How Can I Correct My Posture Now?

“How can I correct my posture? Is it possible to improve it even if your posture has been an issue for years?”

how can i correct my posture

When you reach a certain age, you develop rounded shoulders. This problem may seem like it is set in stone.

You may think that you have missed the train for better posture. Thankfully, though, there’s still a high chance of you standing up taller.

It is not that difficult.

You can achieve better posture by simply changing your activities while aiming to strengthen your muscles.

So, what can you do to correct your posture?

How Can I Correct My Posture To Stand Up Straight and Look My Best?

The key to correcting your posture is to maintain the curves of your spine. It has three curves. The one at your neck, mid-back, and your low back.

Maintaining these curves is essential to correcting your posture.

It means that your head must be above your shoulders. The top of your shoulder must be over your hips.

Avoid Slouching to Prevent Stressing Your Spine

Slouching is one reason you have bad posture. The reason for this is that slouching puts a strain on your joints, muscles, and bones.

Lousy posture is bad for your back while it can smash your organs together. It makes it difficult for your lungs to work properly.

Never Slump at Your Desk to Protect Your Spine’s Curve

Slumping can be comfortable. However, it can negatively affect your posture.

Instead of slumping, you should sit back in your chair. Then, put a rolled-up towel behind your mid-back. This towel will protect your spine’s natural curve.

Don’t Recline While Driving

Being a low-rider is comfortable. However, it hurts your posture. To avoid it, make sure to pull your seat closer to the steering wheel.

Sightly bend your knees.

For support, you can put a rolled-up towel behind you.

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Do Planking Exercise

correct posture planking

Maintaining a good posture requires that you strengthen your core muscles. For that reason, you must build strength in your core to avoid slipping into bad posture habits.

Planking is an outstanding exercise that can build a strong core. It also helps in relieving pain and stiffness after sitting incorrectly.

Another exercise that can help is a bridge. It’s a core-strengthening exercise, just like planking.

Move Every 30 Minutes

When you’re at work, you should set a reminder alarm that will go off every 30 minutes. Each time it goes off, you need to stand up, walk, and stretch for a minute.

You should also try a yoga glass. Many beginner yoga classes include poses that target your spine that can improve your posture.

Child’s Pose and Cat-Cow are two examples that can help in correcting your posture.

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When trying to find an exercise that can help your posture, consider strengthening your glutei. Keep in mind that when glutei are shut down, it can negatively affect the hips causing poor posture.

In addition to setting an alarm that goes off every 30 minutes, you should also consider setting an alarm every hour to do isometric glutei squeezes.

It is easy to do and you can do it while you are sitting.

Check-in Your Posture Every 20 Minutes

You should also set an alarm for every 20 minutes to check in on your posture. Your feet must be placed on the ground while your shoulders must be upright.

Then, ensure that your neck is natural and your sitting position must be upright, tall, and comfortable.

When you are sitting, never cross your legs and avoid slouching. You must also not bend over at the waist.

Should You Invest in a Posture Corrector to Correct Your Posture?

correct posture wearing posture corrector

The posture corrector is a good investment for your overall well-being. Keep in mind that poor posture can cause chronic pain, especially in the lower back. It can also lead to tightness in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

When you start to improve your posture, you will feel a boost in your energy levels every day. It also helps you breathe better.

Good posture also reduces your chances of suffering from an injury when you perform physical activity.

Plus, it helps you appear taller.

Muscle Activation

Besides the tips mentioned above, correcting your posture can be quicker when you wear a posture corrector.

It is a brace that you can wear every day for a few hours to give your spine the right support.

However, it is not required to wear it the entire day. The reason for this is that if you support your spine constantly in a certain position, it makes the muscles in the spine lazy.

That’s why you should only wear a posture corrector to activate your muscles.

When picking the right brace, opt for a soft brace. In that way, it reminds your body to be in its correct posture.

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Make sure to only choose a comfortable posture corrector. Keep in mind that a brace is ineffective if it’s too uncomfortable.

If it’s uncomfy to wear, you will find it hard to wear it every day.

And if you don’t wear it every day, it becomes an irrelevant brace for your purpose of correcting your posture.

That’s why you must choose a posture that you are comfortable wearing either under or over your clothes. In that way, it’s easier for you to wear it every day for a few hours.

You may visit our posture corrector options to find the most comfortable brace that fits your needs.

If you want your kids to develop proper posture, too, then encourage them to practice proper posture every day. Our online shop also offers posture correctors for kids.


How can I correct my posture? Correcting posture isn’t an overnight thing. You need to develop the habit of sitting and standing in proper posture.

Follow the tips above to help you avoid bad posture that can lead to chronic pain.

And make sure to try out one of our posture corrector braces. They are comfortable braces that you can wear for a few hours every day.

Check out our posture corrector braces to correct your posture here.

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