How Much Do Punching Bags Weigh?

how much do punching bags weigh

Punching bags come in various sizes and weights. When it comes to their weight, they vary depending on the filling and materials used. How much do punching bags weigh? Which one is suitable for you?

Keep reading to know the details of double-end bags and choose the right punching bag.


Heavyweight punching bags are common, especially in muay Thai. You can fill them with either sand or sawdust. The exact weight will differ on how much filling you put.

The standard bags are available between 28 and 32 cm wide. They are considered average size. They are lighter because of the filling.

However, if you want a heavy bag, opt for a bag with a diameter between 38 and 40 cm.

The size of the bag may matter because it affects the weight of the bag. The weight and length of the bag are two elements that can determine the right option for you according to your weight and training needs.

The weight of the punching bag will also depend on your expertise level.

  • If you’re a beginner, opt for a 40-pound bag.
  • Intermediate boxers may need 100 pounds punching bag.
  • Heavyweight boxers require a 200-pound heavy bag.
  • For precision training, shop for a lighter bag that weighs between 25 and 40 pounds.

On the other hand, if you’re going to use this bag for resistance training, utilize the standard of your weight, then divide it by two. The result is the weight of the punching bag that you need for your training.

The weight of the bag is pertinent when purchasing a punching bag. If you don’t consider it, you won’t be aware of the effect of your boxing workout.

When you pick the wrong weight, you can still complete your training session but won’t get the result that you need.

Furthermore, if you choose the wrong bag, you might be prone to accidents.

For instance, if you choose a bag that weighs less than half of your body weight, then each time you punch it, it will just move easier. It may hit things that are not supposed to be hit.

Now, if the bag is too heavy, you’ll be at risk of hurting your hands and muscles.

Hence, before you buy a punching bag for your training, make sure that you consult with your trainer or a boxing specialist. It’s also recommended to use a free standing punching bag.

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The Length of the Punching Bag

Besides the weight of the bag, the length is also essential. A bag that has a greater length can help you more with your movements and combination attacks. Some prefer it this way.

What are the Types of Punching Bags Can Buy? 

There are different types of bags that you can buy online.

Heavy Bags 

They typically hang from the ceiling. You can see them in most movies. They are heavy bags that are ideal for strength training because they can resist your strike.

They can weigh between 70 and 150 pounds. You can fill them with clothes or sand. It depends on your preference. There’s no general rule.

Heavy bags are ideal for kicking and punching. Compared to other bags, though, they have less mobility.

It means that you can reposition a heavy bag between hits. This makes a heavy bag less convenient but more stationary.

There’s a fun variation for the heavy bag. You can choose a teardrop bag that you can still hang from the ceiling. It has a similar weight range as a heavy bag. However, it has a less-even shape.

The shape lets you practice elbowing, uppercutting, and kneeing.

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Free Standing Bag

Its appearance is similar to a heavy bag. However, you don’t hang it from the ceiling. Rather, it has a stand. Because of how it is used, it’s typically shorter with a sturdy base that’s typically made of plastic. You can fill the base with water or sand.

This type of bag is ideal for kicking. However, you may not improve your uppercut with this bag.

On the other hand, it’s convenient for you because you can easily move it from one area to another.

A body bag is a free-standing bag that you can use for your MMA training. It stands on the ground. Its shape mimics an actual person. Thus, it has arms, face, and torso.

When you punch this bag, you’ll be able to practice striking something with a human shape. This is a vital step if you wish to go toe to toe with another human being.

Speed Bag

how much do punching bags weigh -- heavy bags

It moves fast. It’s made to snap back. This one is smaller, lighter, and air-filled.

The goal of using this bag is to increase your timing. You can also use it to train your rhythm and hand-eye coordination.

This is also an ideal option if you want ultimate fitness. It has less resistance but you can achieve amazing aerobic exercise. Even though it’s a lighter bag, you’re still using your muscles in the core, legs, and back.

However, if you are still new, you may opt for a larger speed bag so the snapping will be slower. It’ll also be easier for you to do that. You can work your way smaller.

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Filled or Unfilled Bag

One of the pros of buying a filled bag is that you don’t have to decide what filling to use. You also don’t need to find materials to fill the bag.

But because a filled punching bag can’t be additionally filled, you must choose a weight that is perfect for your training.

An unfilled bag, on the other hand, is suitable for professional use. You can fill it as you need it. But consider the filling material.

You should follow the bag’s manufacturer’s recommendation on what kind of material you can fill the bag with. You must also be careful to fill it to balance it perfectly.

Do You need Boxing Gloves? 

They are required. However, some pros train with punching bags without wearing gloves.

But to protect your hands, you should consider investing in boxing gloves.


How much do punching bags weigh? They weigh depending on the size of the bag and the filling. Some bags weigh around 20 pounds others can weigh more than 200 pounds. Choose a bag based on your training needs.

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