How to Apply Magnetic Lashes Perfectly?

tips for magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes have swept the Instagram feeds. But you might wonder how you apply these lashes yourself. So, here are some tips for magnetic lashes users you should consider heeding.

Helpful Tips for Magnetic Lashes Users

The key here is to connect the magnets properly on the lash line. When you get them as close as you can to the base, the magnets will snap together, thereby, giving you voluminous lashes.

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Apply the Eyeliner 

Magnetic lashes need an extra hold on the lashes. Coat the lashes in your mascara before applying the lashes. The mascara can add texture, which is needed later on.

Add the Top Lash First 

Magnetic lashes have top and bottom lash lines. The first lash you must apply is the top lash. Place it along the lash line.

Attach the Lower Lash 

After making sure that the top magnetic lash is in place, it’s time to align the lower lash under your top eyelashes. Doing so will enable the magnets to snap the rows together.

If you think that the lashes are out of place, you may adjust them a bit with your fingers.

Try Again

If at first, you don’t succeed, try them again.

Don’t worry because first-time users find it challenging to apply magnetic lashes. The key here is to be persistent.

You may need a few tries to get the hand of the process.

Compared to the conventional false eyelashes, magnetic lashes don’t need to be glued on.

Thus, you don’t have to face the risk of the glue sticking to your natural lashes or getting inside your eyes, which may cause an eye infection.

Why Choose Magnetic Lashes Over Conventional Lashes? 

tips for magnetic lashes -- voluminous lashes

As mentioned, magnetic lashes don’t need glue or adhesives. Thus, you won’t run into a health risk of accidentally putting glue inside your eyes.

They are also easy to remove, even though the first-time application can be a struggle.

Then, these lashes are reusable. You can wear them multiple times. But it still depends on how often you use them. Please check the label of the lashes on the number of times you can re-use them.

You can also cut the lash fibers to fit your desired size.

And when you’re caught in the rain, the false lashes won’t form a smudge on your face. They also won’t fall off.

Between glued-on lashes and magnetic lashes, the latter won’t damage your eyelashes, as long as you follow the instructions on how to apply them properly.

Then, if you have shorter-length lashes, you can easily apply them and get a voluminous result.

Is Trimming Necessary with Magnetic Lashes? 

You may trim the false lashes so you can properly apply the magnetic lashes. To get a perfect fit, trimming them may be necessary. You may also cut the lashes into smaller sections to make them easier to apply.

Completing Your Magnetic Lash Look

Now that you have bold lashes, thanks to the magnetic lashes, you’re not done yet. You may need to apply more makeup to implement the voluminous lashes. Consider wearing eye makeup that fits the bold statement of your lashes.

How to Remove Them? 

Removing your magnetic lashes isn’t as difficult as applying them. You can remove them in a few seconds. You simply need to pull the magnets apart. Then, take the lashes off gently, and you’re done for the day. If you’re wearing magnetic eyeliner, you need to ensure that you don’t take off the natural lashes.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe to use? 

Overall, magnetic lashes are safer to use than conventional falsies. As mentioned, you don’t need to apply glue close to the eye area. Some women apply glue to their eyes. Getting it out can be painful.

But before you actually apply the lashes, make sure that you read the directions on the package. Each brand or kit has a unique set of instructions. Thus, make sure to follow them.

It’s also important not to share your lashes with your friends to avoid spreading eye infection if you have any or if your friends’ have it. And before application, make sure to wash your hands before applying the lashes to your eyes.

Before sleeping, make sure to remove them. You’re increasing the risk of getting an eye infection if you don’t clean your eyelids before sleeping or going to bed.

Buying Magnetic Lashes

You don’t need expensive magnetic lashes. A set of magnetic lashes that costs $9.95 is already good enough to give your lashes a voluminous look. Just heed the tips for magnetic lashes mentioned above and you’re good to go. If you need further help, you might want to know how to clean your magnetic lashes properly.

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