But they are not advisable during pregnancy. They can cause long-term health effects on your baby.

Consult Your Doctor 

In addition to the sleep aids mentioned above that are safe during pregnancy, there are other things you can do to help you fall asleep. Your doctor can recommend what’s best for you and your baby based on your general health.

If you are worried about the side effects of those supplements, try this weighted eye mask. It is safe to use during pregnancy. It is a popular sleep aid for pregnant women.

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