What Size of Perfume Can You Take on a Plane?

mini perfume bottle travel

After long flights and sweaty bus rides in a tropical climate, you would want to consider a long shower. However, that is not always possible when you travel. To avoid some embarrassment, you would want to take your favorite perfume with you. But what if your favorite scent is stored in a huge, bulky bottle? Solution: Transfer it to a mini perfume bottle travel. 

Is Mini Perfume Bottle Travel Allowed on a Plane?

Perfume and cologne are allowed in hand and checked baggage. If you are going to pack your perfume in checked luggage, you don’t have to worry about quantity limits. But if you are packing it in hand luggage, you need to follow the Transportation Security Administration rule.

Like any other liquids in hand luggage, your perfume must be stored in a 100-ml bottle. You can have one quart-sized zip-lock bag in your hand luggage. And this is where you want to fit your gels and liquids inside. It means you need to store your perfume together with your toiletries.

Since you can take too many bottles, you can just take your favorite perfume stored in a huge bottle. However, if you do that, you might need to pay for duty tax. Furthermore, you need to go through customs and security. You will have to pay a duty tax if you carry perfumes that are not intended for personal use.

In that case, if you simply want to take several perfumes when traveling, you can just transfer them to various mini perfume bottles for your travel.

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How to Store Perfume When Traveling? 

Carrying a huge, heavy bottle of perfume will only count towards your allowed luggage limit. If you go beyond that, you will need to pay more. Thus, the best way to travel with your favorite perfume is not to take the bottle but to use a mini perfume bottle.

A travel-sized atomizer is your perfect option if your favorite perfumes do not come in a mini-sized bottle. This mini perfume bottle lets you transfer perfume from the original container to the spray bottle so you can take it with you on your travels.

You can carry the bottle in your purse. Since the bottle is small and lightweight, it is perfect for carry-on luggage. You can fit it in your one zip lock bag for your liquids.

How to Pack your Favorite Perfume in Luggage to Avoid Spills?

If you still have small test samples of perfume, then now is the best time to use them when you travel. The vial won’t spill because it is typically made of plastic. On the other hand, if you have small vials around your house, you may fill them up with your favorite perfume.

However, it is not always a guarantee that these small vials will not spill. That’s why you should order a mini perfume bottle to travel here. It is useful when you need to bring your favorite perfume during your vacation.

Or you can just bring your perfume in its original glass bottle. But you can’t place it inside your hand luggage. Instead, you can store it in your checked baggage.

Before you do so, make sure that it is packed properly. You don’t want it to spill or leak in your luggage. If it does spill, it will ruin your clothes and electronics. Furthermore, every item in your luggage will smell like your perfume.

How to Put Perfume in a Mini Perfume Bottle Travel? 

mini perfume bottle travel -- several perfme bottles

A mini perfume bottle can hold up to 0.13 ounces or 50 full sprays. To transfer your perfume from the original bottle to the mini perfume bottle, simply follow these tips:

  • Take the cap off your original perfume bottle.
  • Take the little sprayer off
  • Put the mini perfume bottle on top
  • Pump it until the mini perfume bottle becomes full. Every pump you make will make the perfume bottle fuller and fuller.
  • Put the little sprayer back

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Can You Spray Perfume During the Flight?

It is not against the rules to use your perfume during the flight. However, before you start whipping the perfume out of the bottle, you should consider the other people on the plane. What if that person beside you can’t stand the smell of your perfume? Or what if the person sitting next to you is allergic to your perfume?

That’s why if you think that you are smelling bad and you want to spritz yourself while you are on a plane, you should only do so in the bathroom.

Then, don’t use too much perfume. Otherwise, you might offend other people. You might think that the scent is not overpowering. But other people will notice it.

How Many Perfume Bottles Do You Need for Your Travel? 

One mini perfume bottle is enough for a 7-day vacation. Keep in mind that per ml of fragrance is equivalent to 10 sprays. If you only spray a little amount, one mini perfume bottle will last for about a week.

However, if you are in for a two-week vacation, you would need another mini perfume bottle. But it really depends on how you use your perfume. The less you spritz the longer it can last until you need to refill the mini bottle.

What Perfumes to Avoid When Traveling? 

There are no general rules when it comes to the use of perfume when you travel. However, you should consider only using perfumes that are not offensive.

For instance, avoid chemical-based fragrance because it contains ingredients that can cause headaches. you don’t want to experience painful migraines when you travel.

Instead, opt for perfumes with citrus scents. They can help with vertigo, headaches, and nausea. You should also choose a perfume with few ingredients.


You can take your perfume on a plane. However, the amount of perfume you can take will depend on where you store it. If it is checked luggage, you may choose to bring a huge bottle. But if you want to put it in your carry luggage, it is better to transfer it in a mini perfume bottle travel that you can buy here. And if you want your lashes to always look good while traveling, try these magnetic lashes.

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