What Are Punching Bags Filled With?

what are punching bags filled with

Punching bags are ideal fitness equipment that you can use at home. There are simple exercises that you can carry out with this accessory. If you receive an empty punching bag, you might wonder what are punching bags filled with?

Let’s find out here.

What are Punching Bags Filled With? 

It depends on your preference. You can fill them with the following materials:

  • Sawdust
  • Old clothes
  • Sand

Clothes filling is one of the cheapest materials for your heavy bag. It won’t disappoint you if you fill it with old clothes correctly. If you choose to use old clothes to fill your bag with, consider the following:

  • Fold the pieces
  • Place them tightly
  • Make sure that there are no spaces in between them
  • Add cloth in even layers

You may opt for scraps from a clothing manufacturer if you don’t have old clothes.

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Sawdust Filling 

If you choose this filling, you will need pieces of clothes or sawdust. You may fill 30% of the bag with the clothes. Put the rubble sack before filing the bag with the sawdust.

Sand Filling 

You can choose to fill the whole bag with sand. However, the bag will become rock hard. Even some professionals don’t fill their bags with sand.

They only add sand to increase the weight of the bag. You can mix it with sawdust and clothes.

Should You Buy a Filled Punching Bag or an Empty One?

It depends on your preference. But if you choose to buy a filled punching bag, the shipping cost will be expensive.

Thus, many choose to buy an empty bag so they can opt for the filling material. With an empty bag, you can customize the entire experience. That is, you can choose and adjust the bag’s weight.

How much you fill the bag with will affect your experience. A heavier weight filling will be harder to hit. It’s also harder t move.

However, if you fill it with lighter materials, it will give you a different experience. That is, you can’t hit it harder to make it swing freely.

If you’re new, it may be best to experiment to know which filling material is ideal for your level. From there, you can begin adjusting the bag’s density.

To have a lightweight punching bag, you may choose to fill it with larger rags. Foam, towels, and clothes are the ideal options. They can give you a softer density for your training. They also prevent dense compaction.

When filling the bag, choose to fill it layer by layer. If you don’t compact it, it will only result in a hideous-looking bag with a lot of room.

Plenty of space in the bag will provide you with an awkward punching experience.

You may compact and compress it using a bat or a thick broom. Any tool that can help you push the fillings more will do the trick.

Heavy Bag

what are punching bags filled with -- finer fillings

If you wish to work out with a heavy bag, you may fill it with finer fillings, like sawdust and sand. It’s also ideal to stuff it with thinner garments.

You may also add small layers of sand in the center. Indeed, it can take a lot of time. However, the boxing experience will be incredible. It’s ideal if you wish to feel the crack every time you punch the bag.

Again, you can fill the bag with sand. But the result will be too firm. It may be painful for you to punch it. Furthermore, the extra weight may also increase the risk of the bag cracking or ripping.

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Is It Worth It to Invest in a Punching Bag? 

It’s a good exercise tool. If you use it correctly, it can improve your fitness level. This tool is worth every penny as it can help in honing your boxing skills.

This fitness equipment is also useful in testing your strength and stamina. Plus, it offers a full-body engagement.

In that case, you can expect to burn calories while you punch it. Then again, it depends on how you punch it. If you’re doing it for fun, you’ll never burn calories.

If you’re just beginning to learn how to box, investing in a lightweight bag can be ideal. With a punching bag at home, you can work on your skills. Even without a partner, you can train at your own pace.

With this tool, you can practice your punches and not worry about injuring yourself.

Although you can choose any size of the bag, it’s still highly suggested to consult with a boxing expert. In this way, you will know the right size of the bag that can improve your overall experience.

You may hit it every day. But it’s not advisable. Many experts don’t recommend hitting punching bags each day because it will only result in overtraining.

Indeed, hitting a heavy bag can increase your punching power. If you do it every day, you may suffer from lazy eyes. You get so comfortable that you start to develop bad habits.

You may also lose focus.

You can avoid it by working with a trainer at first. Consulting or training with an expert will help you avoid developing bad habits that can hurt your boxing skills.

Your trainer will also help in creating a workout that won’t result in overtraining.


What are punching bags filled with? You can fill them with any material you wish. But the most common materials are sand, sawdust, and clothes. The type of filling material will depend on the experience you wish to achieve.

You may choose to have a lightweight or a heavyweight bag. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve for your friends or boxing goals. To help you find the right heavy bag, you may consult with a boxing expert. When you work with an expert, you will know whether or not it’s okay to kick punching bags. You’ll also learn how punching bags are made.

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