Can Back Pain Cause Groin Pain?

can back pain cause groin pain

There are various factors that cause back pain. And back pain can also cause other ailments. Can back pain cause groin pain?

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Can Back Pain Cause Groin Pain? 

When you have lower back pain caused by the sacroiliac joint, it can radiate to the groin and buttock. This is a common issue if you have a pinched nerve or hip problem.

Various muscles and ligaments support the SI joint. They allow the body to transfer energy from the legs to the entire body when you’re walking, running, or moving around.

The muscles and ligaments can absorb the shock from the lower body. They can also help in reducing compression on the spine.

SI joint pain can be caused by a lot of factors. The most common ones are falling on the butt. When you suddenly twist your body, you’ll suffer from SI joint pain.

However, these are not the only causes of SI joint pain. Osteoarthritis and intense exercise can also lead to this issue. This problem is also common during pregnancy.

The only way to diagnose SI joint pain is to visit your healthcare provider. Your doctor will require you to undergo a physical examination. Through an anesthetic and steroid to the affected part, the pain can be alleviated.

There are numerous possible treatments for this situation. Your doctor will recommend the least invasive option. For instance, you may need to undergo physical therapy.

Stretching and exercises may also be recommended.

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Why Do My Lower Back and Groin Ache? 

Back pain and groin pain are two different types of pain. However, doctors group them together as one. The reason for this is that when you feel pain in one area, they are likely to radiate to another area.

As mentioned earlier, there are various causes of back pain and groin pain. In addition to the ones mentioned above, poor mobility can also cause it.

Discomfort and pain can arise if there’s a reduced range of motion in muscles and joints. This can be caused by being in the same position for long periods. And if you sit for extended periods of time, this issue can emerge.

The pain can start as dull, achy, and stiff. It also leads to muscle spasms.

Another reason for this situation is your posture. Your posture definitely affects your range of motion. Poor posture can affect the nerves and blood supply going to your back and groin.

If you have prolonged bad posture, it can lead to lower back pain and strained muscles. Hence, consider correcting your posture if you’re feeling pain in your back and groin.

Posture-related pain can lead to episodes of more severe pain. That’s why it’s essential that you correct your posture now or you’ll suffer from extreme back pain that can radiate to groin pain later on.

Should You See a Doctor When You Have Back Pain and Groin Pain?

can back pain cause groin pain -- see your doctor 

It’s vital that you see your doctor when you experience back pain and groin pain. In that way, your physician can diagnose the real issue.

This may not be an immediate issue. However, if there are other symptoms, you should see your doctor right away.

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Hematuria or blood in the urine
  • Abdominal discomfort

If your groin pain is severe, even if there are no accompanying symptoms, make sure to visit your doctor at once. Call your doctor immediately if you think that the pain is the result of an inguinal hernia.

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Can Strengthening Exercise Help? 

Moving is good for your back pain. Strengthening exercises can alleviate not just your back pain but also your groin pain.

Any strengthening exercise can support your spine while relieving your back pain. However, you need to talk to your doctor about it before doing any type of exercise. If you don’t do it right, your back pain will get worse. Keep in mind that some exercises are harmful if not done properly.

If you have back pain, you should not do toe touches. This type of exercise puts greater stress on the ligaments and disks. It can also overstretch lower back muscles.

On the other hand, it is safe to do partial crunches. They can strengthen your back and stomach muscles. When you do this exercise, though, make sure that your feet, lower back, and tailbone remain in contact with the mat.

Sit-ups are a no-no when you have back pain. This type of exercise may strengthen your core or muscles in the abdomen. However, most people use their muscle hips while doing sit-ups. This is wrong. If you do it this way, it only puts more pressure on the spine.

Choose to do hamstring stretches. You may need a workout band for this type of exercise.

  • To do it, lie on your back.
  • Then, bend one knee.
  • Loop a band under your foot’s ball.
  • Start straightening your knee and slowly pull back on the band.
  • A gentle stretch is felt down the back of your leg. you must hold on to this position for up to 30 seconds. Do it 4 times for every leg.

Wall sit is also a good exercise for your back pain. In this exercise, you have to stand 10 inches from the wall. Start leaning back until your back is leaning flat against the wall. Slowly slide down. Stop when your knees are slightly bent. Press your lower back against the wall. Hold on to this position for 10 seconds before you slide back up the wall. You should repeat it up to 12 times.

You may also try aerobic exercise. It is great for your lungs, heart, and blood vessels. One great exercise you can do is swimming. But you must start with short sessions first. Although swimming is good for your back pain, you should not do strokes that require twisting your body.

Pilates is also good for your back pain. But you need to do the moves under the instruction of an experienced Pilates teacher. Some moves are not appropriate for your situation though. That’s why you must talk to your instructor first before doing some Pilates moves.


Can back pain cause groin pain? Yes, it can. Healthcare providers group these two together. There are treatments available for back pain and groin pain. Talk to your doctor about it.

And if your doctor wants you to try strengthening exercises that involve the use of a workout band, shop here for some Pilates bands.

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