Are Magnetic Lashes Bad for Your Eyes?

are magnetic lashes bad for your eyes

Magnetic lashes are trendy alternatives to the typical false lashes. But are magnetic lashes bad for your eyes? Are the magnets even safe? What are the side effects you need to know?

Are Magnetic Lashes Bad for Your Eyes? 

Fortunately, they are safer than other types of false eyelashes that utilize harmful glues. Then again, since you’re using them around your eyes, there’s still a possibility of harming your eyes and your eyesight.

The risk is higher if you use the lashes incorrectly. And if you have sensitive eyes, the magnetic lashes may even pose more risk.

What are the Ingredients of Magnetic Lashes? 

As the term implies, these lashes have small magnets to stick together without the use of glue. Some of them contain synthetic hair while others have animal or human hair.

These lashes have magnetic eyeliners to ensure the lashes stay in place while they accentuate your look.

If you choose reliable magnetic lashes, they contain only FDA-approved ingredients that are common in cosmetics.

When you read the ingredients of the lashes, you may encounter iron oxides as some of the ingredients. They are minerals but they are small enough to cause health risks.

But they may still cause allergies to some people. If you’re sensitive to iron oxide, you may develop an allergic reaction. It’s especially true if you have a history of contact dermatitis.

What are the Potential Drawbacks of Wearing Magnetic Lashes? 

Generally, magnetic lashes are safe to use. However, it’s still possible that you develop an allergic reaction to them.

For that reason, you need to stop using them if you notice any sign of infection or irritation in the eye area.

Keep in mind that if you use them incorrectly, the magnets could tear your real eyelashes. They can damage their hair follicles. As a result, you’ll be losing your natural lashes permanently.

But you can avoid it from happening if you peel the magnets apart slowly when removing the lashes after using them. Make sure that you read the instructions of the manufacturer before use.

If you need to undergo a medical examination, like an MRI, you must avoid wearing theme.

This study showed that this type of product could dislodge from the eyes and become moving projectiles. “Failing the deflection test does not make a piece of equipment MR unsafe in and of itself; nevertheless, near the MRI scanner, the eyelashes can rapidly become a moving projectile as close as millimeters from the orbit of the eye and hence become a safety concern. In addition, even if they do not become a direct hazard to the patient, small ferromagnetic objects that get pulled into the MR system can remain there, or lodge within a receiving coil or accessory, potentially resulting in artifacts that may masquerade as pathology.”

How to Properly Use Magnetic Lashes? 

are magnetic lashes bad for your eyes -- how to use them

As mentioned earlier, you should only use them after you have read the instructions on the label.

Generally, you should only use them on clean, dry skin. You want to wash your hands first before you even touch the eye area. This will prevent causing infection to the eyes.

If you want to wear other eye cosmetics, you should apply them before you install the magnetic lashes.

Hygiene Magnetic Lashes Dos

It’s a good idea to replace the magnetic lashes regularly. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how often you must replace them.

Although magnetic lashes are safe to use, you must never share with others. This is to prevent spreading the infection if you have any.

Where to Get Magnetic Lashes? 

All Fitness and Beauty sells a variety of beauty products, including magnetic lashes. They are 3D magnetic lashes that can give you natural-looking lashes. The magnets are high-strength so you won’t have to worry about them falling off.

What’s great about these magnetic lashes is that you can save a lot of money because you don’t have to buy a new set regularly. They’re not like eyelash extensions that you have to replace every month.

These 3D magnetic lashes are made of synthetic fibers that can give you a bolder look.


Are magnetic lashes bad for your eyes? As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use them, they are safe to use. They are even safer than the traditional lashes that require the use of glue. However, there are some drawbacks that you must know. And make sure that you don’t wear them when you have to undergo an MRI.

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