5 Causes of Horrifying Back Pain and How Wearing a Posture Corrector Can Help?

Millions of people around the world suffer from ongoing back pain. The pain can start as just a simple ache in the back. However, if it starts to become a regular thing, then you’re not alone in this situation.

causes of back pain

Blame it on your age. Unfortunately, besides the greying of your hair, the consequence of getting older is that you start to lose fluid in your discs.

It means that you are getting stiffer, thereby, increasing your risk of injury.

But what are the likely culprits of your back pain?

Causes of Back Pain and Their Possible Solutions

1) Smoking 

You might have a smoking body. However, if you smoke a lot of cigs every day, then don’t be surprised to experience horrifying back pain regularly.

It turns out that this nasty habit limits blood flow. As a result, discs cause to age prematurely.

The majority of people who had undergone spinal fusion surgery don’t heal well because they are chronic smokers.

And it’s one reason many insurance companies don’t cover back surgery if the insurer is a smoker.

This nasty habit can also affect how your brain responds to the pain in the back. It makes you less resilient to the pain.

Smokers, like you, are more likely to develop chronic back pain than nonsmokers.

What to do about it? Simple. Just quit smoking.

Unfortunately, quitting cold turkey isn’t the best option for everyone. It might include you.

The best way to successfully quit is to stop smoking gradually. You may find these tips helpful for your quest to overcome your smoking addiction.

2) Pulled Muscle 

causes of back pain - pulled muscle

Have you been lifting boxes or heavy objects? If you have, then it could cause your back to sore.

It could be that you have strained or sprained the muscles in your back. A pulled muscle can cause tightness and spasm causing back pain.

There are ways to fix it.

The best way is to just rest the strained muscle. It means that no activities that can strain your muscles. Avoid these activities for at least a week.

While you are resting your muscles, you should apply a cold compress to the affected area. Do it for 20 minutes every hour.

Ice is an effective pain reliever. It’s also an effective natural anti-inflammatory that’s easy to do.

You may use a package of frozen vegetables and apply it to the affected area. It can effectively decrease inflammation.

3) Poor Posture 

causes of back pain - poor posture

Slouching or unsupported posture can weaken the tissues in the lower back because the loads on your spine have been incorrectly distributed.

What are those unspotted postural habits?

Slouching on your chair or couch is one of them. If you lie on your belly on your bed while you work on your laptop can be another.

Hunching forward while you wash dishes for a very long time can also lead to poor posture.

If you have an incorrect posture while you perform daily activities, then it’s likely that it can lead to back pain.

To correct your poor posture, you should start walking tall. You can do that by looking straight ahead while you keep your head balanced. Your spine must be straight while you relax your shoulders.

When you sit on your office chair, make sure that your back is flushed against the chair. Your head must be over your spine while your shoulders are rolled back.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to maintain. That’s why wearing a posture corrector can effectively help you maintain proper posture while you walk, sit and do your everyday activities.

A posture corrector can increase your awareness about your posture so you get the habit of standing and sitting in a correct position.

Choose a universal back brace that can prevent hunching or slouching. It can also improve scoliosis.

A posture corrector pushes back your shoulders while it aligns your spine, thereby, improving your posture.

When you do wear a posture corrector, make sure that it’s breathable and comfortable. In that way, you can wear it for more than 25 minutes every day.

Keep in mind that the outcome will depend on how long you wear it. As you wear it every day, your body gets used to the correct posture.

As your body gets used to it, you no longer have to wear a posture corrector anymore.

4) Uninterrupted Singing 

causes of back pain - uninterrupted sitting

Unfortunately, uninterrupted sitting can cause harm to your back and overall health. Besides that, this activity can also cause back pain.

So, when you sit for a long period, your joints are not used. Immobility in that location can start the cycle of pain, spasm, and pain. Skeletal muscle spasm leads to pain in the spine.

The worse thing is that it doesn’t only affect your spine but also extends to your hips and joints.

It’s one reason that doctors recommend to their patients to stand up every 20 minutes to avoid disc degeneration.

You can counter this risk by increasing your time to do physical activities.

Every 20 minutes, you must stand up, stretch or do some core strengthening exercises.

If you can’t do it every 20 minutes, then at least do it after an hour. Get up and do five minutes of stretching. After that, you can go back to what you were doing.

5) Stress 

causes of back pain - stress

It won’t only lead to mental health issues but stress can be a common culprit of back pain.

Stress squeezes the muscles around your spine. The reason for this is that we carry stress in the shoulder and neck area.

However, the pain can travel down the back because of an inflammatory response.

Keep in mind that inflammation can open various gates for the pain to emerge.

The best way to treat stress is to be active. Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle.

You should also start learning how to meditate. Meditation is known to significantly improve stress and mental health.

As you lower your stress levels, you’re likely to get active again. And when you’re active, you exercise, which helps improve your spine health.

Exercise, too, is an effective remedy to release endorphins, which are chemicals that can help you cope with stress and pain.


These causes of back pain can be easily alleviated by improving your physical activities. Getting a regular massage may also help as it can reduce stress, which is another culprit of back pain.

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