11 Unfamiliar Massage Therapy Benefits

massage therapy benefits

In this post, I’ll show you the unfamiliar massage therapy benefits.

I won’t discuss how relaxing a body and head massage are because I know that you’re already aware of how they can promote relaxation.

Instead, what you’ll get out of reading this post is to know how body massage therapy can help with your depression, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, and many more.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Studies on the Effects of Massage Therapy

Researchers are facing a difficult battle when examining the effects of massages using traditional research methods.

First, it’s tricky to design a double-blind study to conclude its effects on the body.

Researchers also find it challenging to quantify the physical and psychological effects of body massage therapy.

That’s the truth.

Regardless of the lack of published evidence to support its health benefits, many doctors recommend their patients to undergo a regular massage to help with their chronic stress and depression.

Why is it important to get regular massages in any form?

Massage therapy is a complementary treatment option. It means that you can use it along with standard treatment for various medical conditions.

Various studies have found that regular massage could reduce chronic back pain, stress, and muscle tension.

massage therapy for generalized anxiety disorder shiatsu

What are the 11 health benefits of massage?

1)Anxiety Massage Therapy Health Benefit

Researchers evaluated the massage’s effectiveness in people with a generalized anxiety disorder in a randomized controlled trial.

Researchers concluded that respondents all showed “clinically important improvements.” But the reason for their improvements could be the relaxation effects of massage therapy.

The anxiety-reducing benefits of massage therapy can be due to the changes in EEG activity.

During a massage, your cortisol levels are significantly lower while your parasympathetic nervous system activity is increasing.

And when cortisol levels are low, your serotonin level (anti-pain mechanism in your body) is high.

Thus, for GA, if you get regular massage therapy, it may help in reducing your depression. It may also enhance your feelings of general well-being.

This treatment approach can also lower blood pressure as it drops your stress hormones.

Among the many massages, Shiatsu is ideal if you wish to feel relaxed and relieve your depression. A hot stone massage is also ideal.

2)Benefits of Massage Therapy in Digestion

In a 2016 study, researchers studied the effects of abdominal massage on patients suffering from constipation after surgery.

They found that patients who underwent abdominal massage experienced a reduction in their constipation symptoms.

Although further research is necessary to know more about how a massage can affect constipation, you may wish to get a regular massage.

Another study examined the effects of an abdominal massage on people who had an endotracheal tube. These people had regular abdominal massage experienced improvements in their symptoms.

If you suffer from menstrual cramping, you may also try abdominal massage.

study showed that women who had a massage daily before their menstruation experienced lower levels of pain.

But the study was small.

Nevertheless, you may try Swedish massage to alleviate your period cramps. It may also help with your menstrual flow.

Since it eases period cramps, you’re wondering whether massage therapy can help people with fibromyalgia?

3) Fibromyalgia 

A study showed that massage therapy offers beneficial effects on pain in patients with fibromyalgia.

Before you can undergo massage therapy, you must talk to your physician. Because your muscles are sensitive, you need to experience Swedish massage. It offers gentle pressure.

Avoid a deep connective tissue massage if you have fibromyalgia because of the pressure intensity associated with this therapy type.

4) Headaches

In this study, researchers investigated the effects of massage therapy on patients with chronic headaches.

The survey involved muscle-specific types of massage. The researchers found that this kind of technique can help in reducing chronic tension headaches.

However, the study indicated that the participants underwent certain massage types two to three times a week for six months.

You may also try trigger point massage to help with your headaches.

5) Insomnia 

Insomnia can affect your overall health and wellness because the lack of sleep has several side effects.

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) considers massage therapy as useful in improving sleep. It may also help you sleep without wearing an anti-snoring device, even if your partner is snoring.

But what massages you must try? Any massage will do as long as you do it regularly.

You may also try acupressure. Practitioners use some points in your body to reduce headaches, improve sleep, and maintain proper functioning of lymph nodes.

6) Myofascial pain syndrome

It’s a chronic pain disorder that causes tightness and sensitivity in myofascial tissues, which support the muscles in your body.

One of the ways to reduce pain is myofascial release. It happens during massage sessions. A traditional practitioner can offer it.

Your massage therapist will massage the stiffened myofascial during massage therapy sessions. By applying light pressure, it releases tension and tightness in those affected areas.

You’ll feel your energy levels increase.

Sadly, only a few studies look at the effects of myofascial release.

But the risk is low. That’s why many patients with back pain and chronic pain would want to try it out.

Your doctor may also recommend it. But you must talk to him first before undergoing it, especially if you have a problem with your muscles.

massage therapy benefits like nsaid

7) Soft tissue strains or injuries

Soft tissue injuries include bursitis, sprains, tendinitis, and contusions. If you suffer from one of them, you may benefit from a deep tissue massage that tackles muscle tissues.

This type of massage doesn’t just focus on relaxation but can help treat muscle pain and stiffness.

It’s so effective that the authors in this study considered the effects to be similar to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

8) Sports Massage for Sports Injury 

The American Massage Therapy Association stated that a sports massage could improve athletic performance and speed up recovery and improve their range of motion.

Shiatsu and Swedish massages are advisable. Acupressure is also beneficial to touch those trigger points.

Overall, it’s a useful pain management method.

9) Temporomandibular joint pain

No, don’t reach for ibuprofen to relieve your temporomandibular joint pain. Instead, opt for massage sessions.

This study concluded that massage therapy must be one of the first choices of treatment for TMD pain.

Myofascial release is one effective massage therapy you must consider when treating TMJ pain.

10) Postural stress

It’s a form of pressure resulting in inefficient posture or prolonged time in the same position.

The most appropriate type of massage for this situation is deep tissue therapy.

Deep tissue focuses on deeper layers of connective tissues. It reduces muscle tightness while increasing body mobility and range of movement.

A sports massage is also ideal because it also focuses on body areas that contain soft tissues.

Your overall fitness will significantly improve if you wear an adjustable back posture corrector, along with regular sports massage.

massage therapy benefits on immunity

11) Immunity

Massage therapy increases blood flow while easing inflammation. It also reduces muscle tightness. This therapy can also help boost the body’s natural immune system.

Getting a regular massage may boost the immune system so your body can fight a wide range of diseases while reducing your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a known stress hormone that can play a significant role in aggressive behavior.

As mentioned, when their levels are low, your serotonin levels are high. In other words, it’s excellent for your health.

It can also help in regulating blood pressure or lower blood pressure if you suffer from hypertension.

Is Daily Massage Good for the Body and Health? Will a Massage Therapist Recommend It?

You may enjoy a relaxing massage twice a day. It is known to reduce pain or reduce stress.

A daily massage isn’t harmful to your health. However, you must not undergo Shiatsu or deep tissue massage every day. These types of massage can reduce stress, but they are extreme forms of massage.

If you undergo Shiatsu every day, it creates micro-tears and muscle pain in your body.

But daily massage isn’t appropriate for pregnant women. They can try pregnancy massage. But after consultation with their doctor.

If you have an external or internal body injury and pain in your muscles tendons, you must avoid it.

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

It depends on your physical needs. But to get the most of its health effects, you must do it regularly, especially if you have tension headaches.


Body massages can alleviate your health conditions and improve blood flow. Your range of motion may improve.

Make sure that you visit reliable massage therapists, especially if you have a particular health condition.

Over to you.

What do you like most about body massage? What effects did you get out of regular massages? Did it help lower back pain and blood circulation? What massage technique do you like most? Did it reduce your stress levels?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

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