Your Bad Posture Affects Your Brain — But How?

Many people in Down Under are looking for ways to fix their poor posture because it’s affecting their health. They are buying and wearing the best posture bra in Australia to help them deal with their bad posture. But what bad posture does to your brain? How it affects it exactly?

Best Posture Support Bra in Australia -- how it affects brain

How the Best Posture Support Bra in Australia Help in Fixing Your Poor Posture? 

Before talking about how bad posture affects the brain, let’s first talk about how a posture support bra can help.

One of the benefits of a posture support bra is that it alleviates any back, shoulder, and neck pain that you’re experiencing.

In addition to supporting your posture, it also supports your breasts. In that way, there’s less strain on your shoulders.

Because it supports your posture, you can stand up straighter. You will look and feel more confident when you wear it.

When it comes to fixing your poor posture, this garment holds your back so you’ll be in a fixed upright position. As a result, it becomes impossible for you to slouch.

It pulls your back muscles so they are in their natural position. As long as you wear the garment, your back muscles are in their natural position and they stay that way.

The posture bra trains your back muscles to stay in the natural position. It also strengthens your core muscles so you have the support that you need to maintain proper posture.

You only need to wear the garment for around 25 minutes, depending on your preference. The longer you wear it, though, the better the results will be. Furthermore, you get the results quicker.

However, you should not rely on a posture support bra to correct your posture. Ideally, you exercise your shoulders. You should also do squats and go for a run.

Now, let’s find out how poor posture affects your brain.

Poor Posture and Your Brain 

Best Posture Support Bra in Australia -- study

According to this study, the students who sat up straight found it easier and less intimidated doing subtractions in their heads.

It makes sense because when you curl to your middles, you’re in a defensive position. You’re telling your brain that you’re not safe.

The more you feel unsafe, the more it’s difficult to focus and concentrate on solving a problem.

There are also physiological reasons you need to sit or stand up straight to improve your performance. Slouching compresses the space for your lungs.

In that case, it reduces their capacity. As a result, there’s less oxygen getting to your brain.

Thus, with poor posture, your brain’s function is affected. You can’t think clearly. You might not feel calmer and you won’t look confident.

Posture Affects Hormones 

Body language has an effect on relationships. It is used to express power.

According to this study, body language symbolizes the power that affects decision-making. The respondents in their powerful poses felt more powerful. They also said they felt they are more in control.

In that case, your posture influences your thinking and decision-making.

But what is really the best posture?

Neutral Pelvic Position

Best Posture Support Bra in Australia -- spine health

Sitting up straight or natural pelvic position is the best posture. Maintaining a neutral pelvic position allows the vertebrae in your back to align nicely.

It takes the pressure off your spine and back muscles. In that case, it reduces back pain.

Spine Health 

Your spine’s health will suffer if you continue exhibiting poor posture. Thus, to keep it healthy, you should practice and be mindful of your posture.

Use a posture corrector every day to train your back muscles to stay in their natural position.

When you have proper posture, blood flow improves. It also keeps the nerves healthy. Plus, it supports the tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

People who exhibit correct posture are less likely to suffer from neck and back pain.

Back pain is a common complaint in a chiropractor clinic. After assessing your condition, the chiropractor will determine the cause of the pain and will help you bring relief.


Best Posture Support Bra in Australia -- slouching

Poor posture is another culprit of digestive issues. Yes, slouching can put a strain on your abdominal organs. Hunching over your desk can interior with proper digestion. It increases your risk of constipation and acid reflux.

But when you start to correct it by wearing the best posture bra, your digestion issues may go away.

Muscle and Joint Function 

Good posture will help your muscles function properly. It also helps in stopping abnormal wear and tear of the joints.

But if you have bad posture, it stresses your joints and causes them to wear away. The way you carry your body can affect your joints.

As you align your body in the proper position, it reduces muscle fatigue and strain. In other words, it keeps your joints healthy.

Final Thoughts 

There are several benefits of wearing the best posture bra in Australia. And there are no positives of bad posture. Bad posture affects your brain and other bodily functions.

Choose to correct posture now. To help you get started, shop the best posture correctors here.

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